Hello Admins and Current/Prospective Sociology students!

The Sociology Undergraduate Student Association is hiring for 2015-2016! We are looking for a team of new executives to run SUSA next year! There are many positions to be filled:


Vice President



Director of Public Relations

Director of Recruitment

Director of Editorial

Director of Academic Affairs

Director of External Affairs

Director of Mentorship (2/3)

Director of Media Relations

Council Members 



Any questions or inquiries, please email us at yorkususa@gmail.com

Thank you! (:

2013-2014 Executive Positions

Interested in joining the team? We still have a few spots open for executive positions starting in the Fall of 2013.

Events Coordinator (3 Spots)
Events coordinators are in charge of organizing successful VEG events, from the brainstorming stage through to execution. Event coordinators are always thinking ahead, as rooms must be booked with the RSU at least two weeks prior to an event date. Larger events may also require collaboration with the Treasurer and/or other execs to apply for grants/loans, or reach out to local businesses for discounts. For this reason, ideal candidates will demonstrate strong communication skills.

Marketing Manager (2 Spots)
Our marketing manager designs posters as well as content for the group’s email newsletter and social media pages. This may include taking photos at events and posting content to social media accounts. Knowledge of HTML/CSS is an asset. Photoshop experience is required. Please email us samples of past work in addition to your application.

Sound like you? Click here to apply!

Looking for less commitment? Get on the mailing list! We’ll let you know when we need volunteers. We are especially in need of photographers and graphic designers, even if you can’t commit to a full-time exec position. Send us an email and we’ll work something out!


U of A students give politics a pass

Despite history of launching political careers, students’ union can’t find candidates

Three of the other four executive positions are also going uncontested, leading many to wonder if this is an anomaly or another sign of apathy among youth, a willingness to rest on the political successes of previous generations.

“It’s not a nothing post in ­Canada,” said Michael Janz, who translated his experience as president in 2007-08 into a job as school trustee in the last municipal election.

The University of Alberta is a ­major university. When the students’ union there starts something cool, “other universities across the country take notice,” Janz said. “You have an enormous amount of agency to change your campus in a meaningful way.”

Plus, it’s a great training ground. “If students don’t get those opportunities at school, they rarely get the competence and skills that empower them to go on to be city councillors, MLAs and leaders of (non-governmental organizations).”

Former Alberta premier Peter Lougheed was president of the University of Alberta Students’ Union. So was Robert Greenhill, now chief business officer for the World Economic Forum, and Mike Hudema, the Edmonton-based Greenpeace activist who has made a name for himself protesting the oilsands.

You know, when people say office management isn’t a skill and anyone could do it, they never seem to take into account the panic and insane mistakes that occur when suddenly someone has to change the ink cartridge in a printer. It did not occur to any of them to match the number on the empty cartridge with a number on a box and they decided to open EVERY yellow cartridge and try to stuff it in.


Hey look!  Me and my magnum opus!  72 pages of hand bound and hand drawn stress, tears, and so awesome it received a perfect score.

i’m proposing my independent major this morning and requesting a summer-long extension in my policy course this afternoon and running for an executive position in progressive students alliance tonight so i need all of your good vibes, please and thanks!

I had my interview today and I think it went well, hoping I get the job. there’s also the possibility I’ll be getting an executive position on our international club next year as well after talking with an exec I’m aquainted with as well as the president.

wow. look. at. me.

I’m a fucking flower, no longer a bud but a blossom that’s finally bloomed 🌸🌹🌷🌺🌻🌼


17 men. 24 Executive Board positions. 11 Student Organizations. 1 Air Force Cadet. 2 SEC Division-1 Athletes. 2 NCAAP Image Awards nominees. Future net worth: 10 Billion. One word: Takeover.

Celebrating our presence and promoting Black Excellence at a Predominately White Institute.

2015 University of Georgia NAACP Image Awards

IG: @derrick.white

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Getting my performance appraised at work today. Not worried in the slightest - in fact a little birdy told me the Board might offer me the Executive Officer position (aka Boss of whole company).
If so, I’ll politely decline. One full time job and two part time jobs are difficult enough to wrangle without having the responsibility of a problematic organization under you.
There are so many reasons I can’t take that position unfortunately.

Had the amazing opportunity this morning to sit as one of 5 undergraduate female students on the Women’s Roundtable Student Leadership Panel. While there I met Mrs. Valeria Lassiter who was the first Black woman to run for ECU SGA President. How humbling it is to know that the journey for non-Greek, women of color to obtain SGA Executive positions began with her and will continue on long after me, until success prevails. #BlackExcellency #twinsies

Why do people keep thinking that MCU Maria Hill works in Stark Industries’ HR department, because she was shown at the end of The Winter Soldier to be in a room in the HR department?

How do people not realize that job interviews are conducted by HR (And usually the person whose department you’ll be working in/for. If you’re being hired for an executive position, you’ll be interviewed by the CEO/Partner/someone of similar position)?

Just because her interview was in the HR dept doesn’t mean she’s working there, people.

Side note to say that the HR department is a very important function in a company as a whole, but not a lot of major companies acknowledge how essential they are. But that’s a completely different topic altogether.

A wonderful day

Today has been one of those days where everything kinda just went really well. I woke up exhausted but in a great mood, got in a nice nap, they had some of my favorites for breakfast and dinner, I got a good amount of to dos done. In addition, I may be getting my Computer Graphic Design class waived if I can prove to my professor that I know my stuff. Waiving this class would mean all the problems with my schedule for the fall semester would be fixed. It also means I will be a year advanced in my comm courses. Today was also the elections for executive board positions in our Gay Straight Alliance and I got the position I wanted, PR. Advertising all of our events would be really good for my portfolio. Overall today has been an exhausting, wonderful, day!

Online staffing firm Elance-oDesk named Stephane Kasriel as CEO, effective April 20, and appointed him to its board of directors. Current CEO Fabio Rosati, who has led Elance-oDesk since its launch, named Kasriel as his successor and will remain a member of the board.

Kasriel joined Elance-oDesk in 2012 and most recently served as senior VP of product and engineering, responsible for Elance-oDesk’s full platform and technical team. Before joining Elance-oDesk he held several executive positions at PayPal, including global head of PayPal consumer products, global head of mobile business development and managing director of PayPal France. He also co-founded and held leadership roles at companies including Fireclick, Work4 and Zong.

“Stephane has the business experience and technological brilliance to propel Elance-oDesk,” Rosati said. “He has already played a decisive role in realizing our ambition to connect freelance professionals with work anywhere in the world in near real-time. I am excited to see Stephane, the team and our community continue the work we began together.”

Elance-oDesk has offices in the US and Norway and now operates in 180 countries. It ranks No. 29 on Staffing Industry Analysts’ list of largest US staffing and talent engagement firms.


The clipping is a theatrical review, an article carefully removed from the London Times. It is a positive review; some might call it glowing. Nevertheless, it has been put in this position of execution, and the silver-handled knife is being thrown at it. […]

The sentence that holds his name is the particular one that has incensed M. Lefèvre to the point of knife throwing. A single sentence, that reads thusly: “M. Chandresh Christophe Lefèvre continues to push the boundaries of the modern stage, dazzling his audiences with spectacle that is almost transcendent.”

Most theatrical producers would likely be flattered by such a remark. They would clip the article for a scrapbook of reviews, quote it for reference and referrals.

But not this particular theaterical producer. No, M. Chandresh Christophe Lefèvre instead focuses on that penultimate word. Almost. Almost. […]

Clearly he must be doing something wrong. If his productions are merely almost transcendent, when the possibility of true transcendence exists somewhere nearby, waiting to be attained, then there is something else that much be done.

It is this quest for absolute transcendence that leads the knife-throwing Lefèvre to creating Le Cirque des Rêves, a circus operating from dusk till dawn full of magical attractions, beyond-talented performances, and other enchantments that transfix all involved - whether participant or audience member.

In Erin Morgenstern’s novel The Night Circus, the circus serves as the setting and the manifestation of a long-standing battle of skill and wits between two magicians unwittingly roped in by their guardians since childhood - but really it’s the Night Circus itself that steals the show. Morgenstern’s detailed descriptions of the circus setup, the process of its creation, and the reception from the public draws us into its own enchantment, and shows us the power of creating transcendance in our work - and handily, her novel describes just how we can go about doing so.

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