When i sing, idgaf what you think or say thats negative. Cause the time when i feel at my best, when i feel like im in a world of my own, when i am trembling with excstacy, when im someone else, someone more than me, is when i sing. And idc what you say now because, singing is my life, i do it everyday, and im doing nothing but getting better. I DARE YOU TO TRY AND STOP ME!!!

anonymous said:

you happy now you little whore, thats what you get for thinking your sexual needs are more important than daddies. now i want you edge until daddy says stop. teasing your pussy and clitty to the verge of orgasm stopping right before the point of excstacy. having you feel that rush of an orgasm without the release is the perfect punishment for little whores like you. you only cum when daddy lets you cum

Edging is the worst :(
My body craves the release.