This piece, again is another @exclusivedoofus custom. Shoutout to @kareemday and @mikedoodus for the support on the tour. This is what happens when artists in different realms come together. Oh and this food is about to be exquisite. #creativeclash #jackfreemanexperience #exclusivedoofus (at Bruno’s Tavern)

Sitting on my porch thinking about how many times this brand has been denied, tried, and mocked. I looked down on my feet and realized that it only made us more ambitious and engineered us for greatness……now we have our own shoe. Can’t do nothing but shed a tear in happiness! “never mind the Naysayers, capture it in all of its splendor until we meet the maker”! #exclusivedoofus #summermoccasin #zebra #beau (Taken with instagram)