EXCLUSIVE - Steal My Girl (Big Payno & Afterhrs Pool Party Remix)
  • EXCLUSIVE - Steal My Girl (Big Payno & Afterhrs Pool Party Remix)
  • One Direction

One Direction have announced their NEW single Steal My Girl, and Liam’s made another remix - the Steal My Girl (Big Payno & Afterhrs Pool Party Remix)!

UK - Pre-order Steal My Girl here: smarturl.it/1DStealMyGirliT (out 12th October) - out 29th September for the rest of the world!

Pre-order FOUR here: smarturl.it/1DFouriTdlx

Tom Hiddleston
  • Tom Hiddleston
  • Speaking French (Interview)
"Loki is Thor's brother but he... What does it mean : "adopted" ?
And he's adopted. And his family of Asgard is very complicated.
Because the family is separated and divided.
And Loki is jealous and is envious, angry, from the inside.
He's lonely. He's a villain but also very charming, elegant.
He is a player. He loves provoked.
He's fascinating and interesting for me,
because the duality of
the character and charm and he has broken heart."

[about in Love]"I don't know because Loki is very solitary.
We are unsure if this is possible, to confidence of Loki.

I don't know if this will be possible.
I don't think he loves himself.
Because he has this broken heart, he does not trust to person."
|| His voice is so adorable. :) ||
Lana Del Rey unreleased songs master post !!!

Okay so today I was given 80+ unreleased Lana Del Rey songs and I decided I would share them with you lovely people. This master post should include all of the download links for all of the songs. They should open in Dropbox and you should just be able to click download! Let me know if you have any issues or if the links stop working. Also please don’t remove the credit or self promote bc this took a long time to do okay. :) I also want to tag thats0jack and lohanthony because I think they’d really appreciate this post. 

1. Afraid [x]

2. Angels Forever [x]

3. Beautiful player [x]

4. Break My Fall [x]

5. Breaking My Heart [x]

6. Butterflies [x]

7. Catch and Release [x]

8. Children of the Bad Revolution [x]

9. Damn You [x]

10. Dangerous Girl [x]

11. Daytona Meth [x]

12. Dum Dum [x]

13. Every Man Gets His Wish [x]

14. Fake Diamond [x]

15. Fordham Road [x]

16. Ghetto Baby [x]

17. Go Go Dancer [x]

18. Golden Grill [x]

19. Hawaiian Tropic [x]

20. Heartshaped Chevrolet [x]

21. Hit and Run [x]

22. Hollywood’s Dead [x]

23. I Don’t Want To Go [x]

24. Is It Wrong [x]

25. JFK [x]

26. Jealous Girl [x]

27. Last Girl on Earth [x]

28. Lift Your Eyes [x]

29. Maha Maha [x]

30. Making Out [x]

31. My Best Days [x]

32. Ooh Baby [x]

33. Paris [x]

34. Pin Up Galore [x

35. Queen of Disaster [x]

36. Scarface [x]

37. Serial Killer [x]

38. So Legit [x]

39. Starry Eyed [x

40. Summer of Sam [x]

41. TV in Black & White [x]

42. Television Heaven [x]

43. Tired of Singing the Blues [x]

44. Velvet Crowbar [x]

45. You & Me [x]

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In a new series of profiles, I’m focusing on capturing the man on the street in a single portrait and a conversation. In the final profile in this series, I was invited into the home of artist and model Rainer Andreesen and talked about his humble beginnings as an artist in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, modelling in Milan for Giorgio Armani and much more.