Hey guess what! The “New 3DS” isn’t exactly the worse possible thing to happen to the (Nintendo) gaming community, contrary to popular belief. In fact, I will go so far as to say no one has the right to be angry with Nintendo for releasing a new model.

I already see people lining up to give me a long paragraph about how Nintendo is making a stupid move and that they’re hurting themselves and so on. This has little to do with my point. What I am trying to say is that people who habitually buy new models of…. anything, really, are hypocrites for complaining about this new thing.

That’s a big, well duh moment here. Why do I even bother saying anything, you ask? Because A) Nintendo seems to be losing their battles one by one here, and they need every dollar of support they can get. If that means a new 3DS model, then so be it. I love Nintendo. But that’s the only part of my argument that’s biased. And it’s okay to want Nintendo to thrive. And finally, B) People seem to need to be told this, because they continue to piss and moan about things they don’t like, instead of just not buying it and moving on.

In the comment section of the above link, user ‘bL4Ck84’ says “Am i the only one mad at nintendo? They keep on releasing a new handheld every year, and now they released a more powerful version with exclusive games? This is bullshit.”

It’s as if this person in mad that Nintendo is getting better every year, instead of every five years, which is the console generation lifespan. He is angry that Nintendo is advancing the quality of their already stellar hardware to meet increasing demand for better and faster software. I mean, would you feel better if they just didn’t release anything ever? And the exclusive titles part! Are you angry that your normal 3DS won’t have forward compatibility? Is it even possible? It’s like expecting a VCR to play DVDs! I mean, I understand it sucks to have to buy a new thing, but at least Nintendo is making some headway here. But hey, fuck capitalism, amiright?

Let’s re-word his statement to better fit the scope of understanding here: “Am i the only one mad at ________? They keep on releasing a new ________ every year, and now they released a more powerful version with ___________? This is bullshit.”

I bet at least one person who read this filled in the blank with a mobile phone company. Specifically:

"Am i the only one mad at Apple? They keep on releasing a new iPhone every year, and now they released a more powerful version with a longer screen? This is bullshit.”

The moral of the story here is that you shouldn’t be angry at progress. Especially progress from a company that desperately needs it.


I’m hoping today will be a fruitful guitar shopping day - since my cousin (and sole guitar shopping companion) has been out of town on business all week, I haven’t even ONCE gone guitar shopping!  Like a hardcore alcoholic that quits booze cold turkey, I am experiencing a severe case of the DTs, except in the world of the obsessed guitar collector DTs means Delirium Tremolos.  :D

Here are a few more shots of my 2011 Gibson SG Standard, Sam Ash Exclusive model in bullion gold.  Just to tide me over until the guitar shops of Toronto open this morning and I can get my “fix”!

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I blame the Animus.

Je regret nothing.

I nearly pissed myself laughing when I saw the advertisement considering Arno has a British accent you have no idea.

(Photo not taken by me)