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So I have been thinking this over for a long time now and have decided that I want to do exclusives. The people that I choose to be exclusive with will be the ones that I ship with when it comes to romantic/platonic/antagonistic relationships. I might still rp with some doubles, but only the ones that I currently have threads with and they won’t turn into romantic ships. I understand if some of you wish to drop threads or whatever because of this, but this is my choice for what I want to do with my blog.

So I guess I’m saying shoot me a message here or on skype if you want to be exclusive with me. I’ll make a decision on if I want to do so with you also based on our rps or potential rps.


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EXCLUSIVE: Captain America/Black Panther Secrets from the Set of CIVIL WAR! (Part 1)

Yesterday I shared some proof that the recent “Captain America: Civil War” set photos are from a scene that takes place in Lagos (Nigeria), not Wakanda. Here are the photos:

Up top is an image featuring Scarlett Johansson and an actor who is dressed as a LASTMA (Lagos State Traffic Management Authority) official. Underneath is a photo of a real LASTMA official for comparison.

Of course, anybody could’ve put that together if they knew what to look for. Here’s why I knew: (at least) two THREE members of the #WeAreWakanda community were on the set! Last week I received a message from one of them with lots of exciting information directly from the Marvel Studios production team! Here are some exclusive behind-the-scenes photos of other actors on set dressed as Nigerian police!

You’ll notice another LASTMA official on the left and several Nigerian policemen nearby. Here’s a photo of the real Nigerian police!

Those photos aren’t particularly exciting but I share them so you know you can believe me when I say that thanks to my sources, I can confirm/debunk all of the Civil War and Black Panther rumors that are out there right now! I was even told some stuff that hasn’t leaked yet but I’m going to hold off on sharing any big spoilers. But if you have questions about the set photos or any of the Civil War/Black Panther rumors that are out already, ask away!

For starters, let’s talk about this guy:

Rumor: Black Panther’s stunt double?!

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Fry-up all night

MIX-CLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Perrie on Zayn’s cooking, wedding & comeback hit

WHEN ZAYN MALIK was still in 1D it looked unlikely he’d ever have the time to marry PERRIE EDWARDS.

But now LITTLE MIX are back with brilliant new single Black Magic, it’s HER career delaying the big day.

In an exclusive interview, Perrie admitted: “I don’t know when the wedding will be. We’re still planning it but I’m so busy with Little Mix now Black Magic is coming out.

“Me and Zayn want it to be perfect, so as soon as I have a bit of time we’ll plan it. I doubt it will be this summer — but I’ll let you know!”

I’ll hold you to that, Perrie.

Before things really kick off for Perrie, JESY NELSON, LEIGH-ANNE PINNOCKand JADE THIRLWALL, she’s getting as much time in with Zayn as possible.

Perrie said: “It’s nice to see more of him now. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen, he’s a great chef.”

Perrie’s bandmate Jesy revealed more, saying: “They never stop cooking, that’s all I ever hear. Every time she comes in she’s like, ‘Zayn made me this’ and ‘Zayn made me that’. I’m like, ‘Can he cook me a meal?’ ”

Black Magic is the first taste of Little Mix’s third album, and it should send them to the top of the charts around the world.

The X Factor winners’ album will follow later this year, two years since their last, Salute.

It’s a long time for a pop act to wait between records.

Jesy said: “We’ve been away a while because we wrote an album, sat with the record label and we thought, ‘Nope, it’s not good enough’.

“We recorded a whole album but we’re perfectionists and knew we could do better. So we scrapped it and started again.

“It was very stressful, it just wasn’t happening.”

LEIGH ANNE continued: “The main problem is we just couldn’t find a single. Then we heard Black Magic and our prayers had been answered.

“There’s an Eighties vibe to it and a classic pop sound.”

Jade said: “Salute was very R&B and dark, this album is more fun. And there’s a lot of banter on it.”

Songwriters on there include ED DREWETT, JESS GLYNNE and JESSIE J, who Jesy says has written a “very honest and personal stripped-back song” for them.

Perrie said: “I think the Jessie collaboration is a song the fans will like.

“And a lot of the cheeky banter on the album comes from Jess Glynne, she’s one of the most fun people to be around.”

As usual, the girls have all penned lyrics on the new album, and now they’re writing for other people too.

I revealed earlier this month that they have writing credits on BRITNEY SPEARS and IGGY AZALEA’s huge single Pretty Girls.

Jade said: “We wrote it with MAEGAN COTTONE, who we’ve written a lot of this album with. We loved the song but it wasn’t really for us so we put it out there and, lo and behold, Britney wanted it.”

Perrie adds: “We were in the studio when we found out, none of us could believe it. I cried!”

Now the girls want to meet Britney, who they’ve loved since they were kids.

Jesy said: “We haven’t heard directly from her but you never know.”

Britney owes Little Mix a meeting now they’ve written her a hit single.