I was so unprepared for this webclip

Seriously, The CW should send us a warning first so we can at least try to prepare ourselves

I just can’t handle the feelings and emotion of seeing Alaric back

We knew he would be back since the last season finale but actually seeing him on screen, in action, teaching at college, omg there’s nothing like this, it was so nostalgic and I’m so happy I started screaming. Thank god Ric is unkillable original now so nobody can take him away from us again

There was nothing too special in the webclip, it was so normal and simple but I missed TVD so much and seeing some of these characters again did things to my weak fangirl heart…


Sources say Magnolia, whose sister company 2929 Productions financed the film, became the default distributor when no other company would take the bait. In fact, since December, CAA — which reps the movie, Bier, Lawrence and Cooper — has held three private screenings featuring three different cuts of the Depression-era film. Says one top buyer, “The film was so edited, it made no sense.” Another called the performances “uneven, particularly Lawrence’s [descent into madness]” as the childless wife of a timber baron.

I love this exciting feeling you have when you’re waiting for a new season, you know nothing and you expect everything, so much is possible and even more with Season 7…An encore girl, a freaking ENCORE it is!

This new London Spy drama sounds great!  

In the centre of London is a street with the headquarters of the Secret Intelligence Service on one side and the headquarters of gay clubbing on the other. London Spy is the story of a chance romance between two people from opposite sides of that street.

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ISRA-88 tells the story of the fictional spaceship ISRA 88 and their crew of two, whose mission is to find the end of the universe. Maher will play Dr. Abe Anderson, a scientist who begins to lose his mind during the years-long mission.

It will begin filming in Michigan later this month. More plot details can be found at the Michigan Film Office.

Why am I excited about the restructuring of my BJD family?

Various reasons really… 

  • My Crobi Daydream Lance being Selvans. who is one of my oldest characters together with Ashura and has had at least a dozen “reincarnations” through the years (on top of being the Original One that created the universe and all that, of course. He’s such a lousy excuse for a god though, I swear) 
  • my Ante returning modded, 200% bubblier and with a much more well-established character than before due to recent plot developments.
  • reappointing the DC Austin in my wishlist to Azriel’s character. Best decision I ever made. 
  • Nagito getting his body. Also, said body being much much closer to what I had originally planned for him to my surprise. 
  • Ealdred’s “successor” doll, my Volks F20 who I’ll be holding on naming until he comes in. 
  • Cecil taking on the form of my MNF NF head instead of Kazuki and Kazuki being upgraded to an SD in turn. 
  • Putting forth plans for bodies and jointed hands. Have I mentioned how much I love jointed hands. 
  • SERIOUSLY containing the number of dolls. Have I mentioned how glad I am that they won’t inflate over 40 right now? 40 are so many to begin with lmao… Thank god several of them are tinies and many are floaters for the time’s being on top of nearly ten of these not being at home. 
  • Shintaro being back on the wishlist. I mean, who wants a conceited, heterochromatic, green-haired Iplehouse Giorgio? Soe does. >.>