We’re starting a 5sos Newspaper! Because why not you know? So I’ve been looking for a new project to do and I had this idea and I’m so excited to start oh my god y’all don’t even know okay yes here we go. Despite what people may believe abt newspapers and social media, this will NOT nbe

what is the 5sos Journal?

it’s a blog that will act as a newspaper/journal for the 5sos Fam and for 5sos in general! There will be different columns too! Basically just a cute little thing yes. And even if you don’t becoming a writer for the journal, there are ways to get promoted by the newspaper!

We write about things the Fam asks us to! unless its problematic, this is drama free

perks of being a writer for The 5sos Journal:

  • all your work will be shared
  • there will be people to help/edit your work, whatever it may be
  • new followers
  • constant promos from the whole team
  • friends ofc very very close friends
  • you get to be apart of smthn special
  • there will be a groupchat for us all yeeesss
  • you will get a spot on the “employee” page basically a cute network page 


there will be a column for the following of the subjects

smut column (writing) // advice column // fluff column (writing) // update column // selfie/family column // social media // event column (for things within the fam like giveaways, other networks, etc.) // music column

also we will need an editor if you would like to apply for that…job…

if you aren’t sure what your job would be as the writer of that column, ask me or check the description page!


mbf me (the admin/editor if you will)
reblog this
fill out this form

Best way to get picked:

if you are applying for writing, tag me in a piece/masterlist using the tag #the5sosJournal

come talk to me for any of the other jobs!

Other Info:

will be picking when I find what I want
I will not be picking based on your fav boy, I will be picking one person for each of the columns above
tbh that’s it!

Good Luck!

i hope someone does this if not I will be a v sad pup


THE PRINCESS AND THE KNIGHT — Wanting to protect her daughter, Queen Stephanie assigns a knight to watch over her. Enter Paige, a young knight eager to prove herself to her male comrades. Nikki, just as eager to prove that the princess can take care of herself, defies Paige at every chance she gets. Somewhere along the way, they end up falling in love. It turns out ‘happily ever after’ does exist for them.

remember how earlier this week i talked about making a youtube channel with videos focusing on self care, spreading awareness about mental illness, personal stories, things to get involved in etc?

well, projectrecovery is now officially in production!! i’m going to be the writer/on camera personality/interviewer and bolinandopal is going to be my video editor.

we are planning on doing two series of videos: one set about focusing on a specific mental illness per video (think more serious stuff such as symptoms, what its like to have that mental illness etc) and the other set about more relaxed, self care type things (think things to do instead of self harm, recipes for ED folks, cool books about this stuff and distraction techniques)

these videos will be released in a pattern: serious one week, relaxing the next, etc. we’re super excited to be bringing you something this awesome, and we’d really like your help in making it happen!! here’s what we need:

  • Do you suffer from a mental illness that you’d be willing to be interviewed/give your perspective and opinion about? 
  • Would you be willing to have quotes, experiences, and opinions from you featured or mentioned in one of our videos?
  • (your comments and quotes can be anonymous, if you prefer!)
  • Do you any ideas or suggestions for videos?
  • If so, please contact me either on this blog, or projectrecovery’s official blog!!

thank you guys so much, i love you 


also if you’re interested in helping in a small way, please reblog to spread the word!!