My Dear Trekkies,

Now that Mr. Spock is beaming down to our table…


(Which happens to be crafted ever so lovingly by one of your own writers and general Star Trek fanboy, Bryan Fuller.)

We think it’s only logical to extend an invitation for the rest of you to take your seats. Live, Long, and Prosper might not be in the Fannibal Vocabulary, but we certainly know how to pay our respects. 

(Credit to Chief Gif Officer existingcharactersdiehorribly​ )

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Season 2:

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(Alternative links here, I tried to choose quick loading, ad free, ones, but let me know if any aren’t working! Hannibal is available on Amazon prime and itunes, if you can watch it through official sources, please do!)

Though we wonder…would vulcan taste any different from human?  ;D In any case - We’ll be glad to have you for dinner.


The Fannibals