I scream, you scream, we all scream for awesomely overindulgent ice cream. This towering cone of soft serve temptation is offered by the Daily Chico restaurant in basement of the Nakano Broadway shopping mall in Tokyo. Eight different flavors sit atop an extra-large sugar cone, which only costs 390 yen ($3.60 US).

Starting from the top, there’s Tochi Otome strawberry, chocolate, mocha, vanilla, melon, grape, matcha green tea, and finally ramune (a popular type of Japanese fizzy cider).

However Daily Chico says that the flavor line-up will change periodically, so this doesn’t have to be a once-in-a-lifetime treat.

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Kitchtastic pop culture humorist Charles Phoenix (previously featured here) has promoted breakfast cereal from humdrum to awesome with the creation of this magnificently overindulgent Six-Layer Milk Soaked Cereal Cake with Frosted Flakes Frosting. Sugary cereals were a rare treat when we were little and we pretty much always want cake, so this towering fusion of the two is blowing our minds.

Here are the paired cereal and cake layer flavors from top to bottom:

  • Apple Jacks with Spice Cake
  • Trix with Blue Velvet Cake
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch with Yellow Cake
  • Peanut Butter Crunch with Chocolate Cake
  • Froot Loops with Red Food Colored White Cake (Red Velvet Cake was not BRIGHT enough!)
  • Cocoa Puffs with White Cake

The entire thing is covered in vanilla Frosted Flakes frosting and decorate with pieces of all the cereals used in the cake’s six layers.

So much cereal. So much cake. SO much sugar. We might swoon.

Click here for a video of Charles Phoenix describing his magnificent cake and click here for the recipe and instructions.

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We are the spoiled generation who have everything and we complain and cry constantly because we’re so fucking bored. We’ll never be pioneers, our purpose is improvement- we want our cars to go faster, our internet access to be universal, our girlfriends to have bigger boobs. Then, when we get what we want, we just want more. We want old films converted into high definition, we want drones delivering our mail, we want our girlfriends to go up another fucking cup size. Wanting something better is all that we know.
—  Leave Her in the Rye, Andrew Schofied

Every time we start to wonder if humanity has finally plumbed the smoky, greasy depths of cooking with bacon, we can always count on Nick from DudeFoods (previously featured here) to create something new and awesomely mouthwatering. Today that delectable something is S’mores Bacon: fried strips of bacon slathered in melted marshmallows and sprinkled with crushed graham crackers.

"Then, just to get the marshmallow nice and gooey again and to warm up the graham cracker crumbles I put them in my oven for two minutes at 400°."

The last step? Dip the strips in melted chocolate and eat every last bite.

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But by intensifying all the colors one arrives once again at quietude and harmony. There occurs in nature something similar to what happens in Wagner’s music, which, though played by a big orchestra, is nonetheless intimate.

— Vincent van Gogh, “Excerpts from Letters,” Theories of Modern Art


The Department of Outrageously Overindulgent Bloody Marys just gained a new member, thanks to Sobelman’s Pub and Grill in Milwaukee, WI. This awesomely excessive Bloody Mary is called the Chicken Fried Bloody Beast. It features 13 different garnishes (cheese, sausage, pickle, olive, onion, mushroom, asparagus, scallion, shrimp, lemon, Brussels sprout, tomato, and celery), 2 baconadoes (skewers of bacon-wrapped jalapeño cheese balls), and 1 whole fried chicken.

The Chicken Fried Bloody Beast costs $50 and serves 2 to 4 people. $5 from each sale will be donated to Milwaukee’s Hunger Task Force.

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Whether or not you dig St. Vincent, this new album exudes a sexuality that is so singular, so wholly female, which absolutely exceeds male knowledge, sets itself apart from male forms of knowing desire, that it’s really worth listening to and thinking about. I cringe in anticipation of all the terrible writing about this record that is bound to turn up over the next few weeks. Maybe I should have a better attitude but really, how many more analyses of female sexuality, form, and body do we need to see filtered through the bro-gaze when it’s literally impossible for a man to understand, specifically, like, in its specificity. Wholly other. An excess.

It never fails. Every time the hard-working Department of Outrageously Overindulgent Bloody Marys thinks things have grown quiet enough to step out and get a bloody marys for themselves, along comes an even bigger one. Technically this monstrosity is a Bloody Caesar, a Canadian variation on the classic Bloody Mary.

It was created by the folks at Score on Davie, a bar located in Vancouver, BC. They call it the ‘Checkmate Caesar' and its gargantuan garnish features a whole roast chicken, a bacon cheeseburger, a pulled pork mac & cheese hot dog (just pause and consider this hot dog for a moment, because, wow), chicken wings, a slider, one triumphant pickle spear, roasted veggies (to make it healthy) and a whipped cream-covered brownie (for dessert).

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