The Butterfly Nebula from Hubble  : The bright clusters and nebulae of planet Earths night sky are often named for flowers or insects. Though its wingspan covers over 3 light-years, NGC 6302 is no exception. With an estimated surface temperature of about 250,000 degrees C, the dying central star of this particular planetary nebula has become exceptionally hot, shining brightly in ultraviolet light but hidden from direct view by a dense torus of dust. This sharp close-up of the dying stars nebula was recorded in 2009 by the Hubble Space Telescopes Wide Field Camera 3, and is presented here in reprocessed colors. Cutting across a bright cavity of ionized gas, the dust torus surrounding the central star is near the center of this view, almost edge-on to the line-of-sight. Molecular hydrogen has been detected in the hot stars dusty cosmic shroud. NGC 6302 lies about 4,000 light-years away in the arachnologically correct constellation of the Scorpion . via NASA


As a trans woman there is extreme societal pressure to look fabulous all of the time.

To look not only like a girl, but an exceptionally pretty one.

We have to speak well, walk the ‘right way’, and be a nice as humanly possible to avoid people looking down on us.

I will not do this any longer.

Every human being, regardless of identity or background, has the right to live exactly how they want whenever they want.

I choose to look pretty most days. I can choose to put my hair back and not care for the rest. Nothing makes me less of a woman.

I am a woman. I always have been, and I always will be.

Happy Anniversary

My name is Zachary. Today, my girlfriend and I are celebrating our 4 years anniversary. After you’ve been with someone for so long you get to know everything about each other. I know how she likes to chew her fingernails when no one’s looking, she’s the only that knows which movies make me cry. I know her morning routines and she knows where all my birth marks are.

There’s only one thing May doesn’t know about me: I like to wear make-up. I’ve perfected it. Every morning I put a lot of it on myself so no one can see my ugly, lumpy face. We never go to the beach or shower together. I always make an excuse.

I’m exceptionally nervous today. I’m going to reveal my secret to her, to show her my true face. After such a long time together I want to know if she’ll still love me the way I am.

I took May to the carnival. I bought her a cute tiger plushy to add to her collection and she made me go on all the looping rides I’m so afraid of. I agreed to ride them because I wanted her to be the happiest she can today.

We finished up at a fancy Italian restaurant. As we sat and held hands across the table, I looked into her eyes and told myself ‘tell her now!’

Before I could say anything, she whispered to me in a soft, loving voice: “oh Adam, I love you so much. Happy anniversary.” I changed my mind. I don’t think I want to tell her what I did to Adam.

“Happy anniversary my love.”


Specs on Supercuts

As the finale draws nearer, there has been a lot of discussion (and dread) surrounding Jocelyn’s fate. As a self-proclaimed NON-shipper, even I will be stocking up on spirits to get me through the summer hiatus if it turns out I will have more of her bland and pointless existence to look forward to. Given this, I would like to set up a master list of reasons why Jessie could very well be gone after the finale.

First, let’s begin with the arguments for her staying around (which are rooted solely in the source material). (1) Jennifer’s comic death must be recreated on the show, and (2) Rick needs her as a love interest and/or to help get over Lori. That’s literally it, guys!

For the first one, I’m not even going to bother stating the obvious. I know her comic death was exceptionally brutal, which fans LOVE, but I’d say they already far surpassed that level of brutality with Noah’s death (and Aiden’s, even if we hated him). Basically, we’ve already seen worse (but of course they could always give it to another character).

The second one, however, is in need of debunking. In the show, Rick already had ample time to deal with Lori’s death and he did. He does not need Janice to “move on.” It’s done. So what exactly would be the point of following through with this insta!romance? (And anyone who tries to spit that “Rick deserves to be happy” game, please crawl back under your rock, because you are trippin if you think his family and children are not enough to make him happy.) I don’t see any potential point to it. It’s just random. And while the comics are big on senseless love affairs, the show is not. Keep that in mind.

Now that’s out of the way…let’s move on to even more evidence.

It is Gale’s spoiler, “There will be some sad losses that no one will see coming (slightly paraphrased)” coupled with TSDF’s spoiler that no one from Team Family will die…which leaves us with just a few candidates for these “sad”, “unexpected” deaths: the Alexandrians and Morgan.

Morgan is a likely candidate. I’d like to believe they wouldn’t kill off yet another black male…but it’s possible. I also don’t know what Lennie James’ schedule is like, or if he is available to be one the show is some long-term capacity. Morgan’s death is certainly something that would “piss off fans”, as Michael Cudlitz suggested. Then again, they could send him away again  without killing him. Morgan is a bit of a wildcard.

As for the Alexandrians, the GA is not a fan of them. They are seen as weak and foolish. Fans want our group to take over, thus would not be sad to see any of them go. But there is one character who is set apart from the others: Joyce!

She is not considered stupid because she is not really contributing to the group in any way (lol). She got insta!sympathy because she is attractive and has an abusive husband. She shares scenes solely with Rick (which means we associate her more with Rick than anything else; we see her as “Rick’s love interest” not “a member of Alexandria”). This is all just to say that Jasmine IS someone who the GA has probably taken a liking to, and her death would be considered sad. Not devastating, not frustrating, just sad (like Amy or Jacqui or Jim’s deaths were just sad). If she died in a particularly brutal way, that would add to the sadness. And of course, people would be sad FOR Rick, if nothing else.

And Jamie not only meets the “sad” criteria but the “unexpected” criteria. People are not expecting her to die. They are expecting and hoping Pete to die, because of both the source material and simply Rick’s desire to kill him. And he might die as well, but she would be the surprise.

I also keep getting hung up on Scott Gimple asking Alexandria not to read the comics. Why would he do that? I don’t believe it was to surprise HER (with the non-surprise that Pete was abusive), why would he want to do that? I think it’s more likely he wouldn’t want her to assume her character was going somewhere that it wasn’t. Of course, that’s just what makes sense to me.

It also makes sense to me that they would NOT follow the comic book arc to the letter. It’s unlike them to not deviate. But there is still time. Just when it looks like it will go down the same as in the comics, maybe Jolene dies prematurely.

Lastly, Rick’s gun has a “J” on it for a reason. I don’t think Rick put it there, it was probably there when he found it. But there is a reason the writers specifically made it a “J”…perhaps because it will be used on someone whose name starts with “J”, which leaves us with Judith (who is rumored to live atm)…and ole girl.

Overall, I feel the evidence for her death outweighs the evidence she will live, and I think people should have hope for that going into the finale. Food for thought. Happy finale weekend!

Edited to add: This is a submission from a great anon that I have. Thanks, Anon!


Hello! I’m opening up my serious commissions now how bout that.

Prices! (as stated in the images above). Please not that the range in each price tier generally means ‘bust/headshot - to - fullbody’.
Sketches: 5-10$, +3$ per additional character
Lineart: 20-25$, +5$ per additional character
Flats: 30-35$, +5$ per additional character
Fullcolor+Shading: 40-45$, +10$ per additional character, +5$ for a simple background.
Illustration: 60$, +10$ per additional character. Comes with a complex background.

All commissioners will receive the PSD file along with a high resolution PNG file (unless you only want one of them, of course!)

Exceptionally complicated characters or backgrounds might be a bit more expensive too, as a heads up! Shoot me a message and we can discuss it if you have questions!

I won’t do mechs or porn (because I lack the practice for it, more than anything else!)
If you come at me wanting shota/lolli art you need to step back son, I’m not doin’ that ever.

I will take payment over paypal. You can shoot me an email at rocketowling@gmail.com, though please note my paypal email is different!
I take payment up front, after we’ve worked out the details of what you’d like.

Thank you for your time!

5 mo update, "staying home"

5 months with baby, 5 months as a new mom, 5 months as a new kind of family, and I have to say we’re all doing really well. It’s completely true that it is amazing to watch how babies develop and explore their worlds. This little one is now reaching and grabbing everything, rolling, and starting to have an awareness that one day she’s going to start crawling. Safety is a bigger issue because we can’t just leave her wherever, as she moves and rolls. I guess baby proofing is a ‘thing’.

Her moms keeps receiving comments from people we know, strangers, and healthcare people that we are exceptionally calm. I DO feel really calm and we work well together as parents, but at times it makes me question if I should be worrying more?! I guess my style is that I provide the
obvious care she needs, but in a way that she just sorta is with me 24/7 (literally.) and we do whatever we’re doing together.

Logistically, she sleeps with me every night. Sometimes I tell some people she sleeps ‘part of the night in her crib’ but that’s just to shut down conversations around that. We sleep well, and I treasure this time and love sleeping with her (and her mama and the dog and the cat on our queen bed, haha). She nurses lots and gets extremely excited when she sees my boobs, which is pretty cute. She looooves to nurse! I have figured out how to nurse her in the sling while walking up and down aisles and pushing a cart, or whatever. We basically breastfeed everywhere and I’m thankful I can do that. She bathes or showers with one of us, which she also loves. We are holding off feeding solids, but we’re curious and excited about exploring that so we have tested a few lil things we are eating with here and there.

The big thing is for me is adjusting to ‘just’ being a mom. We’ve decided that I’ll forego income for a year and stay at home next year as well to raise her. I find myself self conscious about this when talking to friends. I can already feel a distance in some way, feeling like my life is so different from my friends who aren’t caring for babies, and I struggle a bit with that. I have wonderful friends who make a point of hanging out and spending time with us during the day, but it’s more just my internalized thoughts around being productive and relevant. It’s also weird feeling like I have more in common with all these straight married women I’m meeting than with queer pals. Oh well. Mumblrs, how did you mentally adjust to the idea of staying at home?

Because aljohnsonwrites asked so nicely… =D

Five things that make you happy

Once you answer this pass on to 10 people who have reblogged your posts 

  • Being a total geek with my husband. We can have entire conversations in movie quotes and I love it.
  • Finding myself elbow deep in a story that consumes my imagination — whether I’m writing, reading, or watching.

  • That moment when I finish an exceptionally difficult sewing project and realize that, even with my mistakes, it still turned out rather nicely.

  • Travelling — seeing so much that most Americans don’t take the time or the effort to see for themselves. I have a passport — I intend to use it!

  • Coming home to family, friends, fried chicken, and sweet tea. Nothing quite like it. 

Now… who to tag? Many of you have likely done this one already, and I can’t say that I have a lot of followers, so I’m just gonna tag five of you. Feel free to take a pass, if it’s not your cuppa! Here goes: sarah-francesca phrynesboudoir subtextsays foxspirit1928 phrynefisherismyrolemodel

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If you could combine two Toms which would it be and why?

My favorite Tom of all time is NerdHQ!Tom. He was so fucking pretty that day, I mean he’s pretty every day but he was exceptionally pretty that day, his hair, his clothes, he was glowing like a star. The french, the impressions, the “it’s kind of hot actually.” like literally I don’t know how those women sat in their seats without spreading their legs and screaming “TAKE ME NOW!” I don’t think I would’ve been able to contain myself. 

(and this may be the same Tom) but I love Coriolanus!Tom. The haircut, the muscles, the dark, very manly look to him ugh he just looked so damn fine. Plus that’ s my favorite performances of his. I always knew he could act but I was never truly blow away by his acting until I saw Coriolanus. That was kind of the first time I had extremely explicit thoughts about him (the poor man lol) and I started reading smut like crazy. 

so yeah I would combine the two or I could just have both of them and be the Nutella spread to that warm english muffin. 

Clean eating plan!?

Hey! My first text post on here (I think?), well hello! So long story short this past month or so i have recently found intuitive eating, it has helped me exceptionally in my eating disorder recovery and hopefully will continue to do so! :D However i’m a bit sick of eating chocolate and crappy foods a lot of the time and have decided to make a change! So the Easter holidays are officially here, which means no school for two weeks, no distractions, no grabbing food and running, and no temptation, and i have decided to make this two weeks of clean eating and 3 days a week moderate exercise!! This is not to lose weight whatsoever, just to feel better and maybe get toned? (possibly?) I will keep a check of my food and write it in here everyday along with the exercise i have done; if i manage this for two weeks i’ll be incredibly proud of myself.. as i have a massive sweet tooth and give in easily ;) but no more! Please said me messages and encouragement! 


Ellie doesn’t like condoms. 

Firstly, for the sensation, or lack thereof, and secondly for the break in mood she thinks pausing to use them creates. Whilst she won’t resist too much if the other person wants to, bar an assurance that all is covered without, she would never suggest it. She is, however, exceptionally cautious and is painstakingly meticulous about taking her potions. To date, she has never had a scare. 

Bright Green

Prompt: The spark in your eye
Fandom:  Harry Potter
Characters: James Potter, Lily Evans
Setting: Canon
350 Words

It was her eyes, he reflected, the corner of his thin lips tilting up in a smile. She had always been a striking witch, in more ways than one. She was beautiful, her dark red hair always making her stand out in a crowd. She was talented, kind-hearted, brave and brilliant. But although those remarkable qualities had made him admire her, it was her eyes he had fallen for.

To James, they were easily the most beautiful part of her.

Bright green, they were so alive, always playing out all her emotions for the whole world to see. Whatever mood was gripping her heart, she readily let know, she wasn’t one to conceal her feelings.

Over the course of years, he had witnessed those eyes spark in anger more than once. He had seen them gleam proudly whenever she had done exceptionally well in class. He had noted the mischievous glint that would instantly have him on his toes. He had seen those eyes alight with laughter and glistening with tears. He had seen them blazing in determination. The devious, teasing glimmer that appeared whenever she was in a flirtatious mood was one of his favourites; god, it drove him mad!

And finally, there was that sweet, loving glow that appeared in those bright green depths from time to time, and never failed to make his heart skip a beat.

He dared to sneak a glance out of the corner of his eye. She turned her head slightly towards him, their gazes meeting. Her eyes were warm and aglow with such tenderness he feared his heart might burst. Then, those beautiful eyes still trained on him, she answered the question.

“I do,” she spoke, her tone firm and decisive.

Something tickled at the back of James’ throat, but whether that was an elated chuckle or tears of joy, he couldn’t tell. His smile finally bloomed into a full grin and he swept his wife into his arms. He twirled her in the air, and her bright green eyes laughed at him, shining with the same happiness his hazel were mirroring.   

A/N Happy Birthday, Mr. Potter.

opiumangel asked:

Hey Morty. My interesting fact is that I find hands aesthetically pleasing. And backs too. But mostly like, long, spindly spider hands. And teeny tiny delicate hands. And yeah. Hands. That is all.

Holy shittttt so do I. like, I think I have a massive hand fetish, almost??? I like looking at them, touching them, being touched by them. Hands are so important. Like, one of my favourite body parts. 

I hate feet, though. They look and feel less nice to me. Even though my own feet are apparently exceptionally nice (they are super small and shapely and apparently look doll-like)

and I suppose that is my fact.