Please fire me. My Accounts Payable co-workers use a calculator to work out the accounts and then manually enter the amounts into excel. Whenever I offer to quickly build them a spreadsheet with formulas, I am greeted with hostility as they think I am being horrible to them. I am then told to stay out of their business. 


Being a nerd is awesome. 

Here’s a selection of photos from mcm this year. The reason I’m uploading them now is because my figurine print came through today in the post and it’s badass and made me all piny for comicon haha!

We had an awesome time cosplaying as the Avatar group, and i particularly enjoy being evil. Go figure. But to the people who are in the group, let me know if you spot yourself, via message and i will direct you to my facebook album,  where you can tag yourself :)

Also, that mako was pretty damn hot. Daymn.

Now, to decide who to be in October.

Spreadsheets are not usually considered very punk. Nonetheless, if you love insane programming concepts and hacks and fancy playing an oldskool-looking RPG game, maybe you should consider trying out ARENA XLSM, a RPG game created by “chartered accountant” Cary Walkin. Arena.Xlsm is a turn-based RPG made entirely in Microsoft Excel using macros. An extensive wiki dedicated to the game is online here. There are some severe system limitations (doesn’t work on modern Macs. Only works on Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013. And should you fancy trying out other Excel-based games coded by Mr. Walkin, be sure to visit his website.-LT

In life we have to make sacrifices to reach our goals. If what we’re doing today isn’t bringing us closee to our dreams, we should look deeper at our setbacks, develop a plan of action, and move in the right direction. IT AIN’T FOR EVERYBODY!!!
Some people are great at talking about what they desire. They have a really good outward appearance, but the fact remains that they aren’t willing to sacrifice their time, energy, partying, drinking, negative behavior, money, etc. in order to get to that destination. Its not about how bad you want it. Its about what you’re willing to do for it!
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