Ten Thousand Heroes: Wandering Smoke

wallycaine asked:

Wally Caine, Mad Scientist Hero. An expert with robotics, Wally is partially cyborg, sporting a number of musculature enhancements along with a robotic third arm. His partner rabbit, Lagos, is similarly enhanced and very intelligent. When forced into a fight, he frequently uses a sword built to be wielded with all three arms, though he’s not terrible with a lightning gun. After a temporal anomaly, he came back 7 years older, and is slowly settling back into life.

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An FR Wishlist.

1) A collect all button in the mail. There is no reason not to have this button in terms of revenue as the page isn’t reloaded when we’re collecting mail (unless we reclick on the ‘mail’ navigation instead of ‘inbox’). 

2) Working battle stones. All I can think of when I’m grinding is how much more negotiable the coli would be with working battle stones.\

3)  An ‘Auction’ house with actual auctions and/or the ability to list things on the AH for both a treasure and a gem price.

4) The ability to use the crossroads to trade items for items, items for treasure or gems, and treasure for gems/gems for treasure.

5) An in-game, code-based, system for studding dragons and renting nests.

6) Better exalt payouts and/or better exalt incentives. I’ve seen so many plans for this. Give players something more to do with exalted dragons! Or institute an option besides exalting where you can buy a dragon back so they aren’t gone forever. SOMETHING yo.

7) Better payouts from the games.

8) Speaking of the games, a new designer for the games. So far all the games have been regurgitations of existent games. Give us a unique game! Not just a clone of 20 year old arcade games with some dragon themed art on it. Or, hell, give us -really- classic games that don’t get dull so fast (solitaire for example) and give them payouts based on the average amount of time invested (that is, it should be AT LEAST equal to the amount of payout in terms of treasure-per-minute to what you get for clicking in random circles on Shock Switch).

9) A more frequent release schedule on games.

10) Some sort of ‘do not sell’ section in our hoard. We don’t need a bank proper, but a way to flag things as ‘do not sell/convert’ so we don’t accidentally vendor our year one cakes or the swipp items we’re saving.

Before you reply please keep in mind this is a WISH LIST. All of the ‘there is no human way they could ever do XYZ because reasons’ arguments will not make me desire these things one iota less. (I am posting it to the tag though, because maybe there IS a way they could do at least some of this, and they need to know what users want).

What sort of FR wishlist would y’all have, in terms of new/improved features?

I really wish that a flight wasn’t auto-dominant for their festival. I know it is flight pride and stuff, but hear me out.

The flight in question would probably want to be on top for their own fest. So, they would probably exalt a ton more that week so they could be on top! So, the “flight pride” would benefit the economy, much like the Shadow/Light battle did.

Anybody with me here?

fr twilight/chaos zone:

Somehow everyone’s dragons have been scattered around the site. All of your dragons are on random accounts - - even old and inactive ones. The admins are like “oops sorry can’t help you!” You have a few options:

A. You can begin the painstakingly slow process of looking for your dragons around the site.

B. Type up some angry rant about it and quit.

C. Subtly exalt all of the dragons you ended up with in this awful “raffle” and start from scratch.

Keep in mind that:
- People don’t have to give you your dragons back.
- Hacking into inactive accounts to get your dragons back is against the rules.
- You only have a few empty spaces in your lair so you have to get rid of/trade back dragons before you collect all of your dragons back.

Those are the options. I can’t stop you from editing them/tweaking but you’re kind of lame for not being able to pick one of those options without adding something. :/ Just saying but no pressure (lots of pressure tbh lmao)

anonymous said:

Assalamualaikum, do you have any good words or inspiring islamic story about someone who lost their loved one um i mean death because i try to comfort my friend thank you

Walaikum Assalaam Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu,

Abu Hurairah (Radi Allahu Ta’ala Anhu) reported: The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: “Allah, the Exalted, says: `I have no reward except Jannah for a believing slave of Mine who shows patience and anticipates My reward when I take away his favourite one from the inhabitants of the world.’”


The Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “When a person’s child dies, Allah the Most High asks His angels, ‘Have you taken out the life of the child of My slave?’  They reply in the affirmative. He then asks, ‘Have you taken the fruit of his heart?’ They reply in the affirmative. Thereupon he asks, ‘What has My slave said?’ They say: ‘He has praised You and said: Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un (We belong to Allah and to Him we shall be returned).’ Allah says: ‘Build a house for My slave in Jannah and name it Bait-ul-Hamd (the House of Praise).’” [Tirmidhi]

I hope it will be helpful. May Allah give them sabr and guide us to the straight path.


Imaam al-Dhahabee rahimahullaah said:

“The most wicked type of arrogance is that of someone who exalts himself over the people due to the knowledge he has and gloats within himself about his own superiority. The knowledge of such a person is of no benefit to him. Whoever seeks knowledge for the sake of the Hereafter is unsettled by his learning, his heart is humbled and his ego lowered. Such a person always looks out for his selfishness and never gives it free rein. He constantly takes his ego to task and corrects it. Were he to neglect it, it would diverge him from the right path and destroy him.

The person who seeks knowledge to take pride in it or gain a position of leadership, looking disdainfully at other Muslims, thinking them fools and making light to them all this is the most enormous arrogance and no one with the slightest particle of arrogance in his heart will enter Paradise. There is no power nor might save in Allah Most High, Most Glorious.”

[al-Kabaair (1/78)]

anonymous said:

I've read that survivors of rape are about 20 times more likely to experience lifelong PTSD than people who have been in combat. It kills me that it's totally valid for someone who has been in combat to experience PTSD and people talk about it all the time but no one wants to talk about survivors' PTSD at all... Not on the radio or on popular TV shows or anything. Rape culture is scary as hell man.

It doesn’t surprise me at all that even in the most fragile stages of masculinity (post-combat warriors admitting to emotional scarring) we still exalt military culture and its detritus before we’d even consider that rape survivors could be dealing with the same if not worse situation.

Because soldiers get to leave the fucking battlefield. They don’t have to spend the rest of their life in Afghanistan in active duty, but a rape survivor has to spend the rest of their fucking life knowing that a stranger or loved one or acquaintance is capable of doing this to them at any time without warning. That they often have to LIVE with their rapist or face their rapist in their social circle or their family or out on the street where they live. They never get to leave the war. The war is always fucking there and it loves to remind them how inescapable it is.



I hatched out another clutch of gorgeous little diseased babies today (or, rather, had them hatched in a Plague nest I rented for the day, so they’d have those gorgeous red eyes). Meet Filoviridae (named for the Ebola virus), Vibrio (named for Cholera), and Escherichia (named for E. coli). 

They are available for adoption (I’ll probably ask about 25K each, just to make sure they don’t end up as immediate exalt fodder), and I’m not entirely sure yet that I won’t keep Escherichia. But if you’re interested in one of these cuties - maybe as an Ambassador to the Plague Flight? - let me know! 

(I also got a laugh when they arrived in my lair. Instead of popping up at the end of my list, like my own new hatchlings do, they had sprinkled themselves in among my other dragons, like a disease). :D

ETA: The two little boys have been adopted (YAY YAY YAY)! If you are in LOVE with Escherichia, send me a PM (here, or to HereBeDragons at FR). I’d be willing to let her go to a good home, as well. :) 

Am I the only one who isn’t really bothered by the recent changes?

I understand why people are upset- but the way some people are reacting, you’d think it was the only way to get treasure on the entire site.

Fact: There are other ways to get treasure on FR other than selling fragments. Familiars, exalting, games, art, training for others, marketplace sniping, AH flipping- sure, not all of these are suited for all players- but they exist!

I don’t coli grind for loot. I level dragons and exalt them, bond with familiars, and do my dailies. I make a decent profit for little to no effort each week. I don’t consider myself ‘rich’ but I don’t exactly work for that. The rich people on the site generally work for it. I know it’s going to be a be a tad more difficult to earn treasure through the Coli, but it’s not that bad of a chance.

If anything- I’m upset that augment stones still aren’t working after over a year.

anonymous said:

How do Gens see Imagni? Is she a mother figure, or an exalted creator? Are they a little in awe, or can they invite her over for events and such? What is the relationship, if that's not too spoilerish??

Good question. The Gens have quite different opinions of Imagni depending on who they are. Some Gens would treat her with a lot of honour (Amber Gens especially) and see her as an object of worship. Imagni isn’t really into that though, she’s quite humble so finds it awkward. Kind of like being a celebrity, she sometimes finds it worrying to walk about by herself because of the attention she attracts. So some Gens are pretty in awe of her. Some of them sit outside her home like stalkers. Then you’ve got Gens that are entirely suspicious of her. You have to understand, at the point the Gens are around Imagni has lost the majority of her powers. So some Gens think that Imagni might just be a little overhyped or rumor based. On rare occasions other Creators may visit Imagni’s world (Like Meio Dia) but obviously those guys are utterly revered and treated like royalty when they’re in town. Imagni seems a little flaky so not all the Gens are confident of her supposed powers. The main circle of Gens treat her like a mother figure even if they don’t entirely understand her. Gold has a lot of time for Imagni and gives her support when she needs advice on all the Gen stuff.

*IMPORTANT* - the most important thing here is that as far as Imagni’s powers go, nobody other than Valentine knows that Imagni created the Earth universe. Not even Astrima until later on. The Gens only know that Imagni created their home, not their dreamers home. Imagni doesn’t want them to know, for a few good reasons. One being they’d blame her for a lot of bad things she failed at, or question her endlessly. She just wants a simple quiet life. When she’s with a group of friends, she feels happy. Really I think she just wants to be happy and carefree without the responsibility. When people just treat her normal and not as a big deal is when she feels best. Imagni isn’t the most confident of people with being in a leadership position so leans on the main Gens to help out and speak for her sometimes. 

So in short, Imagni doesn’t like fuss but is kind of lumbered with it. She tries to be right person for the right job when it comes to the Gens. If someone needs her to be that big guiding light, she’ll try her best, even if she doesn’t feel up to it.

Today’s Beautiful Hadith is about
Reported by Anas ibn Malik (RA): I
heard Allah’s Messenger (peace be
upon him) say: “Allah, the Blessed
and Exalted said: Oh son of Adam,
as long as you pray to Me and
place hope in Me, I will forgive you
no matter how much it is against
you, never mind. Oh son of Adam, if
your sins reach the borders of the
sky and you seek forgiveness from
Me, I will forgive you, never mind.
Oh son of Adam, if you come to Me
with sins as many as fill the earth
and you meet Me with the earthful
but without polytheism then I will
come to you with as much
forgiveness.” (Tirmidhi)e

RWBY OC team in the works with viktormayrin

Team MRST (Mist)


Merete Meerschaum - Pearl Seafoam - Little Mermaid - Half Faunus/Axalotyl - female - baby pink and Seafoam - wanna be punk rocker

Shula Magdala - Flame Tower - Morgiana - Human - Female - red and tan - Rogue

Key Tinta - Key Blake - American folklore? - Human - Female - Black… - ??? Warrior

Rafi Nudar - Exalted Gold - Islamic Angel - Human? - Male - Orange/Gold and White - Sorcerer.

*whispers* they’re also a band.

Colors and warmth dance wildly in my view,
a synchronous satisfactory blend

Bending, tilting, shifting
Lilting melodies
(Do you know how far I’ve come?)

Over, under, through
There are oh so many ways to search for you

At these heights I can see it all
But the air is thin and I remember how it feels
to be afraid to fall

Ascending cautiously,
diving, repeating a pattern;
different, odd, exalting —

I can hear your footfalls down on the earth
from all the way up here among my clouds.

I watch you wandering,
pretending you have a purpose,
or even that you know what it is
and could elaborate in detail if I asked you.

I know that look on your face

All your telltale signs, they stay the same
They hold you back

I want to shout down –
How exhilarating it is up here in mid-flight!
Come stretch your wings with me!
Let’s find our peace with the currents of air
and unwind our tangled truths!

– but the words
don’t carry that far.
They dissolve.

So I dip and I soar
without you

and find my own harmony up here in the golden heavens

but these skies are endless
and when you are ready,

take flight and                                   search for me.