2014: (also titled)

the year amy got really hot and really fucking angry and self-confident and really proud for knowing she was worth more.

also developed a great music taste. 4 for u, glen coco. 

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The problem is that Beth’s demise seems more a matter of it being too long since the show killed someone as opposed to coming from the story organically. This is problematic for a lot of shows that become known for their willingness to bump off regular characters. It becomes a matter of occasion rather a matter of storytelling; it’s the midseason finale, time to kill someone. It’s November sweeps, time to kill someone. We understand that this is a world where Death has an itchy trigger finger, but Death also doesn’t work on a timetable.
—  Adam Donaldson “Coda” Review [X]
I get that Walking Dead, to loosely use a term coined by Seinfeld, is a “show about nothing” - in so much that there’s no goal here. No endgame. It’s often just day to day living and/or dying. But I can’t help but look at the Grady story and wonder “What if Rick and the gang just discovered that Beth had been eaten at Terminus?” Or “What if Beth had just died off-screen in some other meaningful manner that opened up the show’s story in a new direction?” Because the end result here, without Grady dismantled and without any of the abused imprisoned staff members wanting to go with Rick, was that the show traded Beth for Noah.

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I think the reason 1DHQ made an issue about Louis' image rights when he was attempting to purchase the rovers was to fuck with him and demoralize him, the thorn in their side. However they really don't care about Harry's image being used in after, for the book it's marketing or the film if it get's made, as it fits with the image they have been trying to hawk for him since he was 16. Only they don't have to shell out any money this time and potentially have received a kickback to let it happen.