imagine john finding out that sherlock’s in love with him and asking him how long he’s felt that way and sherlock just staring at the ground and not replying and john saying, a little more insistently, “sherlock, how long have you been in love with me?” and sherlock, still looking at the ground, saying “the 30th of january, 2010.” and john staring at him for a few seconds before saying “…we met on the 29th.” and sherlock finally looking up and saying “i know.”

I like to think that the first time Sherlock and John kiss they don’t even think about it
Like John is heading off to work and Sherlock is at the table working on an experiment and everything is normal and John has a little bit of toothpaste on the corner of his mouth and Sherlock has a pencil tucked behind his ear and John passes through the kitchen to leave but before he does he bends down and places a quick peck on Sherlocks lips for a second and then John goes to work and Sherlock works on his experiment and then it’s 2 hours after they kissed until they both realize what happened


My life now consists of making these