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Are you really taking requests for the kiss art challange? Than I would like to ask for my friend Ewi... Thorin/Kili 14(perhaps injured leg >.<)

Yes! XD


the show embarrassing bodies is just so bizzarre cause literally everyone on it is like ‘i’ve always been too shy and ashamed to go see a doctor so i have decided to go on international television and whip out my festering pustule covered genitals and have them probed while millions of viewers world wide squirm and laugh in disgust at my problem’ ??!¿¡¿?¡¡!?!


A few photos I was able to take at the Bookfair in Leipzig last weekend!! *//7//*
So many beautiful cosplayers, especially the Hobbit ones…Oh my gosh, I was in paradise!! “Unluckily” I was a participant of the German preliminary decision of the European Cosplay Gathering, so I couldn’t cosplay Kili on saturday, the day of the huge Hobbit cosplay and fan meeting ;v; ( NOOO!! The Cosplay I’m wearing is NOT Ciel, it’s Renji Kurobara from Zone- 00 ;7; )
But I met a few cuties on a short break from the ECG and asked them to take a few photos with dorky me…You can’t believe how happy I was!! Look at them, they’re all so gorgeous!!!! It was nearly so exciting as meeting the actors. For real…I was so happy!!! 
The memory is still heart throbbing U v U
I’m so sorry for bothering you, but you made me a really really happy fangirl!! ;//v//;
I even met Hizsi in her Beorn cosplay, oh my gosh, she was so beautiful!!!!

Who are the cuties??

Dwalin - Felix

Kili - ewi-kee

Thorin - a-very-important-dwarf

Fili -  susu—chan

Thorin (3rd picture) - colicade

Beorn - Hizsi

Thorin (4th picture) - Thor-Odinson

Real reasons I look up to Lindzar.

Alright stay with me through this, its long but its the 100% truth i promise.

So when I talk to people about lindzar, heres what I usually get in response of saying “shes my cosplay idol” :
I get things like “oh my gosh I know shes SUCH A GOOD COSPLAYER

Or “shes the pefect –insert character name her- cosplayer!

Or even ive gotten “ shes a great cosplayer and such a sweetheart”

Which is true

Like all of the above i agree

But really those are not the main reasons I look up to her.

i’ll tell you what they are: 

first of all



 just look at her

shes having so much fun,
 just being there,

like, im actually jealous kinda,

look how free she is seriously

shes allowed to hang with her friends as much as she wants and go anywhere to be with the people she loves and people that love her,

she just looks so happy, (now of course we all have bad days but from what I see)

like she likes her life and she loves what she does,

and to me thats just seriously inspiring…

Well she’s older no shit shes going to have freedom and be able to go wherever she wants.”

well I know that obviously, but that’s not what im getting at.

Just look




then things like this




and then things like ask panels


and conventions



she just looks like shes having so much fun

it just makes me really happy to see someone that happy doing something they love,

and she has fun with her friends,

its like everytime i see her with other people,

any people at all!

she just,

everyones smiling.

everyones always smiling

she just makes so many people smile everyday

its just

like I said,

motivational, to me

when i say i want to be like her when i get older

thats what i want to have in common with her

not that I totally want to look amazing in cosplays like she does, I mean that’s always great but looking good isn’t and really shouldn’t always be the main focus of cosplaying,

i want to make other people happy.

i want to make other people smile
like she does,

i want to have a good impact on peoples lives,

tell them that as long as u stick with what you love,

and stay with people who love you and vice versa,

nothing can go wrong.

I know this is all seriously sappy

But I just thought I should share with you all my feelings about her

Shes really inspirational :”)

This has been a seriously sappy post from roya
if you’ve read this far i hope you enjoyed~