anonymous said:

Hello ! My dashboard are really boring because I only follow 30 tumblr ( including yours ) could you suggest me some good tumblr ? Like what's your 5 favorite tumblr ? Thank you by advance !

okay i’ll link you more than five but I don’t really know what you like.. cute stuff, or tattoos, or alt models, or puppies, or funny series, or quotes… there are a ton of different blog that I follow

ewesplace said:

LOVE your blog! What do you think of my blue hair?? :) <3

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate those words :D
About your hair I’m really sorry but I had to stalk you a little to find it ;) I suppose you’re talking about this photo?


I love it! Why did you change it? 

ewesplace said:

Hi! ^^ Do you reblog peoples photos often? :) I have tagged all my photos with "ughgirls" but it doesn't seem like I have gotten a single reblog from you guys :( And that makes me a little sad <3

hey im sorry about that it seems that your pictures dont appear on tumblr’s tagged/ughgirls page. your pics are now on our queue and waiting to be posted! :)