I’m not good with words but come on..This is my first follow forever, I can not explain how much I’m happy here, I did excelent friendships … I hope you all Have a nice christmas and new year full of happiness … I hope to take a beautiful smile of yours with this FF. You shines on my dash. I LOVE YOU ❤  








My very first follow forever list. I love you all so much. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and happy Holidays!!

abcd: alien-you, alien4lover, alientolovebk, anotherperfectsky, bill-kaulitz-sexgott, billscougcar, billseyebrowring, disneybutera

efgh: evybibi, fourgermanboys, guastv, heilig0630

ijkl: jeeenni97, im-zimmer-483, kaulitzsoulmates, lizzibk0630,

mnop: marytom, penypen, prince-kaulitz

qrst: sadisticmoon, t0tgeliebt, tetric1, tomkaulitzohmy, traume-r

uvwxyz: vollidioten, xfurimmerjetztx,  zwei-herzschlage

0-9: 0620x0630, 4ever-a-lover1


This is my third Follow Forever list!!!





t0tgeliebttomkmotherfucker, tomlovesbilltomsunterhosen


Since I started with this blog I’ve met awesome people and I’m soooo grateful for that, some of you have left tumblr or are not active like you used to but I’ll follow you no matter what because I have a little hope that someday we’ll be as we were two or three years ago when we spent the whole day here reblogging and editing all those new pics and videos. I want to thank you for making my dashboard perfekt:3 If you are on this list or I’m following you is because I really love your blog and even we haven’t talked (cause I’m so shy and I feel like I’m annoying everyone I talk to) I believe you’re a nice person. 

And I also want to say thank you to my dear followers, I really don’t know how you can still follow me or sending me lovely messages even if I haven’t been here as before, a big thanks for reblog and like my edits, for not click the unfollow button when I post my personal pics or things.

Everyone here is so amazing and maybe (or not, who knows!) it’s going to be my last year here because I have no idea what will happen when I go to university next year so I want you to know that these 3 years here on tumblr will stay forever in my heart and all those crazy moment we had as the Tokio Hotel fandom will be remembered with joy :’)

Merry Christmas and Happy (so early) New Year 

Dani :3

ℋℯℓℓℴ everybody! ≖‿≖ This year will end in 24 hours so I thought I might make a post about people that made 2013 a great year for me. I really had so much fun on tumblr, even thought Tokio Hotel is still on hiatus, you have managed to keep my dash alive, wow you’re all so fucking great, you deserve a cookie. No, a CAKE! But I can’t give you a cake sry (;´∩`;)゜ You’re all too far away from me, but I really do care for every single one of you and I think you’re wonderful creatures human beings! Have an amazing year and I hope all your wishes will come true! [not in any order]

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King Tomi is here to announce my first follow forever list:

abcd: alien-leah, alien-you, allstooswells, anotherperfectsky, beichte, bill-in-mindcalitomnia, dankesch0n, diehundelos, dirty-tom

efgh: evybibi, georodeo, guastv, herlips-downstairs, herzbeben, hurricanesxsuns

ijkl: im-zimmer-483, kaulitzsoulmates, kaultitz,

mnop: misterkaulitz, m0nsun, notgeorg, perseys, prince-kaulitz,

qrst: sadisticmoon, scarswillstayforever, theyoungerkaulitz, thoseopeneyes, tomlovesbill, tomkaulitzohmy, t0tgeliebt, traume-r

uwxyz: zwei-herzschlage

0-9: 4ever-a-lover1

I love you all and I really miss you in those hard times, hopefully this list will bring at least a little smile on your beautiful faces <3 thank you for everything!