evino-chan asked:

I'm sorry, I know that you've got a lot of requests, but could you perhaps draw some jessie x jack? :)

I’d like to see Jessie try and introduce Jack to her family. Now THAT would be interesting.


If it’s hard to read..
Jack: “-Well, my mum thought it looked like a dress, but I told her it’s a duster-coat”
Jessie: “Geez… How am I gunna’ explain this one to pa’.”

I actually really like this ship. Jack needs a girl that can keep him in check, and I believe if the two matured a bit the ship could be very realistic. That said, I can also see Jessie getting very mad at Jack for doing something stupid and very harshly breaking up with him.
I love the art you’ve been doing of it btw evino-chan! I got a little carried away with this myself.


Nothing fancy, just a sketchy doodle.



Video produzido para EVINO. 

Captura de imagem, edição, produção e som: Luccas Villela

Pós-produção: Danilo Marcondes e Luccas Villela

Roteiro: Lana Ruff