A sorta Photo Cronicle of why I think spanks are fucking evil… The top me in the said evil spanks, and a horrible evil bra that said it was comfy but the fucker gets smaller with EVERY WASH… ( ok.. ) With the jeans on I look bloated and I swear I LOOK HEAVIER!! Then in my standard underoo’s ( hey I dun care, you cant see the important bits! lol ) and then with the jeans.. I SWEAR they fit better, they zipped faster.. then with the shirt I will most likely wear ALL THE TIME WITH THESE PANTS. lol cause I just love it.. yeah.. the jeans make my ass look kinda hot!! need to get used to having the tighter fit on my thighs, but they stretch beautifully so its not uncomfy and I can move really well. Now I just need some Mint, White, or nude heels and I will be ROCKING THE FUCK OUT OF THESE JEANS! lol 


The woman or man or WHO THE FUCK EVER invented these abominations .. needs to be smacked.. HARD. They play off the insecurities of all women everywhere and are just inherently designed to make you feel FATTER, and not in a good way… they just suck…. they smoosh and compact all my respective chubs into an unhappy stick like blob of solid junk.. they actually made my skinny jeans, look WORSE ON ME.. because they are like to fucking small in the thighs or I was wearing them backwards or some dumb shit, and my jeans wouldn’t go up all the way, I DON’T DO SAGGY CROTCH ANYTHING… I like my lady bits being cradled by fabric, which is why I wear comfy comfy cottony boy short undies… and I almost never wear skirts or dresses.. ( I also need to lean to love my odd lumpy legs. ) Gah, Why do they… jesus…. I just can’t!