you all asked for it

it’s sad

really sad

i cried writing it

Laura had always known this day would come. From the very instant Carmilla turned her, she knew that it was inevitable.

Still, it hurt just as much.

Losing Kirsch was horrible. Losing Danny was worse. But, she was about to lose…

“Don’t cry,” LaFontaine croaked.

Machines were hooked up to them. A heart monitor was filling the silence with its steady beeps.

LaF was old, now. Wrinkles lined their features, and their red hair was almost entirely grey. IV’s and wires crisscrossed and Laura couldn’t tell what was what but that didn’t matter because, there they were. Probably one of the strongest people Laura had ever known in her (now eternal) life was lying in a hospital bed, dying, and there Laura was - still looking 20 years old, just as she did the day she was turned.

Perry hadn’t stopped crying since the other redhead was taken here. She was being comforted by her and LaF’s children and grandchildren, but that wasn’t helping. She needed to be with LaFontaine, but the scientist had requested a moment alone with Laura.

LaF had lived a long life full of many awards for their scientific discoveries. They had married Perry when they were both 27 years old, and had their first child when they were both 30. LaF wouldn’t take any of it back for the world.

“I-I’m sorry,” Laura sniffled. “I tried to… Carm said we couldn’t turn so many people in such a short amount of time. I wanted to-”

“Perry never would’ve let me become a vamp, anyways.” LaFontaine smiled, but it wasn’t their usual happy one. It was a sad one that honestly hurt Laura so much her entire body ached. “L, you’ve been-” they stopped to take a raspy breath “-my best friend for… for years. You helped me talk to Perry about who I am… you helped me ask her out and… I can’t thank you enough.”

Tears stung Laura’s eyes. “LaF-”

“Let me finish. Watching you fall for Carmilla…. it was like watching me fall for Perry over and over. If anyone deserves immortality, it’s you two…”

Finally, a sob escaped Laura. No, no, no. This couldn’t be happening. Not to LaFontaine.

“I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better friend,” Laura sniffled. “I wish I could have done something to prevent…”

The door to their private room opened and in stepped Perry and the rest of their family.

There was Alexander, LaF and Perry’s first born son, and his two kids: Nina and Samuel, and his wife: Leila. Then there was Riley, LaF and Perry’s daughter, and her partner Julia. Last, there was William, their youngest son, and his pregnant wife Helen and their daughter Cayce. Perry was distraught, her gray hair frizzled and her eyes dark with sadness.

Watching the two fall in love was probably the best part of Laura’s life. And now, it was time for the worst part.

“I love you,” Perry murmured, kissing her spouse’s lips softly.

“I love you, too. Control freak.” LaFontaine grinned.


She could hear LaF’s heart slowing before the monitor picked it up. Carmilla’s fingers laced with her own (when did she get here?) and Laura leaned into her.

“It’s not your fault, you know.” Carmilla murmured.

LaF’s eyes were becoming hazy.

“I know.” Laura’s words were swallowed by a sob. “I’m gonna miss them. So much.”

“I know, darling.” Carmilla kissed Laura’s cheek softly.

Laura’s now-dead-heart ached. It hurt so much she was willing to do anything to make it go away. Watching the tears fall down Perry’s face, and watching LaFontaine’s shaky hand reach up to wipe them away… it was too much.

“T-That could’ve been us.” Laura whispered.

“I know. But it’s not.”

“We could have stopped this.”

“But we didn’t. We couldn’t. We gave them an option, and they both chose humanity.”

LaFontaine looked at Carmilla, their eyes even more cloudy than before. “Take care of her, yeah?” Their voice was barely above a hushed whisper.

“I will.” Carmilla promised, a tear of her own slipping down her cheek.

LaF looked back at Perry as their eyes slowly began to close. They figured they may as well look at their angel before meeting another.

The heart monitor flatlined.

Laura could almost hear Perry’s heart shatter.

follow up? follow up.


Wook: I should keep this (the tape) on. my face gets swollen easily nowadays.

Hyuk: just change your face