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What makes you think Nagisa's love for Rei is different from his love for Makoto and Haru?

Nice question! Nagisa is generally a very loving person and cares deeply about those around him, but I do think his love for Rei is a bit different (personally) because of the depth of his relationship with Rei. While he grew up with Haru and Makoto, his love for Rei was a sudden, strong attraction that developed into a deep relationship where his focus is nearly always concentrated on Rei, he constantly desires Rei’s attention and doting, and he is particuarly protective of Rei. 

Sudden Attraction

While Nagisa has always admired Haru and Makoto, his interest in Rei was sudden and so strong that he was relentless in his approach to Rei. He is overwhelmed with joy when Rei reciprocates his interest, too:

So it was very fast and strong, which suggests to me (albeit in a shipper lens) that there is a certain level of attraction involved on Nagisa’s part in these initial interactions, before he really knows Rei as a person. 

Focused on Rei

As their friendship develops, Nagisa’s time, energy, attention span, gaze, thoughts, and jokes are all nearly directed at Rei. While it could be interpreted as a strong friendship, the kind of devoted attention he gives to Rei, as though he is unable to concentrate on anything else nor wants to, can be interpreted as romantic intrigue. 

For better or for worse on Rei’s part, his attentions - kind, teasing, or otherwise - are directed almost entirely at Rei. This is why he is able to read Rei so easily at all times…

…is miserable when he doesn’t get attention back…

…and is almost always bickering with Rei in the background or spending any free moment around Rei. 

And Nagisa loves attention from Rei, too, because he loves to get a rise out of him, one way or another, just to have that attention directed at him. 

And he takes care of Rei more than anyone else…and relies on Rei more than anyone else

And, of course, this. Because Nagisa is so attentive to Rei, he is also more protective of and worried about Rei than anyone else. He always looks out for and checks in with his friends, wanting them all to get along, but Rei is arguably the only friend he is, on a second-to-second basis, making sure is 100% ok. 

Not just jumping in front of him or taking the brunt of awkward situations…

…but also always checking in to make sure he is ok…

…and caring about his progress and feelings more than anyone else

And, of course, he depends on Rei, too, more than the others. He has a special need for Rei’s help, assurance, and protection as well. He relies on him in a different way than he does the other boys. 

To keep him balanced

Out of trouble…

And for someone to study with, eat ice cream with, shoulder to sleep on, first person to call…etc. Their relationship is, undoubtedly, special and different, even if it’s not proven to be romantic. 

And this is just a few things from the anime, let alone the incessant flirting in the drama CDs. Nagisa dressing as a girl to flirt with Rei…Nagisa going on a date with Rei to karaoke…falling asleep on Rei and dreaming about him…and always supporting and choosing Rei’s happiness, as seen in the mook…etc. 

Beware of Ren (meirenka, moerenren, catbuttoverload, ShikiRen96, reiaruu)

Currently moerenren @ DA and Meirenka @ FB

She has:

1. Hosted multiple “Draw my OCs/OTPs” contests and swindled a LOT of free arts, but never announced winners or gave out prizes. She deleted her old account to remove evidences but entries to these contest are still floating around in DA.

Entry samples: 1 2 3

2. Opened commissions in which she demands commissioners pay first before she works on the art. She deleted her old account to escape with the already payments without finishing the works. She also keeps posting adopts and personal project comics while neglecting her commissioners’ notes. She does the same with Art trades that are left hanging for years

3. Sold an adopt to Captain-Kiryu @ DA who then posted a doodle of the adopt with a modified color palette. Meirenka got angry at CK and demanded she return the adopt and be refunded with CK agreed to. Meirenka then reuploaded the adopt to be resold WITHOUT refunding CK first. When confronted about this, she only replied that CK will only get the refund if and when the adopt gets bought again. Now, she wiped out her dA gallery along with that adopt and so it can’t even be bought, CK still hasn’t gotten her money back.

4. attempted to sell an OC owned by another artist who only agreed to let her draw her OC as a model for her new “original species”.

This FB post lists other acts committed by Meirenka

Be careful in commissioning, buying adopts from, and accepting art trades with Meirenka.

Given the low standard of evidence accepted by most atheists, it’s strange the religious people don’t try providing some.

And yet, all we get is pseudo-cosmological arguments which demonstrate a lack of understanding of cosmology, or pained philosophical gibberish that was comprehensively demolished three centuries ago. 

Imagine being married to Loki, and one day he is accused of a crime he did not commit (for once). You and Frigga know that he is innocent but he is so beat down that he finds it easier to submit until evidence comes to light. During his sentencing he walks past you, his chains clinking as he is paraded through the hall. You turn away feeling really ill. Frigga notices, as does Loki. You run from the room and Loki feels his heart drop as he thinks that you can’t handle the grief.

Later on Frigga finds you, you have passed out and she has taken you to the infirmary. There you discover you are pregnant but you cannot face Loki while he is in prison. This was not what you had in mind. 

Weeks go by and eventually you find the strength to see Loki. You stand before him begging him to fight for his innocence, telling him over and over that you need him. He does not understand and is hurt that you had not visited him for weeks. Eventually you blurt it out; you are pregnant. He knows that he must get out of prison now. But you can’t take all the grief and you leave abruptly, unable to speak without breaking down. 

Not long after Loki finds a way to prove his innocence, he is freed. He arrives at your chambers with lavender as a gift. Loki tells you that there will be nothing that can take him away from you or your unborn child.

Science seeks the truth. And it does not discriminate. For better or worse it finds things out. Science is humble. It knows what it knows and it knows what it doesn’t know. It bases its conclusions and beliefs on hard evidence -­- evidence that is constantly updated and upgraded. It doesn’t get offended when new facts come along. It embraces the body of knowledge. It doesn’t hold on to medieval practices because they are tradition.
—  Ricky Gervais