Despite the crazy traffic jam in Times Square, busy daddy and I still managed to catch our train home! Werk. The boy decided to have a sleepover at lazy uncle and chillaxed Dan’s fancy New York City digs. 

Chillaxed Dan texted me and asked what the boy’s bedtime was, and I was all, What’s a bedtime?

I pretty much told chillaxed Dan that since the boy is in the final days of his summer vacation and/or because it’s the weekend and/or because I pretty much practice a Total Chaos Parenting Approach to No Specific Bedtime, the boy could go to bed whenever he felt tired. Which turned out to be at 11 PM, as evidenced by the pic chillaxed Dan texted to me at 11:05 PM.

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Drabble fest still going on…? Anyways, if it is, Sabriel, college au, and fluff

Sam groans pitifully when he sees the clock. There’s no way he’s been awake for twenty-seven hours. He isn’t even tired, not really. Exhausted, yes, but that won’t actually put him to sleep, as evidenced by the fact that he’s been trying for the past three hours with no progress. Luckily, he doesn’t have any classes Tuesday, or he’d be dead. Not that this Monday is a great way to start his week, but there is mercy in sight.

The door of the dorm opens, Gabriel walking inside with his bag slung over his shoulder. One look at Sam has him rolling his eyes.

"So, how long have you been awake, or do I even want to ask?" Gabriel knows him too damn well.

Sam tries to wave him off, but it’s too much effort to actually move his arm that much. It twitches, so he gives himself an A minus for effort.

"That long, eh?" Gabriel sets his bag down and crawls onto the mattress with Sam, who barely fits on the single by himself. "Oh, that’s it, we are so getting a new place next semester. And a bigger bed."

Sam solves the problem of space by hauling Gabriel on top of him. Warmth spreads into his chest, his eyelids drooping for the first time in hours. “Mm, I don’t know. I kinda like this.”

Gabriel laughs softly and rests his head on Sam’s shoulder. “Maybe, but if we get our own place, we can hang up a sex swing.”

The pleasant, thick weight of sleep is dragging him down, but even if it wasn’t, he doesn’t think he’d know how to respond anyway. A soft kiss makes him hum, Gabriel’s lips on his collarbone the last thing he feels before the lights finally go out.

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Do pigeons have feelings?

Thanks for the question! :D
Quite possibly. Though they have a very crappy way of showing it. Not only do they act badass with their ability to give you a mini heart-attack. They love to wait till the last possible second to leap/fly out of the way to dodge your car. They love to crap on things you love. Oh and lets not forget that they are pretty much the biggest Assbutts of them all (other than Metatron)… As evidenced by Dean’s conversation with one threatening to crap on his Baby…


So back to the original question… Do pigeons have feelings? Hmm.. Well let’s consult The Doctor about this…


He seems to be busy at the moment…
So Let’s ask the next best person for this sort of question…


I hope this answer’s your question! :3

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Once you get this you must say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send this to 10 of your favourite followers! (Non Negotiable)

  1. I am committed, persistent, and I don’t back down. (My husband used to call that being stubborn. I convinced him to see things my way.)
  2. I write good.
  3. I fight good.
  4. I am loyal, non-judgmental, and a good listener.  (These are all things my brother told me on the phone a few days ago.  Its possibly the nicest thing he’s ever said about me.)
  5. I know how to keep my husband happy, as evidenced by the fact that he’s currently sleeping off tonight’s exertions with a dopey smile on his face.
Lente Fact #1

Lente has a mixed heritage, with her mother being a Keeper and her father a Seeker. This is mainly evidenced in how pale but bright her eyes are, the subtle warm tones in her skin compared to the rest of her family, and faint rosettes on her eyes and tail. She was never shunned due to the fact that her mother doesn’t have a high standing in the clan, and the Shekkah are more renowned for their skills rather than blood.

Her father had once promised to take her mother away to live grandly as their own clan, a dream she swallowed up that ultimately proved to be dust. He vanished and took his aspirations with him, leaving Lente’s mother alone and overwhelmed as she had wanted to see the world, but was too shy to go out on her own. Despite this, a friend of the family recognize’s Lente’s radiance as coming from her mother:

"All Keepers carry the moon with them, but few have the stars in their eyes." - Degare Pellicier

This is a high school friend of mine.  I like to tell stories about him to new friends I make because his life is so much more interesting than mine.

maybe thor felt he wasn’t ready to be king at the end of thor 2 because he knew he wouldn’t have loki by his side for counsel and companionship, which was something he always intended right from the beginning. he doesn’t have that reassurance anymore, and he doubts himself. he’s probably well aware that he’d never perform as well as he would have, and that without loki’s guidance he simply isn’t fit for the throne just yet. how can he be expected to take that position and remain there without his brother? the brother that he always intended to rule beside and the brother that completes him in every way possible? how could he ever think himself fit to rule if so much of his heart and soul is missing?


"We’re getting on, Mr. Carson you and I.  We can afford to live a little."

l lawliet - silence

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Hi Hank! I was wondering what exactly your involvement is in the Pemberley Digital series' now, because when the Lizzie Bennet Diaries were first introduced, you mentioned that it was something that you had been thinking about creating for a while. When LBD or EA is up for an award or even mentioned though, only Bernie Su's name is credited. How did this come to be, and are you still involved in the creation, and production process?

I’m like a proud grandmother. At this point, I have so much going on with VidCon and CrashCourse and SciShow and Subbable and OTHER THINGS THAT ARE COMING SOON that I can’t be closely involved with Pemberley projects. And I don’t /need/ to be because Bernie and his team KICKS ASS! 

As is evidenced by how awesome Frankenstein MD is! IT’S SO GOOD! 

Having an idea is not valuable…making it real is. And at this point, I’m not even having the ideas :-)

obi wan kenobi character mix listen

01 a well respected man the kinks 02 fear one republic 03 viva la vida coldplay 04 map of the problematique muse 05 little lion man mumford and sons 06 the man of metropolis steals our hearts sufjan stevens 07 disorder joy division 08 use somebody (cover) bat for lashes 09 break myself something corporate 10 days go on greg laswell 11 vagabond wolfmother 12 wake the antlers 13 square one tom petty 14 adventures in solitude the new pornographers 15 the finish line snow patrol

ooc; A small assembly of RP Tips, part one.

Because I’ve seen a number of things frequently on my dash that are hindering fellow RPers, I decided to make a semi-short post about it—a few tips that I’ve picked up during my time as a roleplayer, and as a writer in general. Most of these are no-brainers, but just in case…

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I shipped all the ships that were exactly not the ships of every other story I read when I was in the Naruto fandom, as well as some weird specialty/crack ships that nobody else seemed to ship hardly at all, and none of my favorite characters ever got much screen time.

It was a dark and frustrating time. U_U

Big Nostalgic Anime Dump: 

Naruto 1: here

Naruto 2: [X]

One Piece: [X]