anonymous asked:

☂ Alex (lol who could this be)

☂- Who would you most like to get stuck in the rain with?

 “Uh, this one time Red and I went out to this art show out in the middle of nowhere. There was all kinds a’crazy shit. Things you’d only find there, ya know? Anyway, we ended up buying all this crap for Violet- and I’m not exaggerating, I’m talkin’ fuckin’ giant bags of shit for her. Masks, taxidermy, paintings, just all kinds of shit. So, we’re walking through this big ass field and it starts to rain. Not like a nice sun shower or anything, but like some apocalypse shit. So Lectra and I are hauling ass through this field and we’re sinkin’ in the fuckin’ mud, and Violet’s shit is goin’ everywhere and we both just look at each other and go, ‘fuck it’. I take off my jacket, I throw it over Vi’s stuff and Lectra and I just plop down into this mud hole and wait for the rain to stop.

As crazy as the day was, it was, uh.. One of the best time’s I’ve had, ever. So, yeah, hope that answers your question.”