Happy Birthday Kim Junmyeon!

Happy 24th Birthday to our PRECIOUS LEADER!!! I hope this day is nothing but wonderful to you because you truly deserve it after all the things you do for your gay-as-fuck-children-of-a group and us fans. I love your motherly ways,your dorky side that makes everyone uncomfortable, and oh god your heavenly soothing voice that makes me wanna lay on a hammock on the beach and close my eyes to see the kingdom of God. There were rough times since the beginning of the tree of life and there will probably be more to come and I just want to thank you for trying your best to stay strong and performing to the best of exo’s potential. You have so much talent in you and I could only hope your dead ass of a company can let you showcase it. So yeah have fun celebrating the day the world became blessed with your existence. I love love love you.

p.s i hope your ex husband yifan sent you nudes today

I told my mom that I wished I worked for Marvel and she said I’d be their worst nightmare and I was like “right”


help me

So brokenhearted for that short background story on Althea. She has a husband, so that article is true. Wow, I’m trusting that the writers know what they’re doing here.

Anyhow, this is just an additional thorn to Jade and Althea’s relationship too. If Althea is wed to Tommy then Jade would be her mistress (wow naman).


are you jasper jordan af?