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  • performance art in which i escape everything good in the world
  • *points to a huge boulder* this is my beautiful wife…together we fight and win against the pit
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  • science is unnecessary. you cant use science to pray to ham
  • i think hipsters are those people who go to whole foods and check out my aesthetic

The fact that I have seen this documentary multiple times while being at Columbia, I think that speaks volumes to how incredible Marina Abramovic is. To me, she truly embodies the artist; someone who lives, breathes, and feels everything about her art. Performance art was very under-appreciated when Marina began performing. She mentions at the beginning of the film that after 40 years of people thinking she was insane, she is finally getting recognition. She sees the different phases in her life and art as different versions of herself, different Marina’s, commenting that the current Marina is her favorite one. The point of filming her process for The Artist is Present was to show how much work truly goes into making art, which I think is important. Because of her commitment to performance art, she has really done incredible things for the art form, being called the ‘grandmother’ of it. She wants performance art to be normal, not alternative as it was when she first started. She really understands how to engage and directly and boldly challenge an audience which is what art should really do; connect the artist and the audience. She uses her art to reveal human nature. Those around her at MoMA comment on the fact that she is never not performing. She had dedicated her life to her art which is truly admirable. My personal favorite part of the documentary is her relationship with Ulay. I find their relationship to be incredibly beautiful because it was not only devoted to their love but also their art; some of their best pieces came from being together. The fact that they lived in a car for 5 years together just so they could perform is incredible dedication. Ulay talks briefly about how inactivity, silence and fasting are always discredited. No one seems to know how much strength it takes to do absolutely nothing. One of my favorite pieces by Marina is The Lovers, where she and Ulay walk the Great Wall of China for 3 months to meet each other, only to walk away from each other for good. It was such an incredible, epic way to end such an incredible, epic relationship. Her pieces are theatrical, emotional, and dramatic which is why they are so interesting. With The Artist is Present, I love the fact that she is giving people the opportunity to have an experience with her they’ve never had before. She stares deeply into a strangers eyes and treats each person with the same attention and respect. She creates beautiful moments for these people, bringing some to tears. I truly admire Marina Abramovic and her work and this documentary will always be one of my favorites. 

Japan Day.

Japan Day is a large scale event comprising of a street parade, and a marketplace that inhabits the two large warehouse spaces and their surroundings at the Auckland city docks. The marketplace contains food stalls and commercial stalls, as well as a host of cultural activations and performances. Everything from live music and dance, to martial art displays and traditional ikebana flower arrangements.

The commercial sponsorship and stall sales are obviously an important part of funding this event, but unfortunately they dominated the space. I can see why Honda may be displaying their cars there, but the large number of realtors and western food stalls significantly encroached on the authenticity of the event. One doesn’t head to Japan Day to stock up on Fritz’s Wieners, and, on the whole, the claustrophobia of the large crowd seemed like the most Japanese part of the experience.

The highlights for me were definitely the cosplay and ikebana. The cosplay was not as present as I had hoped, but what I did see was very cool. The detailing of the costumes and their styling with wigs, contact lenses, props and accessories was great. I was very impressed to run into Heidi Klum in her ‘Visible Woman’ from the 2011 Tao Nightclub Halloween party, or wait…. was that a wall titan from the anime Attack on Titan?

I enjoyed being reminded of Heidi’s costume because the design innovation behind her special effects makeup was beautiful. The costume at Japan Day was a printed lycra morphsuit with a rubber mask, and was still effective, particularly in photos. It felt like an early iteration of Klum’s outfit, and I liked being reminded of what can be done with printing fabrics to change the shape and image of someone’s body.

The ikebana displays were very beautiful; unfortunately the camera on my phone did not do them justice at all. My two favourites were the purple and green ones pictured below, and what I loved most was the detail behind their construction.

The were both beautifully composed and looked like they could be gorgeous, avant garde dresses. I feel very inspired to develop a dress that takes this concept and fuses it with the Hylozoic Series installations by Philip Beesley, to create a dress that looks like an alien forest and moves as an extension of the person wearing it.

It would be amazing to build something that works in total synergy with its wearer. Beesley’s artwork reminds me a lot of the forest in Avatar, and it’s a shame the photos of it just can’t come close to adequately communicating the lived experience of walking through it as it responds to you, which I was lucky enough to have had a few years ago at the Wellington Art Gallery. Fusing this with clothing could take it a step further and evoke the feeling of the Navi in Avatar ‘plugging’ themselves into their planet’s ecosystem.

I certainly walked away from Japan Day feeling inspired, but I really did have to search for it. These events are amazing to have, and it’s a shame to see one get so diluted.

Knit your own killer Sandworm

Now I thought that Frank Herbert’s Dune was a interminably boring book, packed with weirdo semantic detail for the hell of it and devoid of character, let alone plot. I feel the same way about the Foundation Trilogy, and JDGMS on the Bloody Lord of the Rings... The dismal David Lynch movie version captured all the book’s natural magic, by the way…

But this looks like fun and games, part of the Chelsea Fringe, an alternative gardening festival based across the UK and beyond, celebrating everything from guerilla gardeners to performance art and much more. Includes a sesh with Lauren O'Farrell - aka Deadly Knitshade - teaching you how to build your very own sock puppet Sandworm. Tickets here. Bring your own Spice.


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Allow me to reintroduce myself: Greetings and humble salutations, to the people who bleed orange and green, I am Michelle MARVA Johnson, a first year Business Administration and Theatre and Performing Arts student, from where everything is BIGGER AND BETTER, Dallas, TX. I will be serving as your 2015-2016 Miss Diamond 💎♦️💎 #tbt #fyi #MissKappaAlphaPsiPageant #NubianQueen

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Allow me to reintroduce myself: Greetings and humble salutations, to the people who bleed orange and green, I am Michelle MARVA Johnson, a first year Business Administration and Theatre and Performing Arts student, from where everything is BIGGER AND BETTER, Dallas, TX. I will be serving as your 2015-2016 Miss Diamond 💎♦️💎 #tbt #fyi #MissKappaAlphaPsiPageant #NubianQueen

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Here YA go anon!
0. 5'4"
1. Yes
2. 7/8
3. No
4. Water!
5. No
6. 16
7. No
8. Yes!
9. Yup
10. Yes!
11. @sharklordthegreat and @superhero-magoo
12. Taken
13. Being nice and smelling good
14. Being an asshole
15. Bruh I have so many I can’t choose
16. You are nice to me and buy me food
17. @sharklordthegreat and @superhero-magoo
18. Canada story (if YALL ask I’ll tell)
19. Im hilarious…to me 😐…I make really bad jokes and puns and I’m super sarcastic
20. Um basically everything?
21. Eyes
22. Anything in performing and visual arts
23. I don’t have any
24. Pretty good
25. Lots of food, kissing, cuddling and movie marathons with my, your or our puppies running around
26. When people are assholes
27. My height, weird
28. Redhead, braids, my grade, Fruita, Morman, just got to be disrespectful and not okay with lgbtqa+ and just yeah
29. It wasn’t the right time to tell them something
30. Everything basically
31. That I texted or someone texted me?
32. Faggot, n-word, whore
33. Capable and confident
34. Basically everything, I mean, girls are fucking ATTRACTIVE AS HELL
35. Hair, height, I’m attracted to guys too but they don’t have as muc going on all at once for them haha
36. California I think
37. One? I have so many though
38. Ballerina (which I still am kinda doing?)
39. Bruh it’s icecream…ALL THE FLAVORS!
40. Someone who got to work on movie sets of Broadway doing anything
41. Home and with dogs and friends and cookie dough
42. Pizza
43. Chris Evans
44. My puppy is the devil
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