Reny and his once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

As our first choice for the role of Barbie in the new movie, “Barbie woodcutter” said she wasn’t going to touch dead trees.. Congratulations, Jiguji Reni! You’ve been choosen from a very large group of people (actually 2, the other one was Kurusu Syo, but since he refused not to use his hair clips.. well, long story) and we’re glad to tell you that you’ll be taking the role of Reny, in the new movie of..

“Reny and the hair that’s in my fucking face”

We know is a big and good opportunity so you do not have a choice. You’ll be part of our cast.

But feel happy, buddy! you’ll finally be beautiful (your looks were kind of lame admit it), plastic (you’ll have to pretend you’re the doll, y’know) and fantastic!

Congratulations! You’re officially now a Barbie Reny Girl! guy!! (we were going to make a new thing without barbie’s name but we’re short of money so take this and don’t complain)

We had to add Barbie because we had no money to pay if she decideds to sue us, BUT you look better than her don’t you think? Also, she insisted to have that place in the image but don’t worry you’re our star.


Someone really needs to sit the transformers fandom down and explain what the word “accept” means because I have honest to god lost track of how many times I’ve found a new blog and the following scenario has ensued.

Blog Owner: People should be able to write/draw/RP/ship whatever they want without shaming or fear of harassment. This is all fictional material for the persons own enjoyment and even if you have issues with something you should approach it maturely and privately.

Me: Ayyyyyyyy

Blog Owner: Oh and BTW have I mentioned how much I hate *insert fandom element*? Ugh it’s so horrible everyone needs to stop doing it because it’s the worst and I hate it unfollow me right now if you support it.

Me: Nayyyyyy

anonymous asked:

why do mickey and ian break up in the show?

AH YES!! I think that whoever you are, you have chosen a great time to send this message in!! So many people ( Myself included ) when first watching it literally thought that ian broke up with mickey for out of character purposes. That it was for absolutely no reason. HOWEVER!! the main reason for the breakup in the season 5 finale is because Ian feels that Mickey  doesn’t accept him for who he is in terms being Bipolar. In episode 11 Monica ( Ian’s mother, who is also severely bipolar ) tells Ian that he needs to be with someone who “accepts him for who he is” When Ian returns in the end of the season finale, he asks Mickey if he’s still going to push Ian to take the medication even though he hates them in which Mickey responds  “You get fucking nuts when you don’t”  Ian proceeds by asking  “You gonna wanna be with me even if I don’t?”  Mickey doesn’t reply. The conversation goes on with Mickey trying to convince Ian that he loves him & wants nothing more than to be with him but is unsuccessful due to the fact that Ian is now convinced that Mickey is in love with who he once was, NOT who he is now. Ian tells him that he can’t be fixed, because he was never broken & decides it better for both of them to end the relationship.