emblem (n.)

a visual object that represents a group, a quality; the concrete symbol of an abstract idea.

weapon (n.)

an instrument or device for use in attack; anything used against an opponent.


Dear Hakyeon, please don’t feel like you’re at fault because you’re not at all. Please don’t apologise for getting hurt - you’re only human. You’re the best leader the group could ever have and Starlights will always be by your side. Cheer up and get well soon! 
#우리학연이사랑해요 ♡♡♡

no but. GET THIS; that preview was so emotionally fulfilling and rewarding. get this: rin told haru meeting him was what made his world grow and expand, and now, he wants to do just the same for haru. he is literally taking haru’s hand and ready to show haru the world expanding before his own eyes. it all comes back full circle with them and now rin wants to be able to do the same thing haru did for him when they met  I FEEL DEAD AND ALIVE AT THE SAME TIME

i want fic where someone is being an asshole to spock and calling him names, and bones gets REALLY angry and protective because he’s the only one who gets to call spock a green-blooded hobgoblin, dammit, and after the culprit runs away crying from bones’ vicious dressing down, spock is all “that was not necessary, doctor” but inside he’s uwu and bones is all “shut up, it’s not like i CARE” and stomps off to lock himself in his office

Actually, you know what? Fuck it. Here’s what Clint’s been doing during IM3, TtDW, and CATWS:

He was sent to have a nice vacation in Hawai’i, where he was supposed to recover from being possessed and turned into Loki’s sockpuppet. While he’s there, he had a side mission of trying to recruit Nani Pelekai and David Kawena, because they apparently have a lot of experience with aliens and that would be hella useful. Of course, then he finds out that Cobra fucking Bubbles - the man, the myth, the legend - is working as a social worker there, and the retired SHIELD legend doesn’t take kindly to Clint doing anything that might mess with the Pelekai family.

So Clint’s been spending his time babysitting Lilo, learning how to surf, and trying not to have a panic attack every time Stitch talks.



1. Overall Favorite Character: Naruto Uzumaki

Let’s see what we can find about the crimes that Sherlock solved/investigated after his return. From the crime wall:

1. Lion’s Mane (Yup): 


Sherlock investigated (or at least started looking into) the case of Lion’s Mane after he returned. Of course, I might have combined two or more cases in this image. But I am going on an assumption that since the papers are tacked nearly on top of each other and separate from others, they all relate to Lion’s Mane. The way I see it is, the photograph next to the news is that of a man, who (most likely same man) is standing by his car at sea-side in the bottom photograph.

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