everyoneloveslulu replied to your post: I hate André Schürrle.

<3 I didn’t hate him at first but now I see some of his fans being bitches to Poldi. So I hate him(and his fans). btw, he is ugly. ﹃﹃

i dont’ care if he’s ugly or not but…i don’t know. People saying that he’s better than Lukas. I can’t understand it. You can support whoever you want but do you have to insult the other one? When André arrived to the NT i was like “Ok, he plays in the same place than Lukas but it doesn’t matter. Two players are better than one!” but his fans? saying those things about Lukas? I don’t know. And then it was the match of Köln against Leverkusen… André was so stupid, i don’t know. Maybe it’s my opinion but… I don’t know. When Die Mannschaft plays, i support all the team, but if i have to choose who i want to score or to play… Lukas Podolski > André Schürrle.