“Are these going to be okay?” Matt asks after a minute.

“What?” Oh. “Oh, they’re…yeah I’ll just repot them, they’ll be fine.”

“I’d hate to be responsible for floricide.”


She giggles. Loudly.

Now he’s leaning over the counter, resting on his elbows. He must be flirting with her. Must be. He’s looking right at her. She can fucking feel him watching her.

- i wish the summer over us in bursts

The man blinked; his gaze darted down to John’s lips, and John’s eyes followed suit. Sholto’s mouth was open, his breath coming in shallow pants. He pressed his lips together, and his tongue darted out to lick his bottom lip. A smile played at the corners of his mouth as Sholto slowly closed the distance between them. John’s heart beat wildly. His mouth was dry, his breathing shallow, and something twisted in his gut. John felt his back press against a wall, and Sholto’s arms were flush with his body. His face mere centimeters away. John couldn’t take his eyes of that mouth. So close. So tantalizingly close.


anonymous asked:

even before you posted this discussion about whether to turn NGCS into a hardcopy I had been toying with the idea of having it printed and bound along with a lot of the beautiful fanart for the story just so i could take it with me and read at any time (would have asked permission from everyone ofc). I like the concept of fanart and understand your want of connection with the fan base but my eyes and head cannot handle reading from a screen for too long :( so I have only read it slowly

ugh I’m sorry to hear you have a problem with reading off a screen, that sucks D:

but yeah my point still stands. my mind immediately jumped to how asking all the wonderful artists who have made art for my fic over the time for permission would go - I don’t think many of them would be too thrilled about offering up their art for free, and even if we did somehow work up a system of payment for it, that only takes us right back to where we started, which is my discomfort about asking any money for it. not to mention the one and only rule I’d probably ever put in place were this to ever become a reality - I would be the only one creating/printing/distributing the copies.

even thinking about it in these very bussiness-like terms makes me nauseous, so for now let’s just all agree that NGCS is staying put just the way it is for a while longer, alright?