everyone laughed and no one got hurt

I hurt my hip last week when I got crushed by a pony (long story, it was Maisie as usual) so walking has been difficult and today I was riding and I was just trotting up to a jump and suddenly my whole right leg gave out and I almost fell off and no one could work out why I just randomly lost my balance so everyone was laughing at me


I just said my foot had come out of the stirrup otherwise I’d have to explain the ‘crushed by pony’ story and Dawn would laugh at me even more

Good morning everyone ! I have returned from my camp trip/concert !


^ Would totes go see them again. Next time, on the floor instead of in the seating area…. Anyways, I also had plenty of fun at camp while I was gone, and it made me realize I may or may not have a snacking addiction. Oh well. Also, I got to watch my friend’s canoe tip over when we went canoeing. No one was hurt, but we were all laughing about it.

In other words, like this post for a starter to kick this place back up and running !

She faded

She was so sick. It was hard for her to keep food down, when she finally got a spoon to her lips. The color was gone from her cheeks and I’d close my eyes to remember just what she looked like before. I couldn’t even make her feel better. You could tell it hurt her to laugh, but she did. You could see that her smile was forced but she did it to appease everyone around.

I’d come over to gently brush her hair since getting out of bed was a conquest for the day. I understood that the sun felt like small stabs in her skin, and I was the only one who didn’t push her into placing her bare feet on the cold hard floor. “Keep the blinds shut” she would say. “I don’t want anyone to see me this way.” I noticed everyday when I came by to braid her hair, it got thinner. It broke my heart remembering how jealous I was of her thick braid when we were kids. Now in front of me was an empty skeleton of the woman I knew. She was so fragile. But nobody took her seriously.

“Did you take your medicine?” I’d ask.

“It makes me sick. And I’m tired of only feeling nauseous instead of emotions.” She’d say.

They laughed at her. They continued to tell her she wasn’t sick. Yet the years of telling her how she felt did end up coming through in her appearance.

“Wow, she looks horrible! What does she have?” A question as a close friend I was asked often.

“Depression.” I’d say.

“HA! Wow she’s good. Depression doesn’t do that to you….” I heard more then once.

“But it does actually. It’s people like you that take it so lightly that makes it seem so taboo. But she’s sick and dying. And it pains me that I can’t help her. She’s loosing her fight.” I’d cry.

But nobody listened. An illness like this… Takes more lives then you think. I wonder when society will start to see how devastating suicide is.

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Violin & conductor

Violin: Tell us a band/orchestra related story.

When I was a freshman in marching band, I played euphonium. We did this one move where one line moved backwards while the one behind it moved forwards, and the intended effect was to weave between the lines. Well, one night we rehearsed this. Our marching band was pretty bad and a lot of people ended up not being where they were supposed to be. I was moving forwards and the line in front of me was moving back. This one trumpet player backed into me full force, and forced my euphonium into my mouth. He hit so hard that the mouthpiece became stuck. I stopped playing when this happened and felt my face, and I was bleeding profusely. It didn’t hurt! But everyone freaked out. There was a lot of blood and I got it everywhere, it was horrible. I laughed it off. It was an interesting experience!

Conductor: What is something you do with your instrument when no one is watching/listening?

Lol sometimes I’ll experiment with multiphonics but I do that around people too. When no one is around I’ll sometimes stare at my oboe’s bell because the wood is really pretty when light shines on it.

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blue, injury and love :3c

I will leave blue out because I answered in the post before :D

Injury: Have you ever walked into a glass door?

eehhmm ^.^’’ I think you know the answer haha yes… more then one time… but the most embarrassing time was at a birthday party, and my friend had this super fancy house with a glass wall and door in the house and all people were already sitting at the table, I first went to the bathroom and when i got back I was Like yooo You all wating for m- and bam I ran face first against the glass wall… and well of course everyone saw it and died laughing… and it hurt… but thank god the glass was not harmed :D

Love: Do you believe in marriage?

Well I personally do believe in marriage and I want a marriage :D I think the day will be awesome, with a super fancy dress and super fancy food and super fancy presents, and a super cool party… and all the attenton for me :D and I think its like a new step in your relationship. i mean its not 100% necassary and if people decide to not marry thats equally good :P

thank you for sending the ask ranmao !!! :3 <3

Whole Saturday burnt. Definitely worth it.
Good job everyone for slaying those 1 hour standings!!
I’m very thankful for such friendly and accepting people. The best thing is everyone has common things to complain and laugh about. From the awesome sunburns on Min Jie Sir and Norman; to whining about how hot the sun is and how our feet hurt.

You didn’t have to hurt me so badly, you didn’t have to do all this just to leave my life. You didn’t have to bruise me and scar me. Now EVERYTIME I look at my scars they remind me of how much you hurt me and the pain you gave me. I don’t remember the love you gave me now that I see all these battle wounds from our union. You promised these five words to me and you didn’t live by them, “I’ll be there for you”. You said you’ll love me always, but you didn’t. You backed out and became a coward like everyone else. Now we’ve moved on and you’ll always be the one that got away.
One day I’ll meet you and we might laugh at this time, but for now it hurts me to the maximum limit my soul can endure.
—  @Morbidmacabremin
Now is all you got.. now is all that's promised

I fear a lot of things. I fear almost everything from insects to hospitals but one thing I fear the most is losing someone I know or like or love. Even the thought of it creeps me out. In 18 years I have lost a few people I shared so many special moments with those laughs, those tears , the fights I miss them all and no matter how long it’s been since they are gone to a place that everyone promises to be a better place it still hurts the same, the pain all the tragedy inflected never reduced I just Learnt to hide the pain. Somehow seeing people die is much worse than dying itself. There’s always this one feeling where you wish you spend more time with them or told them about how special they are to you but we don’t do that because showing emotions has become cliche and we all want to be cool.
We get so busy fighting for survival that we forget that we need to live life to enjoy it with family, friends and anybody special who has meant something to us from the person whom you just spoke with to the person you spend almost every day with. We get so busy achieving goals that we forget to live our dreams and we tend to hate so much that the idea of loving or being loved is lost in the path. Why do we take people around us for granted? Why do we hate almost everything and everyone? Why do we give our goals more priority than our dream? We only understand their worth when we lose them. Sometimes I ask myself if all this pain of losing people and things we love will reduce or disappear and the answer is always No. it doesn’t go away or even reduce for that matter, we might meet new people, but there will always be this empty place filled with those memories and the pain . So spend more time with those you love. Make time to live your dreams. Stop fighting for survival and start living. Don’t see the negativity in everything around you instead look for the inspiration and spread love. You never know what the future will bring so live your present rather than regretting your past or figuring out your future..