everyone is laughing and everything is warm

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It wasn't everyday he was invited to the family events and if he was, it was to normally to be asked to drag someone out of trouble. Jason smiled, as he glanced around the dinner table. Everyone was here, everyone was alive, everything was right.

Dick laughed as Damian tossed some glob of food at Tim, who couldn’t duck from the attack. Steph threw a handful of mashed potatoes at Damian and Bruce and Cass smiled simultaneously.

This was perfect. Beyond perfect. Jason stood in the doorway with a broad smile, his chest growing warmer. And warmer. And suddenly so warm he began to panic. He looked up the rest of the family for help, but there was nobody and suddenly the room was cold and dark.

A crash of thunder brought him from his sleep, and he sat up with a scream. He looked around frantically and found he was alone in his cold apartment.

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✿ - laugh for all

Most of the time Val’s is honest, followed by a smile and occasionally a shortness of breath. Val likes to laugh, and it’s easy to make him laugh but… sometimes a little too easy. Sometimes he laughs too hard and too much, though, whether he’ll say anything about it if you call him out is a different story entirely.

Cassian on the other hand, xir laugh is cruel. It’s a knowing chuckle, one that makes you feel like you don’t know everything that’s going on, or that you’re being played. Which, if you hear this laugh, you likely are. Xe can also fake smiles and laughter, grinning easily and state jokes that make you wonder if xe is truly as bad as everyone makes xir out to be.

Zuri’s laugh is warm and hearty. Never mocking, and it would be easy to mistake her laugh as that of your mother’s or at least, what a mother should sound like. There’s also a bit of a cockiness to it, depending on the situation.

Luci has a tendency to be more reserved, chuckling mostly to themselves, though it isn’t difficult to get them to be holding their stomach and struggling to breathe. Of course, their laughter is also a defense mechanism. A way to fake confidence in the face of danger.

And finally, Corvin’s laughter is almost never heard. Not always so much that he never laughs, but rather that he just never laughs out loud. It’s always more a quiet, or even just obligated polite one. However, it’s incredibly contagious, and if he ever is truly laughing at someone, it’s likely to lengthen the session a lot further beyond just the joke itself.

i want to text you and tell you that i love the way your eyes look when you smile, like the rainbow goddess decided to make a home in them for that moment i want to tell you that your voice could put me to sleep not in a monotonous way but like it feels like something warm flowing through my brain i want to say that im sorry for everything i ever did wrong i want back what we had i want to feel lovable again i want the only person who ever felt like home to be my home again because i feel like ive just been sleeping in the rain and im getting sick, i am, in my brain and in my body and oh everyone loves me except the one person i really wish did and everyone’s laughing because they didn’t love you, not like i did, so you’re easy for them to leave in the dust and maybe it’s the right thing to walk away because we were so wrong but i wish you knew that every step feels more like a stumble

Chapter 435-436

Rrrant time honeyyyys!! It’s been the longest since I’ve done a rant/reaction for Fairy Tail. Like it’s been about 10 chapters. So, lets get down to business. I’ll start with chapter 435. OMFG I absolutely LOVED this chapter like to death! I loved Gajeel’s and Lily’s entrance. I wish Levy would’ve had a bad ass entrance too, even though she’s doesn’t fight as much, but still I was happy when she was reunited with Lucy. I couldn’t stop laughing when both Erza and Natsu didn’t think it was the real Gajeel just because he was in the Magic Council. It actually warmed my heart that they knew him so well to know that he would’ve never joined the Magic Council. of course, they were wrong, but still. I was actually expecting everyone to get arrested, regardless if they helped or not. I mean Erza was already about to explain everything, and most likely even say how Gray helped them and how he was only undercover. Thankfully, Gajeel and Levy already knew so they didn’t believe him to be “evil” at all. I was happy when everyone began to catch up with each other. And, of course, my most favorite panel. 

This panel brought soo much happiness and joy and warmth to my heart. I know I wasn’t alone in this feeling. It just made me happy that they were all together again. The people we know and love. cx  And of course Frosch’s sudden appearance made me very happy. He didn’t even know why he was there. He was happy, all the same. It also warmed my heart to see how much Natsu was caring. He was worried and a little mad that Rogue had broken his promise to stay put. And then them many panels of Gray being such an adorable dork with Frosch cx. I was soo happy to see Natsu’s beautiful smile. He was genuinely happy to see them all together again. It was just a very happy chapter overall. *takes a breath* Ok, now onto chapter 436.

Soo I was actually happy to see some of the history with Zeref. We actually don’t know much about him and his past. And, the beginning of the chapter with a small Zeref was adorable. cx He was soo cute. Poor Zeref though. Everyone told him how he couldn’t be researching about life and death or even talk about it. He was ‘just curious’, or as we know, he wanted to know more about because he wanted to bring back his younger brother that died at a very young age. Sadly, he was “cursed” as he says, when reality hit him that he couldn’t bring his brother back. He lived on, killing when he didn’t mean to. It actually hurt me to see his suffering, even though he’s caused soo much pain to Fairy Tail. And then the big reveal… Etherious Natsu Dragneel is Zeref’s younger brother, whom he brought back to life. OMFG my mind exploded when I read this. But after about 3 minutes of wtf-ing, I came to a conclusion that END isn’t as evil as we all thought. Yeah, he may be made of pure Ether, and a “demon” made by Zeref. But, as we now know, he’s just Zeref’s younger brother. Maybe he’s  not there to kill Zeref, but just so that Zeref had his little brother again. Now, we just need him to explain how Natsu met Igneel to complete our puzzle. And another twist was to see Acnologia in human form. It was really surprising. And now they plan to fight. That is going to be total destruction of like the entire world! Like bruhh… I honestly don’t know what to even expect next chapter at all. Maybe we’ll find more people from the guild, or we’ll continue in Zeref’s part of the story. Either way, I can’t wait!! cx Sorry this was soo long. I felt like I had to be thorough with this and how I felt. cx