everydayvagaries asked:

uh uh I've been thinking of making a webcomic, is it ok if I use one of your fonts?? I know it's free n all but I didn't know if that was just for personal use or what

i’d actually rather that you didn’t!  i do have the monster pop! font i use up for free, but i mostly put it up just for casual use or for people who want to use it for mp! fanart and such.  but since it’s actually my handwriting i would feel kind of weird if it appeared in someone else’s comic.

thank you for respecting my wishes! you can make your own font here.

Pacquiao wins the WBO Welterweight Title! A lot have been complaining why Pacquaio won the fight and not Marquez, even fellow Filipinos. Well, it was a very close fight. But we must consider that when you are the one who challenges, you must AT LEAST go beyond the defending champion’s level. I think Marquez was able to put up a good fight and went parallel with Pacquiao’s level. In this case, when two boxers were of the same strength, the title rightfully goes to the defending champion. For Marquez to win, he must have had Pacquiao seem like a challenger. What actually happened is that Pacquiao stayed as he was, while Marquez raised up from his level.