These are my ~inspiration~ images from my thesis paper!

I wrote about Everydaypants:   http://www.everydaypants.com
iz Prince: http://lizprincepower.com
urFacePortraits: http://www.furfaceart.com
and Citric Comics: http://citriccomics.com

I’m uh, still writing it and using this post as a distraction, so I might throw in some threewordphrase! 


The GR Zine Fest is coming up quick!! Here is the current exhibitor list of everyone who will be tabling at our festival on August 23rd:

Stranger Two Stranger – Robert Hendricks
Issue Press – George Wietor
Easy Street Publications – Theresa Williams
The Magnolia Review Zine & Confident Cook – Suzanna Anderson
Sunday Home Press – Tif Anderson
Turret Dreams – Jami Sailor
Julie Koslowsky
Sprout Distro
humble pie – Joelle Tuinstra
Butch nor Femme – Lynne Monsoon
Pie and Mischief – Marcus Coleman
Days Like Any Other – Austin Knight
Angry Confetti – Sara Chittenden
Comics for Something – Drew Damron
The Bandit Zine *
Fawn and Fable – Rachel McKay
Dalice Malice
A Stranger Bulge – Ryan Laity
Ghost Car Press – Pranas T. Naujokaitis *
Phone Home Press – Brian Arnold
Alex Nall Comics
High Maintenance Machine – Matthew Reidsma
Brown and Proud Press *
Midwest Vibe – Erik Schneider
This Is The Worst – Ashley Elander
Julia Eff
Ramsey Everydaypants *
Regional Zine- Cassie Tompkins
Meander – Aude Shattuck
This Many Zines Club
Leslie Perrine
Anna Lisa Illustration
Rip It Up – Lisa Quintero
Junk Drawer – Eric Bartholomew
Self-Publishers of Chicago (SPOC)
Pioneers Press *
Tara Jay
Sam Carbaugh *
Have Company – Marlee Grace *
Dani Rewitzer
The DAAC *

* = GRZF Invited Guests!


Hi! I’ve been working on a comic-a-day for the month of July. I can’t reasonably draw and ink a whole comic every day (because I’m trying to do full pages rather than short strips) so I’ve decided to at least pencil a comic a day, and catch up with inking on weekends. 

That meant I couldn’t post as I went along, so I’m starting to post now! I’ll post a comic every few days. Not on a schedule necessarily because it’s summer and schedules aren’t fun. Keep your eyes peeled! I’ll also post them to my website as I post them here. So if you catch one on here you can always head over to my website to see any you may have missed. 

I’m not drawing on a theme really. They’re all just little daily quips so far for the most part.  Here’s the first one! Inspired by the 30 day Jillian Michaels challenge that I’m doing with my roommates Sam and Mikey (with no help from Rover.) 

Comic-a-day: Day 1 of 31

See other Comic-a-day comics here.

Oh! Also! My roommate Laura was simultaneously doing a story-a-day on her tumblr. She writes weird flash fiction that is sort of inspired by magical realism. It rules. inhalves.tumblr.com. She decided to stop after 11 days but you should read the ones she already posted! The theme of this post is my roommates rule and we keep each other motivated.


so I went ahead and did a kickstarter for year one? help me out? reblog like crazy?




I guess I should describe the project, for re-blog purposes. Whoops. As some of you might know, I’ve been working on my first novel-length comic book for the duration of the past year. My book is called Year One, and through weekly vignettes, illustrates my entire first year living in Philadelphia, after a significant move from Chicago. In some pages, my weekly activities are illustrated. In others, just a pertinent conversation. Year One was drawn in real time, finishing 2-3 pages as every week went by. I’ve spent hundreds of hours working on this project over the last year and am very excited to get it out into the world in the form of my very first book! Prior to this project, the longest comic i had ever drawn was 6 pages long. Year One is 136 pages and will be offset printed and perfect bound at 8x10 inches. It is 100% complete from front cover to back cover (and scanned, cleaned up, edited, edited again, and sized for printing. I literally just need to hit send and fork over a deposit to the printer).

Year One uses a variety of storytelling formats to give an overall glimpse into a year in the life of a late twenty-something year old, trying to figure out her place as a young artist outside of the post-college years. It is lighthearted, somber, lonely, funny, and quiet. It shows the number of people who come and go throughout a year, new love, old romance, loss and grief, and more generally, the search for a sense of self.

You can read it for free online at http://www.everydaypants.com/yearone but it would be way more fun for you to read it in print. 


We did it! Get your copy at the DC Zine Fest tomorrow! Or you can paypal me some cash and I’ll mail you a copy! Thanks to @everydaypants for all the copying and other hard behind the scenes work she did to make this happen!


It’s funny when you a see a photo that was taken of you and it instantly reminds you of something you’ve drawn before. Art imitates life or vice versa?

I made this drawing of Rover and me 9 months ago, even though we never used to stoop at my old place. It was just a fictionalized event because it made sense in the context of the rest of the comic. This photo is from last month, and actually happened. I swear it isn’t fictionalized. 


I just finished a new zine for Chicago Zine Fest. You can buy it online now if you’re interested! 3 bucks plus shipping.

This is Issue #3 of an annual series of comics collections!

I drew all of these comics throughout the year 2013 for various things, and wanted to see them all in one place and in print. This includes a selection of pages from a 280 page book I put out in 2013 called Little Fish.

Everydaypants #3 is filled with short comics about music, diy, nannying, and going to college when I was 18.

It also includes a selection of commissions I did during 2013 and a collection of pet portraits.

This is 46 pages, black and white, and saddle stitched!

Please note: comics that appear in this also appear in The Hand That Rocks The Cradle (nanny zine), As You Were issues 1 and 2, a comic from Draft Dodger #1, and pages from Little Fish. If you have all or some of these things, this will mostly be a repeat for you. Thanks!

Go here to purchase:

Or you can just email me at everydaypants@gmail if you would rather buy it through email/paypal.

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