So I decided to make a end of the year/holiday follow forever, because I follow so many great and fantastic people. Thank you so much for making my life better. I’ve been a part of this kpop “community” for like 5 months now and you guys really made it easier. I’ve been a part of fandoms for several different celebrities through the years - The longest is me being a belieber for nearly 5 years. And never have I felt more welcome and more accepted than in the kpop fandom. I’ve always been different than everyone else, and did my own thing. I color my hair pretty much every other week, I have a different sense of style and it feels like all of you accept that. I’ve never had a tumblr where I can say whatever the hell I want without being judged, and you guys never judge. I’m almost never on my other tumblr because the people I follow there aren’t half as awesome as you guys, and I just want to thank you all of being so nice and wonderful to me!

Italics are senpai’s who has not (noticed) followed me back yet, but it’s okay I will still follow you forever because you guys are fabulous. Bold are mutual, and everyone that is mutual are considered friends, even though we might never talk ok? I love you all, and happy holidays and may 2014 be the best year you’ve ever experienced! 

The list is in alphabetically order!

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everydayimhaehyukking replied to your post: YoU GOT TO SEE HENRY?


i know right :) hopefully you get to see him sometimeee! i litearlly just die a little everytime i see him. The bread and drinks from him didn’t help my case, the bread tasted so good LOLLL and when he chucked the balloon he was holding he esp walked towards the back of the fanmeet since the people at the front could see him closely he chucked it towards the fans at the back i just l;aksdjfkjs.

  1.  everydayimhaehyukking said: oh but you should also see if you can take one of the languages outside of school, like in a community center or something. some places offer that :) it might be a lot of work, but if you really want to learn both then you should go for it!

Thank you! I just keep going back and forth and a;lkdjfalskdjfaslkasdf. I’ll definitely look around and see if they teach languages at a community center. :)