Epics of the Fallen Angel postcards: These postcards that Moa made has the design for the Anghel World forms.

The last postcard of Sakuya and Okosan seems to be a special bonus only for Comicomi. So I’m assuming you’d have to buy the drama cd from them in order to get it. [Found out from lexlee’s post]

I wish I can get them, ooh. [And no, I didn’t make up the words “Anghel World” that’s exactly what is written on her blog. But the “Epics of the Fallen Angel” is a transliteration.]

Hopefully Moa doesn’t mind me posting these on Tumblr.

Edit: There’s also a Knightmare Yuuya + Wallenstein card. It’s a special only for people buying from Stellaworth. (Thanks lexlee.)


arrives at party two days late with fanart

I’VE BEEN SUPER BUSY LATELY BUT REMAKE!!! REMAKE! I’m so happy for Moa she works SO HARD and she really really deserves this kind of reception and recognition and, gosh. congrats so much!! wow. we’re hitting it big, guys.

now I gotta work on soulcrushing comics for any new fans of course


Crappy pix of the actual front/back covers of the fanbook underneath the removable dust jacket.

The pink band around the dust jacket is a removable “obi” wraparound with blurbstuff on it. I now have it tucked around the cover inside the dust jacket.

It is a beautiful book, with thick glossy full-color pages and lots of tiny print which I mostly cannot read. At some point I’ll have to draw up a comparison list of overlap material between the 1st ed guidebook and this 2nd ed fanbook— the degree of overlap may actually be kinda small, since there’s a fair amount of guidebook material (such as the individual character short stories) that wasn’t transferred over.

The Hatoful Boyfriend item on Gaia Online, Hatofowl.

The names of the poses are Hatofowl, Button Quail, Chukar Partridge, Mourning Dove, Haughty Fantail Pigeon, Flirty Fantail Pigeon, and Luzon Bleeding-Heart Dove.

I want to know which artist on Gaia is responsible for this rofl so I can give them a big hug.

If anyone can grab a preview of Shuu that’s actually visible then I will first, be grateful; and second, add it to this post. o3o

Update: The super-helpful SongOfAPhoenix provided Shuu for us, thanks bunches! ^o^/

13 ボーナストラック:THE BATTLE
  • 13 ボーナストラック:THE BATTLE
  • はーとふる彼氏
  • はーとふる彼氏 ドラマCD 第1羽

Epic bird-noise battle from the second Hatoful Boyfriend drama CD, complete with birdy versions of a double attack involving San (his attack partner might be Sakuya, though I’m not positive) and a gloaty speech by Wallenstein.

(Yes, the rest of the CD has non-birdy Japanese-language dialogue— this is a bonus track that recreates the “normal” battle from earlier in the disc.)

I sincerely hope that Moa doesn’t mind me posting this one track— my aim is to encourage other people to go buy this too. I succeeded in getting both this and the first drama CD through the English version of Amazon.co.jp — if my links don’t work, enter the search term はーとふる彼氏 into the search box. Delivery to the US takes less than a week.

(Yes, their shipping is expensive. I ended up getting three pairs of CDs to spread it out; I’m keeping one pair, I’m trying to save one pair for someone who’s been doing a fan translation of the first disc, and that leaves one pair of unopened CDs left over for now. I’m willing to sell those, but haven’t yet figured out how to manage the details.)

On edit: full cast list here, in the same order as heard in this track.

Hatoful Boyfriend re-release sees everybirdie courting pigeons again

Hatoful Boyfriend re-release sees everybirdie courting pigeons again

Already infamous on the internet for its rich lore and cute characters, Hatoful Boyfriend is set to spread its wings and fly to greener pastures.


Helping it spread its wings are Devolver Digital, famous for carrying indie games such as Broforce and Gods Will Be Watching, and developer Mediatonic, maker of Foul Play and BAFTA-nominee Amateur Surgeon Hospital. (Click on the title to read more)