As a trans woman there is extreme societal pressure to look fabulous all of the time.

To look not only like a girl, but an exceptionally pretty one.

We have to speak well, walk the ‘right way’, and be a nice as humanly possible to avoid people looking down on us.

I will not do this any longer.

Every human being, regardless of identity or background, has the right to live exactly how they want whenever they want.

I choose to look pretty most days. I can choose to put my hair back and not care for the rest. Nothing makes me less of a woman.

I am a woman. I always have been, and I always will be.

About sakura hidden spoiler (envious)

Sakura is not envious about naruhina wedding as long as she is not envious about hinata herself!!
She is envious because all her friends have their lovers near them …only this.. what is so bad in this? What is so not in line with her character? Everyone who has their lover far away from he/she is envious about their friends who has them near… it is infact a human feelings.!

But this doesnt mean that she is not happy for naruto and hinata’s marriage or for Ino and sai also for Temari and Shakamaru!
And also this is in line with her character because if you remember , sakura in the first part of the serie with hidden sakura showed that like every human on the earth she can also be envious and jealous!
But this is absolutely comprehensible!!!

something just hit me

every single human on this earth is unique. like, there’s no one in this world that is like you and that fact alone already is so incredible that it’s sometimes hard to conceive

but think about that: if every single one of us is one of a kind, how can anybody ever be more beautiful than others? 

like that quotes says: “There is no other you on earth, that’s why you’re the best.”

that means everyone is the best and that means no one can ever be any better

think about that

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Egalitarianism is a myth that breeds weakness & rewards mediocrity. We embrace the stratified & Darwinian reality of Nature to encourage strength, self-improvement & the mastery of diverse skills.

"In the 1960’s the radical left preached a philosophy of ‘peace and love’ which really boiled down to the concept of levelling everything to being ‘equal.’ This ‘philosophy’ championed the abandoning of rational criteria for evaluation of anything, and the embracing of everything as being of equal value, thus fostering mediocrity on every level of human endeavor. We are still living in the fallout of this mode of thinking, as the people who espoused these ideas when young have grown to adulthood and are now the ‘establishment’."
— Magus Peter H. Gilmore
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"Well, naturally - I say ‘naturally’ as a Satanist - I don’t believe in equality. I don’t believe there’s anything equal… the entire concept of equality is simply one of wishful thinking or flight of fancy that, very much like the concept of reincarnation, will allow the lowest to feel that they are equal to the highest. And the concept of equality, with that in mind, is designed to keep the lowest satisfied, to serve as pap, or serve as a sort of cosmetic indulgence or enticement to the lowest so that they, too, can feel that they are of the same stuff as the highest."
— Magus Anton Szandor LaVey
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Okay but seriously, there’s been too much of this.

If you’re feeling suicidal, please message me, or someone you know that is close to you.
We, as a human race, need to band together to help each other, not separate and humiliate, berate and instigate.

Children are killing themselves. Preteens are killing themselves. Teens are killing themselves. Adults—every category of human is ending their own lives because of things going on.

And I am so sick and tired of seeing people hurt.

And I will do my best to help someone, even if I hardly know you at all.

I’ll do it, because every life is precious.

5th june 1918 – 4:45pm

okay so.

if cerebral crushes are a thing then i guess i’m probably guilty haha

as far as the smell thing like. i was thinking about it and Al definitely smells like Al. like there must be a smell particular to every human being. and i can’t think of what Winry smells like exactly but i’ve got this sort of instinctive recollection that it’s specific to her, right?


doesn’t make me wanna like go around. smelling people. but. interesting.

…something is telling me the olfactory identification of other members of hte species was not the primary point of the crush thing though

yknow i feel like the blands fandom is pretty positive like all my headcanons get nice feedback and my rhys is trans theory has almost 100 notes but like…. then i remember that ive literally made a corner for myself in the fandom and i can’t forget that there is literally a huge swarm of people who don’t even consider me human in every other corner

i have still been drawing recently, but i’m mostly trying out humans now

I have been doing 6-8 5 min sketches of the human figure every night, i think it might help my bipedal pony drawings a bit too

there’s a few more pony sketches i have but i’m probably gonna line those later maybe

I’m just here to remind you that everything that is happening in Ferguson right now is because of the residents and activists in Ferguson that have spent 215 days protesting. I’m also here to remind you that Black people have led this movement. And for this reason, we will never allow anyone to force a white savior narrative on us. We are perfectly capable of freeing ourselves and speaking to our own experiences, we don’t need anyone doing that for us. We are capable. We WILL get free. “Ain’t no power like the power of the people cause the power of the people don’t stop!”

Lifehack: if you go into the theaters with the mindset that books and movies are different forms of entertainment you’ll be a lot happier in life

the thing about the ultimate cosmic meaninglessness of man is that you can either wallow in your insignificance and the attendant pain that brings in a culture so obsessed with fame and being important,

or you can fall in love with literally everything and everyone in a dozen small ways because everything still exists despite the statistical unlikelihood of it all and that’s a goddamn miracle

Archetypes | WOMAN KING

And she speaks in a voice that sets men trembling, with eyes painted gold and a throne built on the bones of those who would challenge her rule. Cults of ascetics dance ecstasies in her honour and write her words in blood across their altars. Her body is a holy temple and her power springs from the divine source of her own terrible will. She is not of mortal flesh, they will whisper, as she wheels on her stallion and screams warchants to the heavens, emerging from battle wreathed in the blood and soil of a new kingdom. She rules with iron fists, with the cracking of cathedrals, with the love and the fear of her vast wild armies. She harbours a sword within her unquiet roaring heart, and with it has carved herself a new space, outside of law or nature or humankind. She is the mother of an empire; she is the mother of herself. Watch her rise.

casual reminder that you have two tiny ossicles in your inner ear which were once the jawbones of a reptile, the calcium in your bones comes from the uplift of mountains, that the cells of your skeleton are made new every ten years.