O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000): is about three criminals in the depression era who escape their confines to look for treasure that only Everett knows about.

You Should Know: I watched this with the assignment to compare and contrast with The Odyssey seeing as it is based off the Homer epic. I have actually seen this before, but never in this context.

WARNING: Spoilers lay ahead, including the ending. Just skip to “Therefore” if you want to read my verdict.

The Soggy Bottom Boys: This film is an adventure. Everett isn’t as smart as Odysseus but he is still a man on a mission: To get his wife back. What bugs me is how corrupt he is. Everett is a liar and a thief. Not a good liar like Mr. Daniel Ocean but a bad one like the Joker. I understand why Penny would want to pretend he’s dead. He’s not a bonafide husband.
On the other hand, I do not understand why Everett would want Penny. Penny is as high-maintenance as they come and it’s clear she only took him back because he’s famous. Yeah, there’s a keeper.
The best parts reside in The Soggy Bottom Boys and the interesting allusions to The Odyssey.My favorite includes the cyclops battle, the character of Penny, and the inevitable acceptance that there is a higher being at the end.

Therefore: It is funny and for the lighthearted. A good comedy for all though I recommend subtitles. A lot of the characters are hard to understand. Or if you want to get serious, look at this film through the lens of mythology. :o) It’s fun!

:o) Feel free to disagree, agree, or ignore how you see fit.

Thank You: moviepsycho for the rare, beautifully looped gif and iloveyoubutivechosenmovies for the pic of Everett.

I believe that social responsibility is a moral obligation, and as such, we include it in our business plan in just the same way we account for marketing expenses, personnel, and office space. If we do not establish this commitment in our early stages, we will not be positioned to do so as we grow.
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