"In Spain or Italy, the captain is the oldest player or the one with the most caps. Here [in England] it is different. You look at the captain in a different way."

Football Ask! :)
  • 1.:If your favorite team didn't exist, which team would you be a fan of?
  • 2.:Favorite player from a rival team?
  • 3.:Favorite trophy?
  • 4.:If you could remove one team from your favorite league, which would it be?
  • 5.:A player you intensely dislike?
  • 6.:Finish the sentence - Football is _______.
  • 7.:Favorite football memory?
  • 8.:You can only visit one stadium before you die, which is it?
  • 9.:A player's jersey you currently want?
  • 10.:Watch an important match at home or at a sports bar?
  • 11.:If you get a free trip to see the team you dislike most, would you go?
  • 12.:Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, or Ligue 1?

I would honestly like to thank the entire football/soccer fandom for all their support during these hard times. We may support different teams but the respect shown to Tito has been amazing. Honestly thank you guys so much, on behalf of the entire Barca family.