Debut single on Ross Allen’s new Meltdown imprint!

‘Groove Content EP’ is a mash up of styles, part post garage, part bass, part Dilla, part street soul, it’s all here but done in a very sophiscated and damn funky way. The title track is rude, sexy synths and claps, old skool 80’s boogie cut-ins with a Joy O style post-garage-y beat. Another gem, ‘Falling’ has a chunky, staggered dilla-esque chunky drums, funked-up synthwork and a killer male vocal

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EVM128 - poison

Huge crunky hip hop number from London based EVM128 from his Groove Content EP. Definitely my favorite track of his so far. Expect insanely catchy shuffling grooves combined with a large healthy dose of analogue crunch… and if that’s not enough then get a load of the haunting droney vocals sitting atop of the mix like the metaphoric cherry on the cake. This track is the shit.