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Here’s a short, fluffy drabble written for the incredible norbertsmom. Sending much love your way.

When Peeta hears the jingle of keys in the front door’s lock, he slips a bookmark into the binding of the novel he’s halfway through, depositing it on the coffee table. It’s not entirely rare for Katniss to come home a little late from work – her hours at the lab are relatively flexible, so sometimes she’ll be home early in the afternoon, while other times, it won’t be until dinner.

But tonight, one-half of the grilled chicken breast and asparagus he prepared sits cooling under a coverlet of Saran Wrap in the fridge. It’s now eight o’clock – three hours after she shot him a punctuation-free text alerting him that she “might be late.” Being married to her for five years, and dating her for three before that, Peeta has long since learned to not worry over Katniss’s occasional truancies. Although she’ll give him a scare now and then, she’s never let him down.

So, wiping his hands on his jeans, he pads through the living room of their townhouse, ducking into the front hall just in time to see the door swing open.

And there stands Katniss, paused in the threshold. A cluster of plastic bags with the PetSmart logo splattered across them dangle from one hand, while the other arm awkwardly cradles a small, hazelnut-colored tuft against the inside of her elbow.

Oh my god.

“Whose puppy is that?” Peeta asks, both excited and afraid of what he anticipates the answer to be.

She gives him a guilty smile, dumping the bags on the floor so she can hold the thing up Simba-style with both hands.

“Ours,” she replies.

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dandelion-sunset asked:

you asked me to the store with you and your child, and now my distant relative we met thinks im married with a baby

Here ya go sweetie!!! 

“It’s been six months, you would think I would be used to living downtown by now.” Katniss mutters to herself as she rushes into her apartment building. She is juggling the canvas bags from Trader Joe’s, her messenger bag and her package from Prim that was mailed to her at work.

She is too busy trying to keep her bananas from falling out of the bag when she hears her new favorite little voice calling, “Kitty! Your bananas are going to fall.”

She looks up and is so glad to see her neighbor, little three year old, Ethan Mellark with his too cute Dad, Peeta. She ignores the way her heart flutters every time she sees Peeta and instead says to his mini-me, “Hey sweetie. Can you get them for me? I don’t like brown bananas.”

He wrinkles his nose at that. “Not me, too.”

“Don’t you mean, ‘me, either,’?” Peeta’s deep baritones sends delicious chills up and down her spine.

Ethan sighs, “that’s what I said Daddy.” The adults exchange a smile over the little one’s head.

Peeta steps around his son and grabs her bananas while the elevator door opens. “Thank you,” Katniss says.

They get out of the way of old Mrs. Johnson who moves slower than Christmas and get in after she exits with a smile.

“Daddy! I was going to get that,” Ethan huffs with a pout.

“Hey, don’t be pouty.” Katniss squats down beside him. She almost topples over when he wraps his arms around her neck and squeezes as hard as he can. “Why don’t you come with me, and help me put up these groceries and you can feed buttercup for me. Ok? But ask your dad to make sure its ok.”

Ethan doesn’t even let go and turns to look at Peeta. “I’m going with Kitty, k?”

“You help her and not get in her way. Bring her home with you after you feed the cat. She can eat spaghetti with us.”

“Peeta—“ she starts and he shakes his head at her protest. “You feed me all the time.”

“That is because when you eat with us, Ethan eats all of his veggies.” The elevator opens on their floor and Peeta takes her Trader Joe’s bags and she digs her keys out of her purse. Ethan takes the door key in their familiar routine and with a little bit of help from Daddy, they get the door open and Peeta sets the groceries on the table.

He turns to go next door to his apartment while Ethan goes looking for buttercup. He turns back and asks, “We have to go to Sam’s tomorrow. Do you still want to come with us?”

“Yes! I need cat food and I want some of those peanut butter pretzel bites.” She admits.

Peeta can’t stop his chuckle that makes her weak in the knees. “Your favorites—“ he is interrupted when Ethan comes back into the living room carrying a very patient buttercup upside down who meows pitifully. “Ethan! I don’t think he likes that!”

“He does. He told me that he does.”

Katniss and Peeta help buttercup get onto his feet, and Peeta says, “I’m going to fix spaghetti. I’ll see you two in a minute.”


Katniss and Ethan hold hands and walk into the big box department store behind Peeta who is pushing the buggy. She has come enough with her new favorite guys that she knows that Ethan knows where to find all the free samples. He starts to pull her down the main aisle when Peeta says, “not so fast Bear. You need to pick out something for Mommy.”

“Dad—“ he whines. “She doesn’t care what I get her. All she cares about if I make a mess.” Katniss heart breaks when he says, “she don’t even hug me anymore.”

Katniss isn’t at all surprised when Peeta sweeps his son into his arms. She can’t hear what Peeta is saying, but she is surprised when Ethan jumps into her arms next. She hugs him as long as he wants to hold her and she whispers in his ear, “I love your hugs. They are the most perfect hugs in the entire world.”

She jumps a little when she feels Peeta drawing them both into a hug. She tries not to focus on how he feels like home when she hears a high pitched voice she hasn’t heard in years behind her. “Katniss? Is that you?”

Peeta meets her eyes and she rolls her eyes. Ethan still won’t let go, so she turned around to see her Great Aunt Effie sitting there in one of the automated buggies that the store provides. “Aunt Effie! How are you?”

Effie looks at the little boy, and Katniss can see the confusion on Effie’s face. “When did you get married? And why didn’t you invite me and your uncle?”

Ethan has let go and is watching Effie. Ethan asks, “You got married, Kitty?”

“No!” Katniss looks at Effie. “No, I’m not married. These are my neighbors. Peeta lets me come with him so I can buy cat food in bulk.”

Understanding crosses Effie’s face. “Well let me tell you sweetheart, he’s a good looking man. You need to hurry up and tell him that you want him as much as he wants you. He’s been lonely far too long.”

Katniss can feel red heat flooding her face, and she can’t even look at Peeta until she hears Effie talking again, this time to Peeta. “Young man, let me tell you something about Katniss Everdeen. She wants so much out of life, but for some reason, she has always been afraid to go get it.” she sneaks a wink at Katniss. “You two were made for each other. It’s all over your faces.” Effie pushes the go button on her scooter. “Just make sure ya’ll invite me to wedding.”

Katniss watches her aunt scoot around the corner and looks at Peeta horrified. Before she can apologize, Peeta is gathering her in his arms and claims her lips. She can feel herself growing weak in the knees and she wants to run her fingers through his curls when he pulls away and softly swears, “Damn! I’ve been wanting to do that ever since you moved in six months ago.”

“Daddy, are you going to marry Kitty?”

“Maybe one day, son, maybe one day.” and Peeta kisses her breathless again in the middle of Sam’s. Katniss swears she can hear Aunt Effie cackling away in delight.

Snippet Sunday: Look to the West

“Does she look the same?” Katniss asks me.

“She grew up just like we did.” My eyes go to Prim to help me describe her correctly to Katniss. “She’s the same height as you and her hair has gotten longer, reaching her lower back, and she’s wearing the same dress that she wore during her interview with Caesar Flickerman.”

Prim grins at me, a twinkle in her cerulean eyes.

“Tell her that her chest is bigger than mine. She was always worrying that I was blooming better than her.”

“I’m not going to say that!” I say to Prim.

I realize how strange it must be for Katniss to see me talking to the air. Her eyes suddenly turn anxious once more as she watches our interaction.

“How do I know this is real?” Katniss says suddenly.

Prim frowns for a moment and I know that she is worried that we are losing Katniss’ confidence once again.

My friend looks thoughtfully at her sister before reaching to touch the space along Katniss’ cheek.

“Tell her, in the end, I took what she wanted the most.”

I swallow shallowly before turning to gaze at Katniss. “She says…that in the end, she took what you wanted the most.”

Katniss nods once, tears escaping her eyes and running down her thin face. “I forgave her long ago.”

I have to know, the question rising from lips before I can stop myself.  

“What was it that you wanted the most?”

Katniss looks to me and I see it then; the longing—the want.

She is drowning in it.


An accident throws Peeta Mellark together with the unexpected love of his life. A take on the 1995 film “While You Were Sleeping” starring Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman. Written for EverlarkianArchive’s Movies in the Month of May Challenge.

Many many thanks to all the lovely ladies that helped this story come together!!! Damndonnergirls for the gorgeous banner (look for your shout out), my lightening fast beta myusernamehere for wrangling numerous commas, and last but not least chele20035 for always being eager to preread!!!

Can also be found on AO3 and

Between Real and Not Real

Part 1

My dad always told me, “Life doesn’t follow a recipe…”

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SSS: Normandy Landing
Written for Movies of the Month of May challenge.
Posting date: 25th May

War changes everything: little things no longer matter; things that matter are magnified; people forget their own needs for the benefit of their country and for the service to those who need it most; professions changes; friendship turns into romance … And a job that could cost your life, turns into love.

In 1939, with war sirens blaring across Great Britain– I decided to study nursing. Not because it was my calling. I’d say it was my sister Prim’s vocation. But it was the right thing to do, as I felt my family owed so much to the health services community.

So I found myself working at St. Bartholomew’s, in the summer of 1942 I was living in an apartment in a nearby neighborhood with three other girls with very different personalities: Annie Cresta, Johanna Mason and Madge Undersee.

A Writer's Profile: riverknowshisname (aka peetasallhehasleft)
  • Favorite character outside of HG world & why

Tiffany Maxwell, probably, from Silver Linings Playbook.  She’s a regular onion, she challenges the stereotype of modern women in literature.  She’s smart, she knows what she wants and she goes after it.  I not only admire her as a character, but I root for her.  She’s highly complex.  Intelligent.  And sassy as hell.  Everything I want in a character.

  • An interesting fact about yourself

I was actually homeschooled, and because I liked to write so much, my mom let me have a lot of my school day so I could write to my hearts content.  I’ll always be incalculably thankful to her for that.

  • Highlight one of your fics with a short quote and link

“I’m sure Plutarch would like you to think [something had happened to me],” she said condescendingly. “He kept me locked up for weeks. I can’t take all this gray, I need color. I miss my wigs, and my shoes, and spontaneity. There’s none of that here, and it's terrible, Katniss. I feel like I’m being strangled. I don’t even want to be here. I’m not a rebel. This isn’t me. I’m not this depressed. Oh believe me, this is the saddest I have ever been, but I’m dying down here, Katniss.” She sighs heavily. “I need to get out! I can’t live like this!” After venting a little more Effie takes a deep breath, “but nevermind me. Today is about you. Today is about Peeta.”

“And Finnick and Annie,” I interject.

“Yes, I suppose so,” she says flustered. “This is not how I would have planned this at all. Plutarch is crazy if he thinks anyone is going to enjoy what he’s planned.”

“Too big for you, Effie?” I ask her. I’m surprised that anything could be too big for that woman.

“Looking like this,” she says gesturing to her very ordinary clothes. “Anything is too big.”

(from Chapter 6 of Safe and Sound)

I love Effie so much, and while I have written her a lot already, this is quite possibly my favorite scene with her and in Safe and Sound altogether.

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