The Three Times Katniss Uses the Word “Whiz”

2.       Whiz: (informal) a person who is extremely clever at something.

“Peeta’s a whiz with fires, coaxing a blaze out of the damp wood.” (THG)

“[Gale’s] something of a whiz with snares, rigging them to bent saplings so they pull the kill out of the reach of predators….” (CF)

“While [Finnick’s] a whiz with that trident, it’s a weapon less suited to the jungle than my arrows. (CF)

When Katniss first used this word in THG, I thought it was an odd choice. It’s a somewhat dated word, not the first term a modern teenager would use, and it stuck out to me.

It’s interesting that Katniss (and by extension Suzanne Collins) uses it three times to describe three different characters. With Gale and Finnick, we have them as masters of their weapons of choice: the snare for Gale and Finnick’s trident that is described as a deadly extension of his arm. With Peeta we have something a little different

Peeta is never described as a whiz at baking or painting or talking—he’s a whiz with fires; patiently, methodically coaxing a fire out of wood that should not burn. In this way, he’s the only counterpart to Katniss—the Girl on Fire, the reluctant Mockingjay, a creature the Capitol never intended.

Peeta is also the only one of the three whose “whiz” skill isn’t necessarily deadly.  Fires can be destructive, they can kill, but they can be harnessed for other purposes, too.  The snare and the trident are very valuable in hunting for food or killing an enemy, but they don’t have the added bonus of warming you at night and bringing comforting light to the darkness.

 Gale and Katniss are both described as “having fire,” but only Peeta is described as having skill with the flames.

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6,7,16 Peeta and Katniss.

The prompts are - “It wasn’t supposed to happen like that.”, “How long has it been?”, and “I did a pregnancy test.” This is likely a terrible mess of a drabble, but I hope you enjoy it!


“How long has it been?” 

Katniss glanced up from where she was sitting on the closed toilet, taking in the only other person in the room. He was perched on the edge of her Jacuzzi tub, right leg bouncing up and down rhythmically. His eyes were wide and anxious as they stared down at his tightly clasped hands and his curls were a lot more unruly than usual. She’d never seen super suave and collected Peeta Mellark look so nervous. Not that she can blame him.

“A few more minutes,” Katniss mumbled after glancing at the timer on her phone. It wasn’t what he asked for, but he still nodded all the same.

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No but how adorable must Peeta have been during Katniss’ pregnancies. He’d come home from the bakery, rub her feet, make her fresh cheesebuns and talk to to her baby bump. He would be one of those soon-to-be daddy’s worried about everything Katniss does because she’s a delicate flower carrying the miracle babies they created together. He still has flashes of those hijacked moments but a distant and a little out-of-focus vision of his future babies pulls him back to reality. The reality that the girl he loved since he was a child is his forever and having his children and he finally got what he longed for. No abuse, no torture, no games, no lies. Just pure and unconditional love.

SSS - Sever

This is slightly over six sentences, but here’s an (unedited) excerpt from the next chapter. :)


It’s time to go.

For a moment, I can’t breathe; everything around me blurs into a haze of tears. This is for the best, I know that on a logical level, but emotionally those four words bring pain as strong as any beating I’ve ever endured. I try to step forward, but I’m frozen in place.

I then feel Peeta’s hand on my shoulder, gentle and reassuring; it only reminds me that this will be one of the last touches I’ll feel from him for a very long time. With that in mind, I turn and wrap my arms around him in a tight embrace, dreading the moment when I’ll have to let go. I take in the smell of him, his warmth, the feeling of being cloaked in the safety of his arms, the unsteady rise and fall of his chest as he tries to hold back tears in order to be strong for me.

I can’t do this. I can’t.


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