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I really love our art and your drawing videos always have awesome music! I'm really scared to ask because this is really hit or miss with some people, but could you maybe draw a little miraxus fluff? If not then just Laxus would be fine!

Thank you very much!^^ Also, never be scared to ask! I am always happy to receive messages and requests, though I’m not always able to answer all of them :/ you go:

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Poor Simon. Graybles 1000+ shows that Betty will never succeeded in freeing him from the crown. I guess Death was right in "Betty" when he said this was Simons only hope to quit being the Ice King.

*cracks neck* Okay. Let’s talk about this.

Last night I was going nuts trying to figure out who was wearing the crown for this to happen, because if I was sure of anything, it’s that the [as the storyboards are calling it] Ice Thing is NOT Simon Petrikov.

Think about it. What does the crown do?

It turns you into Evergreen! Dino boy Gunther was the crown’s first wearer, and his wish was to BE the ice elemental speaking right here. So whoever wears the crown starts to turn into this guy. That *gestures wildly at the Ice Thing* is NOT a step towards Evergreen on the Ice King-to-Evergreen scale. Sure, the crown is corrupting Simon, but it has a strictly defined effect [defects aside, but we’ll get to that].

This might not be a story worth telling, but I was racking my brain trying to figure out who the heck we know about who could become this crazy new villain 1000+ years in the future [since I think Adventure Time’s plot is going to move us INTO this time period, but more on that in a different post]. 

My first thoughts were that its wings flapping are DEAD ringers to the owls on this show, so could it be the Cosmic Owl?? The owl from Up a Tree??? Then I realized that the mouth and nose take up SUCH a large portion of its total body that it’s gotta be just a head? Party God???? The difference between Simon Petrikov as Evergreen and THIS thing as Evergreen are those crazy antennae. So who has antennae?????

I guess I forgot that Evergreen is the owl in this situation. And HE has the antennae-y things. The Ice Thing’s antennae are like lightning bolts though [similar to Ice King’s ice bolts], not wings. Eh. Anyway, the reason why this story might not have been worth telling iiiiiiis that the storyboards did a LOT in reshaping the way I thought about this.

If you can’t read the scribbled notes here, they are: ICE BLADE [note: not nose], MISSING GEM, ALL WHITE, and INSIDE OF THE MOUTH: ROYAL BLUE. The MISSING GEM is a big red flag to me, since I mentioned defects before. You just never know with powerful magical artifacts that can have minds of their own and might try to protect themselves if someone tries to deface them. So all bets are off as to what happened there, but the storyboards also betray a crucially huge piece of info? I feel like it’s basically spoilers

Ice…. crown-dom…. so…. the Ice Thing that’s living in the Ice Kingdom, 1000+ years from now, is the Ice Crown, but alive, without one of its gems. Betty stole it to use its ultra-strong power to save Simon? And the Ice Thing was birthed as a result of the crown fighting back? Spitballing here. Just a possibility. 

That ICE BLADE/not nose comment makes sense now. I mean, it ALL makes sense. The ‘nose’… the beard… the hair… the blue skin… the razor teeth… those are all the physical qualities that the crown changed on Simon Petrikov, and now I guess it’s done it to itself. Cool. Plus! This thing isn’t even wearing the crown!!!!!! ITS EYES ARE THE JEWELS

I mean, I’m ALL FOR the Ice Crown as an actual villain we can fight. Are you kidding? The thing that [saved, but then] ruined Simon Petrikov’s life??? And we can see the gang beat it up? Yeah. I’m TOTALLY cool with it. And I honestly think that’s the case, so long as Wolfhard wasn’t messing with us in this storyboard panel. Whaddaya think?


I was completely amazed by the amount of ElfEver in last night episode. It made the episode even better than I had expected (and I have really high expectations)

Dedicated to raiijinshuu and eversama

etsyfindoftheday 1 | two-a-day tuesday | 5.19.15

fair woods // vegan, cold process soap in pine, spruce, and balsam scent by songofasparrow

i’m trying something new this TWOsday - instead of showing off a single find from a single shop, i’ll be sharing pairs of finds for a little extra etsylove. songofasparrow specializes in bath goods as well as photography, and i know i’d love to try out this earthy, pine-scented soap. it’s even vegan!