The Thunder God and his Legion … the teen years. :P

I had a hankering to doodle up Laxus and his Thunder Legion in their teens. (The same age Team Natsu was at the beginning of FT, or maybe even a little younger). A brief point in time when Lax, Freed and Ever were all around the same height. And I totally headcanon that Bickslow was the shortest of them all until he hit a major growth spurt one summer. Fairly pleased with how this came out, given that I didn’t use any pose references. Thus, anatomy is probably off. But eh. I still like it. Enjoy!

sky-fable asked:

I really love our art and your drawing videos always have awesome music! I'm really scared to ask because this is really hit or miss with some people, but could you maybe draw a little miraxus fluff? If not then just Laxus would be fine!

Thank you very much!^^ Also, never be scared to ask! I am always happy to receive messages and requests, though I’m not always able to answer all of them :/ you go: