Here’s all the chibis I had made so far. It’s not everyone who entered the contest but this is them so far. IDK when I’ll get it finished, if I ever get it finished, what with the shit that is going on lately. Who knows, maybe I will be in the mood to finish it one day and add a ton more ponies to it. But for now, I’m uploading this now cos why not. Hope you guys like. <3

Featuring (from left to right): 

asksnowstormeverfreeprophecieslogan-roseaskshallowwingask-pandaponyvivofortissimohempyfloydsnowyflamethesefewcreaturesaskthepaletteaskblaykeask-jamaskinquiryask-lordsheogorath, ldw-usmcaskemmydiscordandskymintaskponycheshirecataskdreamchargedewdusts.

"I would say that I have missed you, but alas this is untrue. I don’t miss anything. If you are looking for Dee I am afraid she is indisposed…as is Capella. TriSpirit is around, though his answers are false two times out of three. If there is something you need feel free to speak to me…I will always answer with the truth..Remember however…sometimes the truth is not what one wishes to hear."