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PLEASE PLEASE do some "dating luke would include" or dating anyone!! I just really love those :))))

dating luke would include:

  • constant cuddles
  • stealing all of luke’s clothes
  • “babe, where’s my shir- oh”
  • neck kisses
  • piggy back rides
  • tickle fights
  • giggling
  • making love at 4am
  • “no luke, michael can not come to dinner with us”
  • playing with his lip ring
  • soft kisses to wake you up
  • “no but luke, feel my legs, i just shaved”
  • getting tangled in his lanky noodle legs
  • stupid nicknames
  • “but do i really look like a breadstick?”
  • roaming hands bc luke’s a cheeky shit
  • hugs from behind while he rests his head on your shoulder
  • the power to get anything of the tallest shelf, thanks to luke ofc
  • neck kisses
  • “luke, take my bra off your head”
  • cooking aka kitchen mess making
  • surprise presents
  • having the pizza place on speed dial for nights w/ the boys
  • hugs hugs hugs
  • “i think my mom likes you more than me”
  • mornING VOICE
  • “why is michael in our bed?!?”
  • flat haired luke oh my
  • make out sessions
  • “yes luke, i need to wear panties
  • occasional dom luke!!
  • “i really shouldn’t love you this much”

There’s more to it all than I thought…
I’ve got too much to live for.

Dedicated to the Cas and the Sam to my Dean.

Dominique Issermann

Susie Cave’s Seaside Short List for Shopping, Antiquing and Feasting Around Brighton

For more than a decade, she has lived in the seaside town of Brighton, on the southern coast of England. The liberal enclave is enjoying something of a revival, with its spectacular architecture slowly being restored with the preservation of the Art Deco, open-air swimming pool, the Saltdean Lido; the promise of the world’s first futuristic vertical cable car, dubbed the i360 tower, which is currently in the works from the designers behind the London Eye - and rumors abounding of an incoming Soho House.

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okay but can we talk about the fact that Fiddles‘ hair is growing back in NWHS

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I am in understanding that it sucks to have your art used elsewhere, I am. But do you /really/ think it is possible for every source to be credited and found immediately? Plus, you can look up fan art online. It's there, you're not stealing it unless you say something along the lines of "Look what I drew!" -- Plus, if you still are, don't use daddyfetish as an example. Don't use anyone as an example. It's disrespectful and rude.

Why are people still defending art theft?? I want to scream but aaa I’ll be calm. 

Yes! I do believe it is possible to for every source to be credited. Because they are only un-credited because of pure laziness. 

If people actually cared they would look for a source. Otherwise they should be respectful and use their heads and NOT repost it without a source if it’s not fucking theirs.

Okay. So If I took a bike from another person without permission it wouldn’t count as stealing? And if someone asks “Is this your bike?” and I answered “No, it’s not. I just use it. Idk were I got it from.” it wouldn’t count as stealing?

I don’t think I’ve ever used daddyfetish as an example. It’s only people who message me who keeps bringing them up. 

but let’s talk about how Regina treating Emma with so much care and respect (and love) is her treating Emma how she herself would have wanted to but never got to be treated because instead she got goaded into crossing the line she’s talking Emma back from