I fucking love Hot Topic

I loved the store before, but every time I go in and see the Supernatural section I fucking die/have a stroke and a heart attack/ and get a spn boner all at once. I go there and buy like everything I mean they have shirts, posters, phone cases, buttons, tattoos, everything..even the spn Ouija board…

So this time I got trading cards, which I was geeking out about until I realized they have fucking SUPERNATURAL CLUE

YES I said Clue, just like in that episode they just aired


In her crusade to gain dominion over Hell, Abaddon has bewitched someone into performing a ritual that will open a portal between Hell and Earth, allowing her to wreak havoc on humanity. Only you can unearth the clues to break the spell and cancel the ritual before the portal opens. After that, pie for everyone!

It is fucking AWESOME


But the best part is the game pieces (besides their gorgeous faces on it and the spn stuff all over the game)


so before I get a bunch of messages,you can order it on Hot Topic or Amazon

And for a long time I thought that only a person them-self could fix all the brokenness they felt inside. That it was up to that one person to want to get better, that this one person held all the power to save them-self, but that was all before I was the one broken. It wasn’t until I hit the floor and was picked up by you that I realized it’s not about fixing yourself, it’s about coping with what you’re given and finding others who cope just as well with exactly who you are. It has never been about being unbroken, but more about being exactly that and still being enough. In life you’re given a world full of endless opportunities and the best part is that the time not spent seizing these opportunities is spent on finding the right person to help you get through them all. Isn’t that kinda crazy? To think, we live, to be broken, to be saved, to live again.

  • Me:*sitting by myself in the theater waiting for Into the Woods to start.*
  • Theater spot for Into the Woods plays
  • Guy in group behind me:Wait this is a musical?
  • Girl next to him:No one told me this was a musical.
  • Guy behind me:Oh god this is a musical.
  • Girl who obviously tricked them all into coming:Come on guys this is going to be good. You'll love it.
  • *More people come in to sit with group*
  • Guy behind me:*whispers to new people in horror* It's a musical
  • New Guy:*loudly* THIS IS A MUSICAL?!
  • Me:*laughing hysterically*

As a person who has worked for libraries for a long time I can say CONCLUSIVELY that children are not necessarily any more disruptive on average than adult people and disruptive children are better than adults because you can tell them to be quiet and they will more frequently do what you ask AND they very less frequently threaten your safety at a high volume over $3 in fines

they also less frequently whine at high volumes about the presence of children


Legend of Korra Book 4 Finale: Korrasami 30 Video Reaction Compilation 


One ship down 1234… to go (le sigh)

Swan Queen, Rizzles, Faberry„ …..,