Random; so I found a Piscataway hoodie in the trunk of my car today that’s too tiny to fit anyone I know except Merrick and no one knows were it came from. Ironic because later this afternoon we hit up Piscataway and it was so cold I ended up wearing it. Also random, editing work in Photoshop and Photo Booth sneakily taking a picture of me (still wearing said hoodie). Yes - this is the face I make while working hard.


waltzing with wants to woo will wage war

we’re wandering without wheres or whys on the west wind

wading and weaving through water weighed by wine

warped warnings wasted on the weakened

wearing weather in this weekend wedding

while wild whims whirl the worth of

wrapping wrists wrongfully willed

whiskey worn wanderlust

way welcoming waves of writhing wonders

welded in want, weeping from waning

wailing to wait on the wake

To-Do; In no particular order.

1. Buy a journal to save your to-do lists/serve as a single go to place for all of your to-do lists.

2. Shower.

3. Eat Lunch and later dinner.

4. Clean apartment.

5. Get laundry ready to be washed but don’t expect to get to it today.

6. Organize thoughts.

7. Pay rent.

8. Figure out what horribly mediocre gifts you’re giving to give for mother’s day and then spend hours pining in front of the computer shopping online for something you won’t find in the store that will lead you to just settling on something you hope she’ll like but know will just end up in a closet or drawer somewhere.

9. Balance check book.

10. Get back to work.