CSM8 Townhall Pre-Solicited Questions

Here they are, we’ll be picking from and answering these on-air. Afterwards, I’ll go through and try to answer the ones we don’t get to. Most of those are going to end up being just :NDA:.

Update: Things we answered are in bold, and the podcast version is downloadable on eve-radio. For things we answered, listen your damn self. For things we didn’t, I put small answers in the post.

Ransu Asanari: It costs more SP to train missiles to an equal weapon size compared to gunnery, but because it could be done without training the previous size fully, it allowed missile users to specialize faster. Now that this difference is being removed in Rubicon, can the CSM bring up a proposal on unifying Missile and Gunnery SP training times to address this imbalance?”

I didn’t get to this one, although it’s a little “can you make ccp”. That said, you did ask *us*. This is something I’ll look into and talk to Rise about. Frankly, I think missiles need a whole rebalance once we see how RHMLs and new RLMLs work out, and a skill change would fit there.

Frying Doom: Is Rubicon the patch with the least features we have ever gotten in EvE? Personally I cannot remember one with so little in it.


None of the Above: how can we get those minutes faster?


Freelancer117: 1) With so many leadership positions still open at http://www.ccpgames.com/en/jobs is CCP missing the right stuff to prevent future controversies like Somerset ?

This is very, very none of the CSMs business. HR is HR, yo.

Freelancer117: 2) With new spaceship games coming out soon, like X-Rebirth, Limit Theory, Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen,
will CCPgames do a PvE re-balance (including missions) to compete better against these new games? And will we see more and new storyline missions, the current 5 storyline missions are very good to play.

I signed an NDA.

Freelancer117: 3) With Eve Vegas 2013 I got the impression Dust514 will be released on other platforms soon, this true ?

The above question was “expectations management” NDA’d, meaning it’s less a big deal if I slip, it just might lead to threadnaughts. This one is actually “the answer to this has business implications for CCP” NDA’d, so I’m really not going to tell you.

Freelancer117: 4) With Plex prices rising so high, is this a sign of a market bubble about to burst or out of control inflation, what does Dr Enyo think ?

We talked about this in the EVE Economy session. See if it makes it out of minutes hell.

Freelancer117: 5) ETA on CREST plz.

Dude, I signed an NDA.

Freelancer117: 6) what is CCP doing to combat TiDi and will we see anything worthwhile before the end of the year?


Ishtanchuk Fazmarai: Concerning PvE and specifically missions: what are the guidelines CCP is working on? Do they plan to add new original content, or just will overwrite the old one? That is, should we expect more content like “ghost sites” or more changes like “anti-drone AI”?


Thead Enco: Where are the minutes?


Istanchuk Fazmarai: Regarding population and demographics, and specifically how many unique users haves each security space:

a), has CCP Seagull implemented the human-counting methods they were talking with CSM 7?
b), if those methods already exist, do they have useful data?
c), if the data exist and are useful, will they be shared publicly?
d), is the Hallelujah Plan a fruit of guiding game development according to those data?

Ok, I used my \rainbow{NDA} gif too early. Seriously.

Deka Ekato: What is the CSM position on the Somer issue, and why have you been so quiet on it? Are you going to do anything about it?


Ishtanchuk Fazmarai: I just came up with a question: what does the CSM think of CCP’s habit of iterating features without asking the people actually/currently using them, so they end up serving somebody else’s interests? Case in point: hisec PI vs POCOs

Highsec PI will continue to function exactly the same once highsec POCOs come out. The target of highsec POCOs was corps, not individual PI users, whose PI making will be largely unchanged. If people are fighting over your POCO, just find a different one.

Endovior: I’d ask a more answerable question like: “Overall, how optimistic (or pessimistic) are you about the continuing development of EVE?”


Kinis Deren: Do CSM members (and CCP for that matter) consider the rise of PvE rental empires in sov null be beneficial to the level of PVP in sov null and do they see Rubicon having a measurable impact upon the level of PVP in null sec?


Torijace: Has their been any talks between CSM and CCP about the economy of eve and the balance of isk sinks vers faucets

Answered [hint the answer was “read the minutes when out”]

Torijace: With the new changes like the high sec POCOs has their been any talk of player owned stations in high sec or low sec replacing some or all of high current stations.

Still NDA’d.

Torijace: On the thought of stations and eve as a brutal universe has CSM or CCP ever considered destructible player outposts

Answered, and I really oughta post about it too.

Torijace: What is CSMs thought on allowing alliances to tax similar and in addition to corporations?

I think the CSM is pretty unanimously in favor of it.

Torijace: Whats the most expensive thing a CSM member has sacrificed to BOB (for those wormholing CSMs)

Answered, although I wasn’t going to take joke questions

Kirren D’marr: How will the CSM address or follow up on player complaints about the gate-jump animation? CCP said it was a problem, but some of them also said to HTFU, and our last communication after a good feedback thread was on June 26th, five months ago. Please help.

I will talk to the CCPers whose area this is, thanks for bringing it to my attention.