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Questions to Me:

1. Who is the best person you ever met in your life? Probably my best friend Kevin.

2. If you can date anyone who will it be? Not really sure so I’ll just say Zacky Vengeance 

3. If you ever want to be somebody else who will it be? My awesome and amazing sister who is like me but better.

4. What is the best movie you ever watch? Easily The Nightmare Before Christmas

5. What is the worst movie you ever watch? 27 Dresses

6. What is your favorite tv series? Supernatural (among many others)

7. Who is the person you can really trust? Once again probably my best friend Kevin

8. What is the band/artist you really like but scared to tell others? Don’t have one, I take no shame in the music I listen to.

9. What is the song that best describe you? Handle with Care by the Traveling Wilburys 

10. What is the album you really dig right now? Hail to The King by Avenged Sevenfold :)

11. Tea or coffee? Coffee without a doubt.

Questions to you:

1. What’s your favourite book?

2. Do you have any phobias?

3. What was the last thing to make you cry?

4. Would you ever consider getting a tattoo (if you don’t have one already)?

5. What’s the last song you listened to?

6. What’s your favourite type of candy?

7. Do you have any siblings?

8.What’s your favourite season?

9.Are you an introvert or extrovert?

10.Who was the last person you talked to?

11.Can you play any instruments?

evenwhentheskyisfallingg asked:

I have tried double-clicking, and the launcher comes up but nothing is there. I've followed that guide as far as I can - but I'm still stuck. I've done it before on a friends computer - so I know I'm doing it right.

Sorry to hear you are having such trouble. As it says in this guide, Most of the time Launcher issues are really EADM issues as it needs to be updated, or has become corrupted or just buggy. If you are still experiencing issues please see here.

evenwhentheskyisfallingg asked:

How do you add a ceiling? I've searched everywhere and I can't find anything on it that actually helps me o.o I've built a two story house and only adding flooring to a part of it so that the living, kitchen and dining area of my house have the high ceilings, and that worked out okay, except now when I go to take pictures of my house, I see the sky :( Any help?

Visible ceilings were added with Apartment Life. The little icon in build mode to toggle them on or off is highlighted in this pic. So you would need to toggle ceiling then use the flooring tool to add the ceiling yourself if your building predates AL.
I’m guessing you probably know that already though, so I’m wondering if your problem is similar to the one described in in this MTS thread. One of the suggestions is:

Hit Tab. Then hit Page Up And Home.

Rotate the camera upwards.


evenwhentheskyisfallingg asked:

Hey! I have Sims 2, PC, and ALL expansions + mansion and garden, teen style, and celebration stuff. I'm having a problem with downloadable sims. Everytime I find a sim and download (I make sure they work with my installed games), then I add them to my downloads folder, and install them with the body shop installer except they NEVER show up in my game. Any ideas what it could be? :( Btw- most of the sims I have downloaded off of modthesims.

-continued: I also have a good amount of cc installed including the insimenator, inteen, pregnancy wear all outfit, and triples and quads if that makes any difference. Please help! Thanks ahead of time :)

CleanInstaller is really the best tool available for installing Sims, and lots too.
Try and install the Sims again with CleanInstaller installed. All you need to do is double-click on the Sims2packs, CleanInstaller will do the rest.
Once CleanInstaller tells you they are installed, look in Create a Family for your Sims. A helpful, illustrated guide to finding your Sims once you have downloaded them can be found here.

evenwhentheskyisfallingg asked:

Any idea as to where I can get waiter/waitress/hostess/chef uniforms? C:

I am assuming this is for sims 3?

Chef uniforms can be found in game. The cooking career gives you a lot of options. You can access the cooking uniforms using the cheat unlockoutfits on/off.

The Sims 3 Store has a waiter/waitress outfit here.

Using the same cheat as above, you can get access to the games male and female maid outfits, which look similar to a waiter outfit and you can change the colors.

I also found these, but they might not be what you are looking for. heh