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This helped much more than you realise. I’ve just moved away from my verbally (and sometimes physically) abusive father and the fear and anger I feel right now is something I’ve got to learn to let go of. Thank you, mellon.

You’re welcome my dear.


I’m dying for a thread where young Daisy and Raina find a box of Terrigen Crystals up in the attic, before Jiaying and Cal get a chance to have that whole “oh by the way, you’re descended from aliens” chat with them, and they accidentally break one…

Although this’d be pretty cool with ANY of the Inhumans tbh… because what’s cuter than small children with superpowers?

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I have a really weird feeling like there's something missing from my soul. I feel like I need something really badly, like you need water when you're thirsty, but I don't know what it is. I don't know. tongue anon feels really lonely in this world.

oh my precious tongue anon ;-;  i’m so sorry you’re feeling this way. there is nothing missing from your soul. you are whole. you are complete. you are enough. maybe you’re just sad?? or depressed? it’s always awful when you feel unhappy but can’t figure out why. you’re craving something to make you feel less lonely and i’m not sure how to help you with this, other than tell you that i’m always here to talk. hopefully that would help you feel less lonely, even a little bit. tbh the reason i made this blog is because i have severe anxiety and not many friends, which can feel isolating and lonely at times. imagining Yoongi holding my hand reassuring me when I’m nervous in a crowd…or imaging him cheering me on when i’m working out and want to give up…or imagining him cuddling me in bed when i feel sad and alone…that’s something that helps me through. i thought making this blog could help other people like that who can find comfort in imagination. you just need to find what helps you feel less alone, what helps you feel like there’s no part of your soul missing. i’m glad you found this blog and i’m glad we’ve met. whatever help you need, i’m around to talk to and to listen, darling <3

I keep telling my mom I’ll go to uni or college but tbh the idea of spending 2-4 years of my life blowing money on something I don’t rlly care for makes me rlly sad… imagine how many plane tickets I can buy with that money??

everyone (esp rishta aunties) make it look like if I don’t get an education I’ll be of no value… I rlly do not careeeeeeeeee what people think + I’m not gonna marry a man who measures my value through my level of education

if I go to uni or college it’ll be for something that will help people… I don’t want to be miserable just for the sake of crossing something off of a to-do list I didn’t even make 

for now I’m going to graduate, buy some new art supplies + a ticket out of this city and get the hell outta here

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I wasn't gonna do this but here goes. Tbh you kind of scare me just because you're so passionate about so many things. I can't even imagine having that much passion spread out across the board. As much as you scare me, I still admire it :)

Awww, but when I am not being passionate, I compensate by being entirely fucking lazy. So it all balances out in the end.

Much like a male lion, I would like to sleep 20 hours a day and fight the rest.

Apparently you can’t fill your queue with more than 300 things…

Sooo… i’m gonna go into “Post a ton each day so that I can move them over from my drafts eventually” mode. 

Sorry if you consider this spamming but feel free to unfollow me for a while if it gets bad or something. I mean considering my normal rate was at 3/day i was gonna boost it up anyway, but whatever you need to do to make tumblr fun.

But yeah basically my queue will post one post every hour, on the hour for a while. *Shrug*

Namjoon sulks over the dim lighting the gates have in comparison to the shimmering and excessively bright spirits that wander to and fro from this world to the other side. 

His white tail swishes back and forth as he drinks in the wandering creatures, floating, crawling, flying past his eyes. He looks over the expanse of the city, his fox ears flicker as usual before he shuts his eyes for the night. 

He’s been looking over this district for too long; he won’t miss anything now. 

The air stills around the tiny fox spirit as he drifts off into a dream in which he needlessly can’t remember when he wakes up as the sun rises…

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So I've embarrassingly gotten into the life of Alexander Hamilton (very very slowly getting through my kindle version of chernow's bio), so as someone on the west coast, i want you to enjoy THE FUCK out of the hamilton play because i cannot. ENJOY THE FUCK OUT OF YOURSELF!


I need to get back to reading it - I got through seven parts of the audiobook on my trip to DC last month but then when I marked it so I could pick up on the physical copy I realized they weren’t kidding about the audiobook being abridged. I was only on page three hundred something. (at least I’m on the Maria Reynolds affair so I can go DAMMIT a lot)


(not a play, it’s a musical, and I’ve completely memorized two out of the three songs I’ve heard from somebody’s low quality recording. It has everything. History! Great music! Amazingly clever lyrics.

My sis was literally beside herself with joy when she saw it off-Broadway, and has assured me that I will love it. So much. (and considering the moment I finished listening to “Satisfied” I was like I NEED TO GO SEE THIS IN PERSON)


And I’ll prob take a field trip to Trinity Church the day after to pay my respects - that’s what my sister did and she said it was a great experience.

I’ll never look at a ten dollar bill the same way.