bigbigbigbig plans

so, I have been sitting on this idea for awhile (my whole life?), and yesterday while on errands with Jessi and Greg, I decided to open up to J…

I would like to open an arts + textile collective here in Gainesville. I would like to run workshops for kids and adults, birthday parties, and host a residency at some point. I believe my whole life has been leading up to this moment. 

M and I have talked quite a lot about whether or not we’d like to live here for the next thirty years or so (this number comes up because, er, we found a house we are interested in buying when our lease is up!), but the truth is…Gainesville feels so good. It’s funny (read: sometimes I still can’t believe I left NY) to be living a life “post New York”, but I am happy I lived there and experienced what I did…but I am also happy that I don’t live there anymore. I want to accomplish so much, but the reality of my life in New York was that I couldn’t, even for a moment, sit down and breathe …so how could I work constantly and plan to start a business? while also getting married and hopefully having a family?

but anyway! soo, I have a super skeleton of a blueprint that I am going to start fluffing out this upcoming week. I have a couple folks I am going to be contacting (karentharp!) because this is a real thing that I swear I am going to do. and, if you are an artist + textile friend in Gainesville/surrounding area, please don’t hesitate to contact me…I need all the help + input I can get.

I get really nervous because I am an eternal pessimist living inside an eternal optimist’s shell, but I won’t go down without a fight at least. I have the knowledge, friendships/connections, and drive to make this happen. Gainesville is such a wonderful place, I can’t really see any other location to do this in. I am really excited…so look out!