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What are all the kids' jobs when they're older??

Darcy is a wedding planner/event coordinator and has her own event/wedding planning business. Jude is a museum curator and owns his own gallery eventually. Finn is a physical therapist and George is a preschool teacher at first for a while, but then goes on to teach theater/performing arts. xx. 


It was such a pleasure to SEA the birthday girl’s face when the ballroom doors opened for her Little Mermaid themed cotillion; not to mention all her guests’ reactions when they found out they could take the little fishy friends home as a souvenir!

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Who’s That Man… In Mr Turk

It’s Eric Rutherford, event planner extraordinaire from The Hollywood Reporter. Eric loves Hollywood, Movies, People, and Parties so he has the perfect job. He knows that when it comes to planning an event or getting dressed it’s the details that can make or break you.

It’s Award Season in Hollywood so Eric has his hands full, planning and attending award shows and the events surrounding them. I was particularly thrilled to see Eric (@mrrutherford9) pop up on Instagram in #mrturk at the SAG awards.

Wadley (@wadleywadley) took some terrific portraits of Mr Rutherford in Mr Turk Spring 2014. Here’s a peek. 

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People still can’t seem to Let It Go over how magical this Frozen themed 18th birthday party was! We had all the guests throw snowflakes in the air as the birthday girl walked in and had not only a candy bar, but also an ice cream bar! Oh, and Olaf was the guest of honor. Thank goodness Elsa worked her magic on him so that he could come to this party in the middle of June without melting! 

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Simple Love Celebration, Dragobetele.

"On Dragobete, girls and boys dressed in holiday suits usually meet in front of the church and go searching for spring flowers. Then, they sit and talk around the fires lit on the hills in the village. At noon, the girls go back to the village running, each followed by the boy who fell in love with her. If the boy catches the girl he chose, and if the girl likes him, they will kiss in front of everybody. This kiss signals their engagement for one year, and Dragobete is an opportunity to show an attachment in front of the community."
source: http://goo.gl/SB8L4

31 Impossibly Fun Wedding Ideas

If you’re ever in the mood for something random or want to learn something new (and quite possibly unnecessary), I highly suggest you head over to BuzzFeed. It’s full of UBI’s (aka Useless Bits of Information) that will leave you pretty entertained.

However, one article that is not so useless is their list of 31 Impossibly Fun Wedding Ideas. I saw this recently and I just had to share! Click the link at the bottom of this post for the full list, and check out my favorites below.



Those summer camp games you learned while in grade school…I bet they’re a lot more fun when played as adults!

Why ponder over the playlist when your guests can create it for you? Less stress for you and more fun for them!

OK…who wouldn’t love this?!

And I’m sure your BMs wouldn’t mind the opportunity to stand out just a tad bit, either ;)

Because a pinata is the ultimate symbol for fiesta, everyone will have fun with this!


source: BuzzFeed


After doing a crazy Great Gatsby-themed Sweet Sixteen in New York with Katy Perry’s back-up dancers, one of Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s stylists/designers and the cast of Chicago in the Gatsby mansion itself, we finally decided to wind down and bundle up in our lovely, snowless home of California and finish up our website. A little party never killed nobody, but we are definitely pooped. 

Be sure to check out our big transition and show some love!

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