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Top TNA Talent Contract Expiring Soon

The TNA contract of Austin Aries will expire at the end June. As of now there has been no word regarding TNA re-signing him.

Backstage News on Why Brock Lesnar is Working Japanese Live Event

As noted, Brock Lesnar is being advertised to face Kofi Kingston in a match during WWE’s upcoming tour of Japan.

Lesnar will be working the July 4th Sumo Hall event, and it will mark the first time Lesnar has wrestled during a non-televised event in WWE since 2004.

Dave Meltzer posted on the F4WOnline.com message board that Lesnar wants to go to Japan to visit Masa Saito, a retired Japanese wrestler.

“Lesnar and Brad Rheingans wanted to go to Japan to see Masa Saito,” Meltzer wrote. “Just figured since he was going anyway, make it tax deductible, get his trans paid and work one show.”

Flair Hypes NYC Event

As we reported earlier, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, Scott Steiner, Bret Hart, Goldberg, Mr. Anderson, Rob Van Dam and many other pro wrestling names will be appearing at the June 7th Legends of Wrestling event at Citi Field in Queens, NY. For tickets visit METS.com/wrestling, and below is a video of Flair hyping the event:

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I love my science class because today’s events literally went

•started writing notes
•other teacher lectures us about tuna
•teacher gets bored and looks up video about an orca eating a shark
•teacher pulls up another video about an orca surrounding a paddleboarder
•somehow we end up watching a giraffe being born
•then we resumed our notes


To all my lovely followers, old and new, I just wanted to apologize for being absent the last few months. Between maintaining a 3.5 GPA while taking 20 units to finish up my Associate’s in Business Administration, being President of my honor society which means various service projects, social events, and fundraising activities every month, and working as the student assistant to the Special Events Coordinator of my college: I’ve had my plate full. As you can see above, I also won 3 scholarships, 4 grants, the highest service award possible (for logging over 800 hours of community service this year), and Club of the Year. Not to mention going to a Lana Del Rey concert with my lovely sister shattered-constellations. It’s been one hell of a semester, but I’m finally done so I can focus on Electric Forest and my other events coming up.

NOTE: If I told you I would make you some kandi and I haven’t done it yet, PLEASE inbox me and remind me so I can get to work 😊

Making Big Wedding Decisions! How to choose a wedding planner Okay, so you’ve said ‘I do!’ and you’re going to be Mr. and Mrs. in a year’s time (or less). That’s fabulous! If one of your first steps is to hire a wedding planner, we have some vital tips to help you get your wedding pointed in the right direction. After you’ve researched potential wedding planners and narrowed down your list to, say, three, it’s important to make contact and conduct a question/answer session. The planner will need to know things like guest headcount, potential location desires, catering wishes, etc. in order to put together a basic service proposal and estimate the cost of your wedding. You’ll need to know about the planner’s experience, basic event rates, availability, etc. Please note that, unless you have a ‘sky is the limit’ budget, a cost estimate is virtually impossible if information, numbers and details are not shared from the start. But more on that later… At Indy Wedding Planning our first consultation usually happens via Skype or telephone conversation. We have some very basic questions that we ask our potential clients, and which they should be ready to answer: 1) Where? 2) When? 3) How many guests? 4) How large is your budget? 5) Anything you can’t do without? And we understand that you have questions too. The first consultation is absolutely free of charge, so we encourage you to make the most of it! Where do you want to get married? Only know that you want to get married in Indy? That’s fine. We have a broad knowledge of Indy and its most beautiful destinations. During our conversation, we can help guide you to the most perfect venues and areas that make sense for you, your family and your friends. Some things that can help us narrow down the search: Any favorite areas which hold emotional value for you and/or your partner? Would you prefer to have your wedding on a sailing vessel, on the coast or in the countryside? Should the location(s) be in the thick of the city or off the beaten path? When are you getting married? Summer 2016 is a starting point, but we would like you to give at least two potential wedding dates; exact dates that can be identified clearly on a calendar. Without specific dates to start from we can’t tell you whether we are available to work with you, much less work up the estimated costs, research venue/catering possibilities, and so on. Something to consider: a low season wedding is less expensive than a wedding in the high season, and a weekend wedding is more expensive than on a weekday. Additionally, in terms of hotel/travel costs, these considerations could make a great difference when enticing your guests to attend. What does your guest list look like? The size of the guest list will impact your choice of the venue as well as the overall budget. We suggest that you first speak to your family and friends, so that you can create a list of actual attendees. This helps everyone stay on the same page and minimize those unexpected and dreaded last-minute additions during the planning. If this is not discussed in advance, inflated headcounts can easily double the budget. How about your budget? We’re all brought up to know that discussing the price of (most) things is tactless. However, this social rule does not apply to hiring a wedding planner. We will ask you frankly about your budget from the very start, and it’s vital to know this information so that we can get things started in the right direction. At Indy Wedding Planning we make it a point to provide you with realistic quotes. If you have a strict budget that we simply cannot accommodate, we will let you know immediately so that you can look for other options. Some of our more budget-minded couples will review our initial quote and will still decide to work with us; others opt to choose from our list of individual, on-the-day services. Other couples choose for hotel receptions with on site planners, mill companies or tour operators. Keep in mind that our first estimate will not be exact. Alterations to the concept budget come down to adjusting the guest list, having more than one venue involved or adding more services. Through it all, we go out of our way to keep a running realistic concept budget and (re)calculation of our fee, which is also based on the size of the event. What can you absolutely not do without? You probably already have a list of the things that you really can’t do without on your wedding day. For example, if you need a kosher catering service we want to make sure that we propose trusted caterers; if you have a guest who needs medical assistance we will give that person more personal attention; if you want sheer exclusivity we will only review private properties that are closed to the general public. Knowing your can’t-do-without is useful to us, helps us to even better estimate how much your dream wedding could cost. As a final word of caution, please be wary of planners that are willing to take on your wedding without knowing anything about you, your budget or your wishes. They typically will not be able to keep your wedding on budget, get the kind of vendors or location you want or keep your wedding on track, leading to less than perfect results and inflated costs. This behavior is usually the mark of an inexperienced or careless wedding planner. Sure, your special day will be memorable… but for all the wrong reasons. Indy Wedding Planning can help make your wedding day a special, positive experience and one that will resonate in your memory forever. Do you have the basic answers to the questions above? While you’re at it, have you reviewed our page and put together a list of your own burning questions? Well then, it’s time to contact us so that we can discuss your wedding and your every wedding wish; down to the last detail

@Koreaboo: [★TRENDING] SHINee’s Jonghyun touches a fan’s heart at fan sign event with personal note

The original poster then posted up the note from Jonghyun, which read, “Don’t cry. It’s a pretty name. It’s other people who are foolish. You are incredible

[NEWS] SHINee’s Jonghyun touches a fan’s heart at fan sign event with personal note

A SHINee fan shared a touching personal experience with member Jonghyun during a fan sign event after he far and beyond to cheer her up.

On May 27th through the online community board DC Gallery, the fan revealed that she was ashamed of her name and did not want to share it with SHINee. Coming up to Jonghyun to get a signature, she initially told him not to include a name prompting him to ask her, “Then what would you like me to write?”

The fan goes on to explain that due to her shock, “Suddenly, my mind went blank so I asked him to write my actual name,” she writes on her post. She then continues to explain that she had wanted to tell him that his radio show Blue Night had given her much comfort but before she could go further, burst into tears soon after mentioning the show.

“Why are you crying?” he had asked her, but the manager present had pressed her to move along the line and ended up in Onew‘s fan sign line soon after.

She continued, “I briefly made contact with Jjong and he mouthed out the words ‘Don’t cry’..even when I was getting Jinki (Onew)’s autograph, Jjong poked me in the arm when he had a break from his line and told me not to cry..I was really having a mental breakdown so I couldn’t tell SHINee all I wanted to say that I planned and went back to my seat to wait, then Jjong wrote something and a staff member brought the note over for him..”though I wasn’t crying because of my name but because of SHINee ㅠ It’s embarrassing, but at the time it felt like all the times that I’ve gotten hurt because of my name were suddenly getting healed.”

“Though I wasn’t crying because of my name but because of SHINee ㅠ It’s embarrassing, but at the time it felt like all the times that I’ve gotten hurt because of my name were suddenly getting healed.”

The original poster then posted up the note from Jonghyun, which read, “Don’t cry. It’s a pretty name. It’s other people who are foolish. You are incredible.”

Source: DC Inside, Koreaboo

Garden Notes / News of area clubs and events

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Erie County Master Gardener Program will hold its annual plant sale from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday and 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday at the Central Park United Methodist… Read More

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Listen to Rich Jonez – Rollin NEW SINGLE

from Garden Notes / News of area clubs and events
Auto Repair - Burnopedia, The Burnout Wiki - Burnout cars, challenges, events, and more

Auto Repairs are a type of Drive Through scattered around Paradise City. There are eleven on the Paradise mainland and an additional shop on Big Surf Island .

Auto Repairs are necessary to enable the Finish selection for that vehicle in the Junkyard and the effect of Paint Shops. They are also indispensable during Marked Man and Road Rage events where the player’s vehicle can reach Critical Damage when wrecked several times during the course of the event. Players must also note that they can use an Auto Repair Shop only once per event as the Drive Through will have “closed” after the first visit.

It is important to note that passing through an Auto Repair in any other event actually hinders the player’s performance. For example, in offline Stunt Run events, the Auto Repair will end a stunt chain or a boost chain, and actually slow down the car. In Freeburn Online there is no cost and it will not close. It simply restores the car’s condition.

Auction Winners

We decided to go a little bit differently, and we apologize for getting your hopes but, but as we had nearly a bidder for every country, we only had a few that will own two nations.

USA - Owned by Canada
Romania - Owned by Moldova
UK - Owned by n!France*
Germany - Owned by Switzerland
S. Italy - Owned by Germany
Prussia - Owned by UK*
Lithuania - Owned by USA
Japan - Owned by n!Spain*
Iceland - Owned by n!Prussia
Belgium - Owned by Portugal
Switzerland - Owned by n!Spain*
Liechtenstein - Owned by Iceland
n!France - Owned by n!UK
n!Spain - Owned by n!France*
n!UK - Owned by UK*

*Denotes a nation that owns two countries

If your nation has won two countries, they will need to split ownership evenly.  That means that on Friday-Saturday they own one nation, and Sunday-Monday they own the other.  Otherwise, you will have ownership of your nation until 12 a.m. GMT-5 on June 2.

This event will begin at 12 a.m. GMT-5 on May 29.  You can talk to the other nations about it, but please don’t start threads about ownership until tomorrow!  Additionally, here is the list of things you cannot do with the nation under your ownership:

You cannot force a person to do any of the following: sex or any type of sexual favor, sell them into slavery, abuse them or any form of physical/mental/emotional harm, take over their government/land, or keep them longer than the time allowed, etc.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!  Please like this post to show that you’ve read it, and remember to have fun!

Making Lists

One of the ways I keep on task is by making a list of things I want to accomplish each day. I make it at bedtime the night before. I’ve found that if I wait until morning to make it, I take significantly longer to get out of bed. But if the list is already made and sitting on my bedside table, it’s much easier to start my day with some purpose.

I use a modified version of the Bullet List (hat tip to @jessica_shea), so it includes scheduled events, notes to self, and todo items. I put everything I need to get done on there. And at the end of the day I add additional stuff I did, and if there’s anything I didn’t do, move it to the next day.

Any notebook will do, of course. Or even loose paper. I have a weakness for Japanese paper products in general. I also find having dated pages helps me focus, and reminds me what day it is, something I now lose track of easily. Pictured is the Hobonichi Techo Planner. It’s a bit pricey though, what with the exchange and shipping, so once I’m done with 2015, I may switch to something more humble. We’ll see. I might decide it’s worth it.

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Plan in place for new Healing Garden at Pratt Farm - Middleboro Gazette

Virtually any small garden is really an extension of your property so finding the correct overall look and feel for your property makes a difference. Below is a blog regarding home improvements but specifically outside …

Plan in place for new Healing Garden at Pratt FarmMiddleboro GazetteThe garden, which will initially cover 1,200 square feet around the memorial bench and initial plantings, is being design by Green Horizons, a local landscape firm. … Donations will be accepted for the purchase of trees, shrubs, benches and other ……Plan in place for new Healing Garden at Pratt Farm - Middleboro Gazette

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The gymnasium goes dark as the music and lights shut down! The blackout is unplanned, leaving agents desperate to contain the inhumans and get the situation under control. Students with the ability to manipulate light are encouraged to do so to allow for others to see and everyone else is instructed to stay where they are as they try to figure out what is going on The gymnasium doors are closed to prevent the culprit from escaping. For now, the party is over.

►►► Out of RP information

The power is out, and no one can leave the gym. Thankfully, there are restrooms, food, and drink located inside in which students, agents, and staff can use. The music has stopped and the only lights are coming from students and cellphones. There is no reception on campus right now, meaning no one can text or call from their cell phones. There are no landlines located in the gym.

Your characters current conversations are going to be effected by this blackout, you can incorporate the blackout into your current conversation or create a new starter. It’s up to you, but as of now, the lights no longer work.

The current time in roleplay is 10:15 pm. 

Alice in College 3 - Stalker issues

[Author’s comments: As with the previous Alice in College posts, this is based off of real-life events that have happened to me. A note would be that “hall (of residence)” is the common British term for “dormitories”. I will leave the last AiC (2.5) at that and continue on with AiC 3 as this post. The events depicted in this note probably make the most sense when it is put in the same year as with the previous AiC posts but during the Winter, thus before AiC 2.5.]

“You’re now 9 years old, Alice. You should try to walk home by yourself! You won’t grow up if you didn’t try, OK?”

“But… but… but mum!”

“No buts, Alice. It’s just a 4-minute walk. You could do it! Besides, the area is safe. There’s nothing to worry about!”


“Who’s there?” I shouted, turning around. I could have sworn I had heard footsteps behind me. And yet, all I could see were the bushes and trees. I should hurry home…

There it is again… The footsteps

I anxiously turned around again, and still there was no one to be seen, just a leaf being blown across the road by the wind.

This is worrying… I need to hurry…

It seems to be getting closer…

Yes… It’s getting louder…

I picked up the pace…

It’s gaining on me now… I don’t dare to look…

Suddenly, I got pulled back…

“Hello, missy… I got sweets… Orange flavoured…”


I woke up in my dormitory. It’s been happening for a while now. This recurring dream.

It happened when I was 9. My mother decided to make me walk back home by myself one day, seeing that as some sort of training. However, after a few days of me doing that, I started to be stalked… The unknown stalker… whose face I can’t quite remember now… yet… it is probably for the better.

I like to think that I’ve gotten over it after all these years. And yet, these dreams are resurfacing… Are they trying to tell me something? Looks like the nightmare from my childhood is coming back to haunt me… Am I thinking too much into this? It’s been so many years… Surely it shouldn’t concern me any more? I lay back on my pillow, trying to get back to sleep before the time when I needed to wake up to go to classes…

The day went by quickly. I had more of those philosophy and English classes, and then went back to the hall of residence.

There wasn’t really much to do back at the halls. I met Elly, who lived in another room of the same hall, when I was just wandering around in the corridor and we talked for a bit, but that was it. We don’t really socialize as much as my parents expected. Since there was nothing to do, I began daydreaming again of going back to the dreamland I had been in as a child. It made me feel free, and it was quite relieving too, before I had to put my mind back to studying.


I looked up from the book I was reading. Oh it’s already 5:10pm? I should get ready to go back to the Playing Cards Club. They’re a new club that only just started. I saw a poster about it just a few days ago and decided I’d go there and have a look. It seemed like something that may interest me. So I changed, put on my street shoes, and then set off…

5:30pm in England during Winter is dark… Really dark… Sometimes I wish that the clubs would hold activities earlier on in the day, but then again, some people do have lessons up till 6… So they had to cater to everyone. The good news is, Spring is arriving soon, and it will be as bright as 3 even at this time. Quite the contrast, wouldn’t you say?

At last, I arrived at the room, and people are already sitting down, playing games. There weren’t a lot of people, though I’ve been told that more people are coming. Though, I’m still a newcomer, and thus I just stood there, not really know which table to join.

“Hey there, wanna join?” one guy said to me.

“Sure, thanks for inviting me,” I replied.

“No prob.”

This guy invited me over to their table. As we played the game, I found out that he was called “Matthew”, and he talked about himself and seemed interested in being my friend. Since I didn’t really have any friends in the club, making one would be nice. He was a senior, and seemed pretty good at the game.


Eventually, the time came for the club to dismiss. We said our goodbyes as Matthew and I helped pack up our stuff. He seems like a nice person.

After we’ve put away everything, he said to me,

“Would you like another sweet?”

“Another? Haha you must be misremembering! You haven’t given me any sweet!”

“Ah but I have given you many before, or at least tried… Remember? The ones that were orange flavoured…”

The last words echoed in my head. This whole time… It was him? My heart started to pound quickly… Everyone had already gone by this time…

“Well, if you don’t want one, it’s fine. Guess I’ll see you some time later then,” he said before leaving.


I’ve been afraid to go to the Playing Cards Club since. However, since there would be many people there, I decided to go to their sessions. It should be fine as long as I’m not the last to leave… Though, I haven’t seen Matthew too much since, and even when he was there, he just waved at me, without any signs of aggression.

It’s always been troubling me… What if I met my stalker again? The ever-present fear in my heart, that he would kidnap me or do something bad to me… And yet, here he is… Seemingly friendly… If this was the him now, I guess there’s no need for me to be afraid of him any more, and I could then put my childhood nightmare to rest. However, I must not let my guard down… I will keep myself alert, just in case he’s just trying to trick me…

Today’s loot:

-done with Isa’s subplot! It’s working, too, at least, as far as my testing went, but there are so many branches… I’ll need quite a while to really test them all thoroughly. So far it’s definitely one of the more complex events/subplots.

On an unrelated note, I received this morning a copyright claim on my 2013 illustration “K’e Homeworld”. I’m quite baffled as to how and why this could happen. I hope the matter will be resolved soon. I have to admit, I am nonplussed by the inner workings of a system that doesn’t require any measure of proof from the plaintiff before taking down someone else’s work. I *understand* the overall reason why it’s so (even if I don’t exactly agree with it), but I still can’t fathom how a simple factual check first from the site I uploaded the illustration to wouldn’t have cleared any reasonable doubt in this case… and many, many others.


Notes, Text and Drawings: Silent Hill 2 (Konami, 2001)

I looked at the way paper, hand written text and drawings are used in Silent Hill 2 in order to learn about how I could use them in my fictional scrapbook to add an eerie atmosphere to the pages. Here are some points that I learned.

- Letters from other characters are often folded as if to fit into an envelope or to be handed over in secrecy. Fold lines indicate a level of confidentiality between the writer and the recipient.
- Text that is vague, anonymous and threatening make the player feel unease as the words are directed at them from an unknown, malevolent person or force.
- Maps are good for adding a setting to the story and events. Notes on maps make them more personal to the owner. This can be used to show events, feelings and intents of a character.
- Drawings that contrast the context or text of a page create a juxtaposition. This is a great tool for creating unease in the player as the pieces of information feel alien but also connected to each other.

Image Sources:

- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CquVMeK7Q3g

- http://silenthill.wikia.com/wiki/Window_Message

- http://silenthill.wikia.com/wiki/Silent_Hill_2_Secrets_and_Unlockables

- http://silenthillcommunity.com/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=437137

- http://www.silenthillmemories.net/sh2/memos_en.htm