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FanFic: The Pirate Who Saved Christmas - Chapter 1

Title:  The Pirate Who Saved Christmas (1/2)

Author: Liza Cameron

Spoilers: through episode 4x11.

Disclaimer:  I don’t own anything; this is for fun and no money.

Summary:  Killian shares a story with Emma and her family about one extraordinary Christmas past.  Set after 4x11, as if Christmas was several weeks after those events.

Author Note:  This is a CS Secret Santa gift for Killiancaroling!  It’s been so great getting to talk to you and incorporate some of your Christmas preferences into this story.  I hope you have a wonderful holiday!  Part two will be up by the 26th.  Also can be read on fanfiction.net and AO3.  


“This seems like a gratuitous amount of work for a celebration that lasts only one day,” Killian said as he helped Henry put the large tree into place.  Once settled, it sat majestically in the corner of Emma’s new living room right next to a large window that overlooked the water.

 Henry opened one of the many boxes that littered the floor and started rummaging through its contents and said, “You should have seen the decorating Mrs. Q used to do; she was our neighbor in New York.  Her entire apartment was covered in colored lights and she had an entire Christmas village that wrapped around one wall. She had to put furniture into storage.”

“So,” Killian said with a grin, nudging Emma’s knee playfully with his own as he came to stand next to her. He gestured to the scene before them, where tangled lights and boxes of decorations had created Christmas chaos. “You’re giving her a run for her money, are you?” 

“Nope,” Emma shook her head resolutely, “we’re doing white lights, not colored. I think I burnt my retinas looking at Mrs. Q’s display last year.”

“As long as you know where the line is,” Killian teased.

Emma wrinkled her nose at him and then surveyed the tree and felt an unexpected surge of delight.  A Christmas tree, she had an actual, real Christmas tree and she was about to decorate it with her family.  Decorating for the holidays was something she never really bothered with when she lived alone, back before Henry found her, and now here she was with boxes of bells and bows and balls.  “Yeah, well, Christmases were not very merry when I was growing up and I plan to make up for that. We’ve all been through a lot and I just want to give Henry… and me… and you… and everyone a real holiday this year.”

Killian noticed that Emma had been fiddling with an object as she spoke.  He reached over and gently opened her hand so he could examine it.  It was a long chain with a bell on it. He felt his heart clench tightly in his chest as recognition hit him. He’d seen it before. He swallowed roughly and then looked up at Emma. “Memento?”


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SUMMARY - Mercedes moves to a new town for a fresh start after a tragedy befalls her in Lima. She rents an apartment from Sam in an old house he’s renovating. She and Sam slowly become friends and perhaps something more while dealing with their issues.

RATING – Mature

WARNING – Mild cursing, depressing themes, description of violent event

NOTES:The story is also available at https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10915435/1/My-Journey-to-You

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Your name is Newton Geiszler and you’re going to have to break things off with your sort-of online boyfriend because you’re cheating on him. Sort of. [AKA the most dramatic summary of a humorous crackfic ever ok] For the pacrimsecretsanta ‘14 event. 


oh man, i had a blast writing this, thank you for the awesome prompt, tumblr user ninjaninaiii!! you wanted “stupidly ridiculous AUs or like - pick your fave AU man i’d really like something happy and possibly festive and fluffly but Crack. Crack is amazing. Newt doing ridiculous shit. Hermann being a dumbass loving husband.” THOSE ARE ALL MY FAVE THINGS TOO LIKE REALLY THAT’S THE BEST PROMPT EVER, THANK YOU! i was the person who totally failed at being cool about asking you what AUs you liked on anon, so i built most of this fic off the holiday AU list you suggested! and i DID pick my fave AU so thank you for giving me an excuse to write it! This is the first time I’ve written fic in a loooong time - thanks for getting me back in the game. I hope it makes you smile! Merry Christmas, dude!



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"It’s just one of the most devastating, interesting, compelling stories… in the last 10 or 15 years, to go with all the rest of the economic problems we’ve had… I just think it’s so wild that they put it into such a show like this, and I hear it’s just spectacular." - Aaron at the 2010 opening of Enron (starring Norbert Leo Butz) 



Haha look at all the people I’ve outlived. What a good question, anonymous. Believe me, I’ve met some of these brooding nations and I simply can’t understand it!

When you’ve lived as long as I have, you learn that you must shokre ne’matat afsun konad. You must “give thanks for what you have for your blessings to be multiplied.” How will you expect life to be easy if you are constantly gloomy? Like everyone, I have experienced bewildering changes—born as a child empire, the tenuous changes in my faith during adolescence, subjugation and colonialist ventures that threatened my adulthood, and becoming the nation and woman I am today. Appreciate the wisdom granted to you with age and pain, instead of cursing it!

Of course, that said, it’s both a burden and a blessing. I would say life is too short to be brooding, but, well, you know.

((photos: Darius the Great
Illustration of the Battle at Isfahan during the Constitutional Revolution Demonstrations against the Shah in 1979

Gilani women in traditional clothing

There’s also special appearances by Zee’s Mama Greece and Mama Egypt designs, who’ll most likely appear in the future due to the extensive amount of questions I get regarding Iran’s ancient interactions with other empires of the time :p Also special thanks to my friend for translating that Persian phrase :)

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June 22; We we’re going through trying and difficult times, it’s hard to imagine anything but the immense suffering we are in. But there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. I have learned the pain always passes, but the beauty that comes from your transformation will last forever. Know that one day you’ll be able to look back and appreciate what you’ve grown from.


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